LaLa Talks to Jax About Scheana & Katie in Upcoming Episode


In the preview for this week’s upcoming Vanderpump Rules episode, new girl LaLa Kent opens up about having a hard time becoming friends with the other female co-workers.

How are the girls treating you here?” Jax Taylor asks Kent.

“I totally feel like I’m in junior high school,” she admits. “Like who you should be friends with and who you shouldn’t be friends with. Like what is this? Are we recruiting for dodgeball in sixth grade?”

“Well, welcome to Sur,” Taylor says. “That’s exactly what it is. This is a very cliquey, cliquey, super cliquey restaurant. This place is not an easy place to work.”

“We should have a plaque of the girls that came in here and gone because they couldn’t hack it because these girls are such bullies,” Taylor continues. “We’ve had girls—and I’m not stretching the truth at all—who were so excited to work here, last two or three hours and cry and run.”

Apparently Kent is turning to the guys at SUR. “I am a girls’ girl,” she confesses. “I would much rather hang out with a group of girls than guys. But since Katie and Scheana have completely iced me out, I don’t really see any other choice but to make friends with the men.”

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Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

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