Lala Kent Talks Jax Taylor


In the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent talks about how she has been “eyeing” Jax Taylor and seems as if she has maybe already hooked up with Jax.

RadarOnline recently spoke with Lala and she doesn’t hold back on her feelings towards Mr. Taylor.

“I heard a lot about Jax, if you have a vagina and tits, he’s going to probably flirt with you,” the SUR hostess says.

“I just like to flirt — it’s like a game for me,” she carries on. “But unless I’m blackout drunk, I would never be with him, nor have I ever or will ever.”

“How we are today — Jax is very stubborn and hard headed, and I click with people who are soft,” she said. “Are we the best of friends? No. Do I want to call him and hang out with him? That would be dreaming for me. He’s just a little too much.”

As we know Jax has been dating Brittany Cartwright while hitting on numerous women including Lala which isn’t any new information.

Despite Lala being attracted to Jax she doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with Brittany. “I would like to be her friend,” she said. “I don’t know how she feels about that. But she just seems very authentic and real to me.”

“If he f***s this up, it’s his loss and her gain,” Kent says, adding, “Even though she may not be as intense as I am, I feel like we would click for the mere fact because I feel very genuine and I like to say that I’m genuine.”

Interesting thoughts from Lala. What do you think? Comment below.

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  1. She is vulgar and crass, mouthy, gorgeous and knows it and clearly a perfect fit for this group. Jax is a man with the mind and behavior of a misbehaved child…on steroids. Of course they are attracted to one another, even if perhaps only physically. This is VPR. I wonder where they found Lala?

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