Lala Kent Sets Record Straight About NDA, Reveals New Confrontation With Kristen Doute

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been a lightening rod for controversy on the show this season and now she is speaking out about a verbal argument that took place between her and Kristen Doute at SUR last week.

“I just had an amazing business dinner and we decided to go to the lounge,” Kent told Page Six on Tuesday. “I went to the back area, which is a lounge area where anyone can sit, not just the workers. I go to take a table and Kristen is behind me and she’s like, ‘You can’t sit there.’ So I removed myself.”

Lala noted that the cameras were not rolling for the confrontation, so she looked for manager Peter Madrigal to find out where she and her party should sit.

“They gave us the private area and we’re all sitting down having drinks and Kristen decides to make her way over and basically starts yelling at me saying, ‘This is not your show, get the f*ck off my show, you’re a stupid whore,’” Kent said. “I didn’t know whether to laugh, like as if it were serious, so I kept telling her to go away.”

Kent also talked about the non-disclosure agreement that has been talked about with other cast members and says it was to protect herself and her career.

“The NDA [nondisclosure agreement] is something my team and I drafted up after a friend of a friend filmed me while I was in the bathtub naked, obviously, and I had a few drinks, and to me, I can’t believe the rest of the cast doesn’t have this,” Kent shared. “It basically states that you can’t record me or post anything without my knowledge, that’s it.”

“It has nothing to do with my man. It has everything to do with me. I can’t believe it was made into such a big deal,” she said. “I sat there with my lawyer, my publicist, and my manager and we all came up with this and said this is what it is.”

This year’s reunion is scheduled to film in February, and Kent says she is still undecided about whether or not she will attend.

“I keep going back and forth with it and now that I’ve watched this season, I’m letting these people off way too easily,” Kent noted. “The way that I’ve been treated this season is absolutely not OK and if they want to act like they don’t have skeletons in their closet, I can definitely show everybody that they do.”

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7 Replies to “Lala Kent Sets Record Straight About NDA, Reveals New Confrontation With Kristen Doute”

  1. Well, her explanation does make sense about the NDA. She seems smarter than she acts. She’s probably one of those girls who dumbs it down because men think that’s cute.

    But what the heck has she done to her face?? Or is that just a bad angle?

  2. She’s full of sh*t, Peter on Twitter said that the story Lala told pagesix was BS, and that lala was the one causing the problems basically. Kristen did call her out too but you never know with this one. So I’m sorry but Peter wouldn’t lie. If you listen to lala she’s always the victim… she’s really not.

  3. Lala has lied quite a bit and right from the start. It’s hard to get past being labeled a liar when you bring it on yourself. I call BS on this one.

  4. I agree Rain, technically her story seems valid and would make sense…for a normal Unfortunately as others stated below, she was caught in quite a few inconsistencies this year, so it’s hard to tell.

  5. if Lala can’t stand the people she works with then why would she choose to eat there? and Kristen thinks its HER show? conceited much?

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