LaLa Kent Opens Up About Her Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars


New SUR hostess LaLa Kent isn’t holding back about her feelings towards Kristen Doute in a new interview about Vanderpump Rules. But that’s not all! LaLa had a lot to say about her co-workers too!

When asked about an upcoming interaction with Doute, Kent said: “Pshhhh NEXT! … I have no feelings toward her,” she said. “She is just there, breathing my air.”

“Stupid thing to say,” Lala told Heavy when asked about Katie Maloney questioning her about her modeling gig. “American models are brought to Europe all the time for bookings. Obviously she wouldn’t know that.”

What about Scheana Shay? “Watching it now, it gives me a good laugh. I wish I could be one of those girls, that does sexual favors for cool sh**. I’d be iced up, driving a Rolls Royce. Sadly, I can only hook up with people I am fully interested in, and those dudes are usually broke,” Lala said. “But, just so everyone knows, if I’m keeping my legs closed, then I am most definitely keeping my mouth closed.”

Kent revealed she has clicked with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix and of course, James Kennedy. “He is someone I care about, deeply,” Lala shared. “No matter what goes down, we will always be friends. Our personalities just mesh.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Lala is a very pretty girl and she knows it. I have nothing else positive to say about her. She started off as a liar, and maybe Sheana and Lala are birds of a feather who just cannot flock together…too much alike to be friends. It is reality TV and Sheana is bringing the drama. I am not surprised about her marriage either. When you are too much in love with yourself, there is no room for another in your life. It is give and take and not just take. Just my opinion.

Just my opinion and it might change over time but Lala seems a bit on the cold and unfeeling side. The only emotion or compassion I’ve seen from her so far has been about herself. I guess we’ll see.

She sounds like a hooker to me.

She had no opportunity to feel compassion for anything else yet.. And a HOOKER? You guys are funny. Haters

Sorry, but this one seems like a walking STD—she looks like she is in need of a shower along with cray cray kristen, jax, etc…

Omg duchess of bacon you are disgusting… You must be like 350 pounds of hatred and jealousy … And bacon

😀 😀