Lala Kent Explains Her Absence On Vanderpump Rules and Teases Reunion

Lala Kent surprised viewers when she showed up at SUR during this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules after she disappeared from the crew for weeks with no explanation. After she tried to make amends with Ariana Madix, Lala appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and explained the reason for her return to the show and what she did after she spoke with Lisa Vanderpump.

“When I stepped away I turned off my phone. I wasn’t looking at emails. I was volunteering my time a the Humane Society of Utah literally every single day,” Kent told The Daily Dish of her absence. “And that’s kind of really all I did. It was a finding of myself when I was away and it was much needed. By the time I came back and you see me this episode, I just felt kind of like a different person. I felt like I purged all the negative energy.”

Lala headed home and spent quality time with her family in Utah. “It was amazing ’cause I finally felt safe and I was with people that I could trust and that I could say things that I wasn’t worried it was going to come out on camera later,” she said. “I feel like there’s certain things that people don’t need to know and that’s with anybody’s life. So it was nice to have my privacy for just a minute.”

But returning to L.A. meant she had to explain to Lisa why she had been M.I.A. “Talking to Lisa I was nervous just because I look up to her, but what I was going in to say to her that wasn’t nerve racking just because, like I said when I came back from Utah I was in a completely different head space,’ she said. “I felt kind of like a new human being.”

Turns out Lala is currently working with Lisa, volunteering at Vanderpump Dogs. “Absolutely, we talk often and she just opened Vanderpump Dogs and I go and volunteer at her facility,” she said. “So our connection is deep because of our love of dogs.”

But would she work another shift at SUR? “I would. I’d help a sistah out,” she said. “Not full time — a shift here or there. I would do that.”

Lala also shared that she and Katie Maloney-Schwartz came to an understanding at the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

“I felt like we came to a common ground ’cause she’s also said some things that weren’t so kind about me as well and we kind of squashed it,” Lala teased, referring to comments she once made about Katie’s appearance, adding that she “absolutely” get closure after the sit-down.

“I always thought we would never be in the same room without wanting to bring our daggers out,” she said. “So I would say that was the most shocking moment for me.”

“Going to the reunion was pretty amazing for me,” she said. “I felt like I got a lot off of my chest. I didn’t say things that I would need to dig myself out of later. As cheesy as it sounds, it was kind of a beautiful thing because that show is rough [and] these people are rough. If you’re going to be on this show, you’d better have a set of balls on you. So to see everybody in a pretty vulnerable and zen state — I mean, obviously we get heated at moments — but overall it was freaking amazing.”

“It was so weird that night I went home and I’m like, ‘This is so weird. I don’t have a pit in my stomach. I can go to bed and feel like my conscience is clear.’ It was pretty cool for me ’cause I haven’t had that in a while.”

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13 Replies to “Lala Kent Explains Her Absence On Vanderpump Rules and Teases Reunion”

  1. I am curious how she supports herself. Does she still get a paycheck for VPR, do her parents support her or is some sugar daddy there for her perhaps. She does not seem to have to work at all from the way she talks.

  2. She’s gorgeous indeed! Another pretty girl from a small town , lost in lala land!

    I hope her fashion career takes off

    1. Yes, good luck to her.
      It is interesting that when you see some of these VPR characters away from the show and not drinking, they make a lot more sense and seem more intelligent, except maybe Jax. Though, I did see when Lala and James Kennedy were on WWHL together a while back and that was terrible. I wonder if they were on something for that show. Someone should have washed their mouths out with soap…yes, soap. 🙂 (Yes, maybe once that happened to me when I was little…yuck!) It is pretty toxic stuff too, so maybe a more natural soap!
      FYI: I never used soap on any of my kids for their mouths…but for their bodies only. I cannot believe my parents grew up where that was what you did. It is in “A Christmas Story” and that was the worst…the soap in the mouth!

  3. You were not alone. Thankfully I went to public school?
    Oddly the hubby had an ex nun teach him (in public school) in the 4th grade, and she made him write with his right hand, though he is a lefty…made him! His parents said nothing either. The best part of this story is that now he is ambidextrous. He still writes with his right hand as he was made to do, but he can do anything, even suture very well with either hand which is handy when one hand or arm gets tired!

  4. That had to really hurt. I know some kids were hit in public schools too and still are in some states. We talked about that on All Things before too…mostly ij the south it still takes place.

    1. Sadly back then it wasn’t unusual to be punished on school. It was a different time . I’m glad people don’t do that anymor

  5. I would just imagine most parents now wouldn’t allow their children to be beaten in school. But then I could be wrong .

    It’s just sad

    1. I agree with you but it does still happen. It is hard to believe. We discussed this in the past here on this site too. It still happens…sadly.

  6. Oh, forgot to add, I know you were an A++++ student, so they had to love you. You were probably bored in class maybe too. Just saying.
    I know some places use or used paddles.
    I never got hit, because it stopped being legal when I was in school..or about that time when I started. Yet, I had a very old 8th grade teacher who used to smack her yardstick on the desks of students, barely missing their hands and scare them to death. You can tell she was into corporal punishment and then they told her it was not legal to do so any more…but she wanted to hit someone in the worst way.
    One day a girl fell out of her desk on the floor in a generalized seizure and scared that teacher to death. I always thought the teacher made the girl have that seizure by scaring us to death…though not sure.
    Weird how I remember these things now…and cannot remember names.

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