Lala Kent and Brandi Glanville Dish About Vanderpump Rules


Former Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent was a guest on Brandi Glanville’s podcast last week and Kent dished out the gossip on the cast of Lisa Vanderpump’s show.

Lala started by sharing that she did not finish filming the upcoming season of the show. “I did not finish the season. I can’t really tell you why I left, but I can tell you that I’m very happy that I did.” Brandi said she knows some of the cast and went on to explain her disdain for Scheana Shay. Lala continued, “I don’t get along with anybody on that show. James I connect with but he doesn’t get along with anybody either. Everyone thinks it’s myself and James that are the whackjobs but I’m thinking it’s the other way around. They’re all f***ing crazy.”

Kent told Glanville that she can’t understand the cast’s friendships because “they’ve all f***ed each other’s boyfriends, they’ve all done the gnarliest things that I would never do.”

Lala talked about how she tried not to drink as much when she was filming reality television and Brandi started talking about how Lisa Vanderpump would scold her for drinking too much on camera. Lala said, “They did the same thing to James, while Jax is doing cocaine every day of his life. It’s like ‘let’s address the REAL problem’.” Brandi says when she watched the reunion last year she thinks they were all cracked out and that she even Tweeted about the possible Adderall use. “Their jaws were swinging back and forth, high as kites. I don’t know how people can’t tell.” Brandi quips “that’s where the money goes. It has to – look at their apartments.”

The two also got on the topic of speaking about dogs and Brandi revealed that Kim Richards’ dog Kingsley bit her twice and she’s had to “go to the corner” because “this dog was going to kill me.” When Lala asks if Kingsley got put down, Brandi says he’s on a farm somewhere, “it went away.”

Back to Vanderpump Rules, Lala says she genuinely likes Lisa Vanderpump, but Brandi said, “I don’t think she really likes anyone but herself. I really believe that it’s all about her. And it’s her show and everyone is just lucky to be in her presence.”

Lala also says she likes Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, but she knew they talked behind her back because she was the new girl. Brandi said she and Tom have gotten into several Twitter feuds and that she thinks Tom is gay. Lala thinks several of the guys are. “I think they sway,” Brandi says. “I think they’re all gay for pay for sure.” Lala adds, “I know for sure Jax has definitely taken a d*ck down.” Brandi thinks they’ve all done it to each other and says “they’re not overly masculine men. I think Jax is the most masculine and I’m pretty sure he’s had it up the ***.”

Thanks to RealityTea for transcribing this podcast.

What did you think about what these two had to say?

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5 Replies to “Lala Kent and Brandi Glanville Dish About Vanderpump Rules”

  1. Wow, who knew what I was missing by NOT listening to Brandi’s podcast?lol. I think I’ll continue to miss out! I do agree that there might be a lot of drug use on the show.

  2. I wouldn’t believe a word either one of these two say, even if their tongues came notarized! Both would say almost anything to get attention!

  3. The world according to Brandi……. Really!!!!! Who believes anything that comes out of that raunchy mouth. She is a disgusting piece of crap. Brandi I have not heard much about you lately and I was wondering why I felt so good. Go back to the cabinet you came out from. (thank you Luann) Does she make your skin crawl? I never liked Lala but one thing I can say is she tells the truth. It’s gross the way it comes out of her mouth but I love her way of calling out people. So we know that Lala left in the middle of the season so there is something that happens that gets her pissed off . I cannot stand Scheana she is as fake as they come. I used to like her in beginning but her true colors came out later when she throws every single so called friend she has under the bus. Terrible wife, horrible communication with her husband, He is Pu$$y whipped. I also used to like Katie but she turned out to be a bitch.

  4. Just a shout out to La La – you’re such a beautiful, strong, smart, and mentally healthy young woman. No wonder you don’t fit in with that dysfunctional, alcoholic, nearly middle aged, vicious group. Not to mention, you’re hot and they’re not. I’ve been watching VPR since the first episode but truly the only reason I continued watching is because of you. I was hoping to hear you sing more. Anyway, once you’re no longer a part of it, I’ll quit watching the most immature group of “friends” I’ve ever seen. These grown women act like middle school mean girls telling each other who they’re allowed to be friends with!? Who would want to be any part of their group? You’ve got way too much class for that bunch. I think Katie might be a serial killer.

    Who raised Stassi the master manipulator and queen bee, Kristin the most self-righteous reformed ho I’ve ever seen, Katie the most outrageous control freak mean girl and oompa loompa of Sur, Scheana the most insecure and also self righteous homewrecker, Brittany the dumbest girl manipulated by Jax ever, Jax the old ugly guy and most gynormous liar on the planet. How can people give this guy one iota of credibility? The rest of the crew, I like.

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