Lala Kent Addresses Rumors She’s Dating a Married Man


From the beginning of season five of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent has been accused by her co-stars of being with a married man, but now Lala is speaking out about the rumors.

“They are still on that train so hard and I’m just sitting here and I’m like, ‘Where is this coming from?'” Lala told Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius XM show this week. “I’ve never even heard of this rumor.”

Kent shared that the rumor picked up “full force,” but confirms that she hasn’t “heard about this ever.” Still, she finds the origins of the buzz suspicious. “You know, usually when there’s a rumor being started you hear a little bit about it. It was just full force placed on me.”

But this hasn’t stopped her SUR co-workers from insisting that Lala is dating a married man who buys her expensive gifts.

Photo Credit: Bravo