Lady Gaga Explains Reason Behind G.U.Y. Music Video And Andy Cohen’s Role As Zeus


Ever since Andy Cohen and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starred in Lady Gaga’s new music video, G.U.Y. – An Artpop Film, people have been wondering exactly what Gaga’s vision for the video was. Monday night, the pop star called into Watch What Happens Live and explained her reasoning for Andy’s role of Zeus and the direction she wanted to take the video in.

Andy asks Gaga why she wanted him to play Zeus, and how she came up with that. She responded, “Well, in the story where I’m punning as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, I go to The Hearst Castle in order to be brought back to life. And as the people from the planet Venus dump me into the Neptune pool, I am snapped back into reality, by reality television.”

She continues, “We wanted you to place Zeus or God in the sky because I feel reality TV and reality media really runs our lives. It was really an image of how I think pop culture is today.”

As far as how the Housewives got along? “They were actually really, really fun,” Gaga says. “I was surprised. We were waiting for some real eye tear outs, but that didn’t happen.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo/Artpop


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