Kyle Richards Wouldn’t Want To Do RHOBH Without Lisa Vanderpump

In a new new interview on The Daily Dish podcast, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards dished on her issues with Lisa Vanderpump that will play out this season on the show. She also reacted to Lisa Rinna’s behavior and how their relationship is.

Kyle admitted that LVP “hit some bumps this season. No doubt. It’s inevitable. It’s really hard to maintain friendships on a show like this in reality television. We’ve gone through a lot and have been tested over and over again, but we really do care about each other and we know that we are better together than apart.”

“I wouldn’t want to do the show without her. We have fun together and in order to do a show like this you have to be able to keep on having fun.” Kyle continued, “We still have fun and laugh, but we piss each other off. This time that happened. I said it. She didn’t like it, so that created some issues and we had to work through it and we’re OK, but that hasn’t aired yet. So I always think to myself, ‘Oh god, now when this airs, it’s going to be another argument again. I can feel it.’”

Richards also admitted she is trying to figure out her relationship with Rinna. “She does things that I really just don’t understand. It does make it harder and harder. Each time it happens, it makes it just a little bit more difficult.” She added, “Recently she’s been doing some weird things on her Instagram story, that I’m just kind of like ‘What are you doing? I just don’t understand that.’ I just find myself shaking my head.”

“It’s going to end up coming up because everyone has been talking about it. She’s been kind of taking jabs at Lisa Vanderpump and I’m thinking ‘Where did this come from? I don’t understand,’” Kyle said. “I don’t know where this is coming from and we’re not even shooting right now. I don’t get it.”

Thanks to RealityTea for the transcript of the interview.

What are your thoughts about what Kyle had to say?


16 Replies to “Kyle Richards Wouldn’t Want To Do RHOBH Without Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. She doesn’t understand Rinna taking jabs at LVP? Has she watched any episodes?

    Quite frankly, I wouldn’t miss Kyle and I sure wouldn’t miss the Alexis Carrington wanna-be.

  2. C’mon Kyle.. Get a backbone…. And you don’t get why Rinna is jabbing LVP? Well all I ever see LVP do is jab Rinna..

  3. The make a good team, and there is strength in numbers. If anyone, btw is outside the U.S. and can’t access the Daily Dish shows via the Bravo site I listen to mine through ITunes. They release new episodes weekly recapping shows and giving behind the scenes interviews. The hosts,who work for Bravo, are also often present for show related events and the reunions, and can offer tiny nuggets of juicy info that usually never make it to the general public.

    1. I agree, but notice Kyle said she “wouldn’t WANT to” do the show without LVP. No way Kyle would actually leave if LVP left. Not when there’s a dollar to be made.

  4. I tend to believe Brandi Landfill who has always maintained that Kyle and LVP are TV friends at best. Like virtually everyone in this entire cast; neither would piss on the other if she were on fire.

  5. Kyle…. I was super proud of you for sticking up for Teddy on last nights show! LVP once again showed me how she such a sniper from the side.

  6. First of all, we are weeks late on articles here.
    I zip anything Rinna unless the other housewives are with her. Kyle and Lisa were friends before the show ever started. Mauricio and Kyle have worked their asses off and now they have money too. I love to see a long standing marriage in this media environment. They have lovely children, and Lisa and her are true friends. They’ve been photographed many times over the years when they aren’t filming. I mean really, how often do most busy, working people see friends? Not as often as I would like personally. They do, out of necessity, see one another often during filming. We see such a tiny percentage of what’s filmed even, not to mention the rest of their year. There is so much more we don’t know.
    I have certainly enjoyed seeing Camille more & more. It seems as though she stopped filming when she had cancer, and has been a guest on the show every season except during the time she was fighting to be well. Now she is doing TH more often, hopefully foreshadowing a return to the show. I would stop watching BH too if Lisa and/or Kyle left. Then Dorit yakking would be all there was. Her and Rinna, who gags me to look at, and Erika, who I like a lot.
    Dorit is a true troublemaker. No one can have any fun if she’s there. Camille was right, she is not only a tattle-tale, but a liar as well. No matter what age, if she wants to be treated like a grown up, act like one.

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