Kyle Richards Warns Brandi Glanville: Leave Me Out Of Your Problems With Lisa Vanderpump


As we previously reported, Brandi Glanville blamed Kyle Richards for her comments that Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd had filed for bankruptcy and were living in The Valley. Now, RadarOnline is reporting that Kyle is very upset with Brandi and is telling her she doesn’t want to be involved in Brandi’s problems with Lisa.

“Finally, just when Lisa and Kyle were in a good place with their friendship, and Brandi starts running her mouth, again,” an insider tells the site. “Kyle made the mistake of trusting Brandi with information in the past, and now, that has bitten her in the ass. Brandi point blank asked if there were any skeletons in Lisa’s closet….Kyle absolutely wasn’t the one to tell Brandi about these ridiculous rumors about financial problems with Lisa and Ken.”

The insider continues, “Look at what Brandi did, she went on a website to look up addresses that Lisa previously lived at. Now, she is trying to blame Kyle…another reason why she is doing it is because she recognizes that Lisa could indeed sue her. You can’t just go around making up ridiculous allegations about someone’s finances, especially when dealing with a very successful businesswoman.”

Lisa is now “freezing Kyle out….She doesn’t know who she can trust anymore. Kyle is truly sad that Lisa believes Brandi,” the insider added.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • DebAnn

    When we saw The latest episode of Kyle “talking to Brandi about Lisa,” the one Lisa is so devastated by….. I did not see KYLe do much “talking” at all! As other viewers have pointed out, Kyle was predominantly “listening” not throwing herself in the midst of the conversation! I did not see Kyle doing that at all. She did not “defend” Lisa, but their relationship has never been completely mended & there are many times, even recently that Lisa hasn’t defended Kyle either! Come on, she keep bringing up the Mauricio rumors, and she didn’t say crap to Carlton when she was one of the hostesses and the other hostess at the birthday dinner was being so horribly and senselessly attack! I STILL can’t get over that one, really! That’s so far beyond that “conversation” Brandi and Kyle had. And IF KYle did say anything about the bankruptcy thing ( which I seriously doubt that anyone cares if it’s true or not) it most likely was a long time ago. My biggest problem here is with BOTH Kyle AND Lisa….. Why the heck is either one of them even Talking or listening to Brandi? Good grief hasn’t Brandi totally burned everyone on the show over and over again.
    I can see Brandi opening her mouth, then thinking uh oh, I COULD be used & throwing WHOMEVER is conveniently there under the bus again to save I herself. Let it go, for heavens sake. Brandi said it, not Kyle, and I would DEFINITELY believe Kyle over Brandi. Again, KYle was listening in that conversation, not saying much at all. And Lisa and Kyle are both idiots for listening or talking at all to someone who consistently causes so much grief for everyone, and is loyal to no one. This is a total non issue in my book. Lisa & Ken are highly successful. I don’t care if they were ever close to bankruptcy or not & I doubt anyone else does!!

    • DebBrenn

      I wouldn’t believe Kyle over Brandi,, or anyone. She’s sneaky and hasalways gossiped with whoever she happens to be with at the time about everyone else. Brandi, on the other hand, almost has a case of Tourette’s – things come flying out of her mouth without spending a moment in her brain. She’s a mess, but she’s too knee-jerk to plot much.

  • Cin

    geezz Brandi….. hope you are building your savings account…. it’s awful what comes out of your mouth… it’s either foul or false…. yuk…

  • Constance

    So sick of Brandi and her nasty mouth! Brandi needs to take a break from the alcohol & drugs that’s causing her to have foot in mouth disease, she needs to crawl out of the bottle she’s in!

  • These idiots of BH (minus Lisa V.), are soooo jealous and petty. brandi is the resident grifter-tamponstring trash, kyle is just vile and stupid like her equally lame sister kim and yo-lymebrain is so boring and wanting to be Lisa V. so bad—she even copied the whole “white jean” thing from Lisa (yolanda is creepy and in need of a makeover–that overdone fried fake blond hair needs help), and she is always talking about being a model like 30 years ago, she hasn’t done anything since except marry her husband Mohameds friend David Foster—which makes lymebrainhellomylove #6 (wife) of david…..

  • Teresa Carlucci

    The whole reason Lisa and Kyle’s friendship has been strained is because Kyle always listens to jealous fools talkin smack on “her friend Lisa” and she has never stuck up for her. If someone, ANYONE had come to me to talk trash on one of my friends, they would wish they didn’t. Friends don’t allow other people to talk trash on friends they care about, and Kyle has done this to Lisa repeatedly. That is why Lisa pushed Kyle to the back burner, rightfully so. So why now should Lisa believe that Kyle hasn’t teamed up with her newfound buddy Brandi to TRY and make Lisa look bad? Not that Lisa could look bad, but to embarrass her. I would love to see Brandi, Kyle AND Kim all replaced !

    • A year and a half later I don’t remember Lisa sticking up for Kyle during the whole Camille thing. Let it go is her mantra, pretend that everything is fine. I like Lisa and Kyle and I think the reason they are friends again is because neither one did anything unforgivable. They didn’t say drunken things like the others did. They were hurt over things and the glare of reality television and the whole Taylor tragedy was just hard on everything, including their friendship.

  • starr sabga

    Well said. We have witnessed Kyle enjoying tremendously with that awful smirk on her face when anyone bad talks Lisa V. She’s not the friend anyone should have .