Kyle Richards TV Show American Woman Gets Picked Up By TV Land


Congratulations are in order for RHOBH star Kyle Richards. Her new TV project, American Woman, has been picked up by TV Land for a 12-episode series order, Bravo is reporting.

Richards is executive producing the dramedy, which is set in the 1970’s and based on her childhood in Los Angeles. It stars Alicia Silverstone in the role inspired by Kyle’s mother, as well Mena Suvari, as her friend.

“So excited to share this! I am so grateful to be working w/ such a talented group of people to make this dream come true,” Kyle wrote on her Instagram.

“Part of our incredible cast of #americanwoman,” she continued. “Can’t wait for you all to see on @tvland.”

Will you be watching Kyle’s TV show?

Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Kyle Richards TV Show American Woman Gets Picked Up By TV Land”

    1. I agree Suze…hope this series turns out well for her. I know some of her family was not happy about it at all – not referring to the hubby and kids, but Kathy and her husband. The above picture of her is lovely, but at the same time she looks almost sculpted. Maybe just make up and lighting.

      Hope it’s a good day for you today…Since the big 35 a week ago I started a more serious workout regimen, mainly to keep my upper body strength up…the weight routines are great but I’m definitely feeling it afterward! xoxo to you! 🙂

      1. Hi Janelle I hate to say it but it gets worse! Good on you for working at it now! When you hit the menopause that’s when the rot sets in! Hope you and those girls are well?

        1. Hey girlie! 🙂 I hope I don’t have to worry about menopause for awhile – my husband and I may still decide to add 1 more to our family – it’s kinda tough because the twins are a handful! They’re great kids but they’re at the age where for as sweet as they can be, they can be a real handful! – hoping they’ll settle down a bit over the next 6 months.

          Wish I had more time to post here but the time just goes by sooo fast. Anywho, I do think of you Suze, even if I don’t post much and always thinking good thoughts. Stay well sweetie and say Hi to Rain, Miss M, Aunt Bee Sandy Daisy, 3D’s etc.. xoxoxox

  1. I’m genuinely happy for her. Kyle and Lisa V. have always been my favorite housewives. My biggest worry is that she leaves the Housewives.

    1. Ditto, Robert. They are my favorite also. But I think she can handle both, she has always been able to multi-task. Her youngest kids are in school, and there is definitely a way to teach children the value of work. Not simply for money, but for the value of the work itself. Every family has their own way of doing things, and I believe Kyle and Mauricio put their family absolutely first. Once that decision is made, or just “is” all else falls into place. The times it is challenging, a family sits down and discusses it.

  2. Yay, I get to gorge myself on visuals of stacked heels and 70s Hostess Dresses. I LOVE a good hostess gown, so I’m keeping my eyes on the costuming!

    1. That may be a reason to watch now. I had no interest in Kyle’s life at all. Yet, I would love to see how well the designs of the clothing represent that period.

      1. I think I could def. be in for a an episode or two. I tend to give new shows 3 episodes to see if they get into a groove and if they really appeal to me. Ironically, I’m not interested in Kyle’s life either (!), but I am curious about the period detail. I’m a seventies baby and have a tons of nostalgia for that time.

        1. I will try three episodes too. That seems like a great idea. I usually give just two episodes a try.
          The 70s were a fun time and the some of the 60s too IMO with fashion. I was never a fashionista. My sister recently reminded me how I sewed some of my own clothing in high school from patterns. I remember quite a bright paisley sort of print on a fabric from India that I made a long dress (Granny/Maxi) with back in the 70s. We went from very short mini skirts to very long lengths back then and moved on to the disco era which was totally different.
          I loved Peter Max the artist and his colors were so bright and still are. I loved the bright colors of the 70s and the prints.

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