Kyle Richards TV Pilot?

Kyle Richards, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sat down with Parade, and is giving us some juicy deets about shooting a sitcom pilot.

“I only stepped away from acting when I was pregnant and my babies were little. I was on ER for ten years on and off. I was pregnant during some of it and hiding my stomach in my scrubs. I really have a passion [for acting]. I actually sold a pilot. I can’t say what network but it’s a half-hour sitcom. I can’t say yet [what it’s about] but I’m really excited about it.”

Interesting, I wonder if she will remain in the middle of the housewives drama if she gets the gig? As for how she keeps her marriage and family level despite the cameras she explains, “When we started the show, we sat down as a family and asked if anyone had any reservations. If anyone raised their hands, we wouldn’t do it. We had a rule that if we ever felt like it was interfering with our personal lives or my husband and my relationship, I would walk away in seconds, without a doubt. One of our rules is that we have to be home more than we are out. So if it’s a busy week and there are a lot of events, we make sure we only go three times and are home four of the nights. I don’t like seeing families where they’re always out and never see the kids. We make sure to make time for each other.”

Aww, maybe that’s her key to such a successful marriage to husband Maurico Umanskey, one of the hottest house husbands from any city!

She also tells Parade that the cameras don’t exactly show how her life really is. Kyle explains, “On the show, we go to a lot of events so we’re dressed up a lot. But at home, I have little to no makeup on and am just in jeans and a t-shirt or leggings. I have to be comfortable when I’m at home.”

Sounds like she’s a REAL Housewife! What do you think, would you watch Kyle’s sitcom?

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