Kyle Richards Thinks Maybe It’s Too Soon For Lisa Vanderpump To Joke With Eileen Davidson

Kyle Richards is dishing about Dorit Kemsley’s party in her blog this week. Richards admits that Lisa Vanderpump’s interactions with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson are so awkward sometimes she cringes. Kyle also notes that perhaps Eileen isn’t the appropriate person for Vanderpump to be joking with after what happened between them last year.

“This week you follow us through part of our daily routines. Lisa Rinna, Alexia and I are off to the newest workout hot spot, Lit. While everyone in this town does seem to look really good, I work out for a numbers of reasons. First and foremost, my mental state. Working out always elevates my mood and reduces my anxiety. Secondly, for my health and last but not least to look the best I can.

Obviously after eating cheeseburgers and fries the night before with Lisa V. and Dorit, I’m not making it easy on myself. Loved seeing LIsa’s beautiful new horse. Only Lisa would have a horse from the show Cavalia named His Royal Highness, Prince Tardon.

While I have gotten to know Dorit, it’s fun to have a peek into her home with her adorable kids .

I laughed when Dorit said she didn’t want to know about the party PK was throwing for her and wasn’t going to try and find out anything…but then had to go ahead and give direction on lighting, candles and flowers. Haha! I can relate.

How fun were the flashback photos of Eileen on The Young and the Restless? She has barely aged! I mean she seriously looks amazing. I am telling you…freaks of nature.

Speaking of freaks of nature, Erika Jayne killing it at 45. Interviewing back-up dancers for her newest video. So fun and inspiring. Can’t wait for you to see more of that!

And I always enjoy watching Lisa Rinna with her kids, because I can relate to having daughters and dealing with teenagers.

Party time! I was excited to go to Dorit’s party and knew PK was going to be making a big effort for his wife. He adores Dorit and loves spoiling her. Between the party and the rose gold Bentley, I think he succeeded.

Seeing Lisa V interact with both Eileen and Lisa Rinna makes me nervous at times. It is extremely awkward, and it’s written all over my face. I have never been good at hiding my feelings, and at times it looks like I am so nervous watching them all interact after what happened last year. Other times I feel like I’m going to start laughing out of nervousness because you never know what any of them are going to say!

I cringed thinking that Eileen thought Lisa V was apologizing for what happened last year when she was actually saying, “I’m sorry … I heard that your mother died”


Well at least they had a conversation. That’s a step in the right direction.

At least one can hope.

The party was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to get along …even if it was just being polite because they were at a party.

I loved PK’s speech. There so much love between Dorit and PK, and it’s so nice to see that.

When Eileen told me that Lisa V said she saw Vince with his head up some girl’s skirt at the party, I thought “Ok, well …this new-found peace between Eileen and Lisa V is not going to last.”

There’s that British humor Lisa V talks about. A joke. Perhaps Eileen wasn’t the right person to practice this joke on considering the circumstances.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I think the majority of us agree that Lisa V was hurt badly last year by the soapies. But I think she is over reacting now and should cut back on her “British” humor. I also think ED is acting ridiculously about that apology. Either she is stupid or still trying to hold onto a storyline for a paycheck. Stick to the soaps PLEASE.

So, SO, happy you found your way through the endless passwords etc., that can and did have me so tired yesterday, I had to take a nap. It had nothing to do with this blog, though, as I had already been schooled on the way through Disqus terminology by, oddly, a poster on Reality Tea. MY OWN I-cloud keychain would not allow me to see MY OWN passwords, after I answered all of the security questions. I refuse to allow them to choose my password, so I was relegated to finding another way, which I FINALLY did!!!! This place wold… Read more »

Hi Miss M I agree with you as well as Bee, This is the side of Kyle I don’t like, I never have which is why I have always been backwards and forwards with her. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

I agree about Kyle. She is constantly playing all sides.

Personally, about Kyle, who I like as much as Lisa, has a way about her. It’s just who she is. If she wasn’t there to find out for us, who would? She understands what is necessary to make an interesting show. I believe that she likes all of the ladies, not in deep friendship, like with Lisa and Erika, but in a social acquaintance way. She actually is one of the few housewives who seems to be able to walk the line without stepping on too many toes. Her husband has a growing, extremely successful business, and she is required… Read more »

Fully agree 3 D’s.

Kyle is doing her best to maintain her place on the BH show. She knows that when the cameras roll, she smiles and plays nice a lot of the time. It is a show after all. Is she friends with any of these women? She is enough to keep her place on the show, anyway. I don’t think we see the true Kyle, but she did grow up in front of cameras too. I think I saw some of the real Kyle when she and Kim stole Brandi’s crutches in that first episode with Brandi. I saw the mean Kyle… Read more »
Way, way, way back in the beginning, they all went to a really odd, uncomfortable game night party at some girls house. Talk about name dropping. Then Kim shows up, totally loaded. Kyle is then totally ensconced in standing guard for Kim, as she had done, as she was instructed to do by her Mom all of her life, even tho she was the youngest. The rest of the night showed Kyle trying to make sure Kim was ok, which she obviously was not. When Kimmy moved the crutches, Kyle was unaware of it, and by the time it became… Read more »