Kyle Richards Talks RHOBH, Lisa Vanderpump and Celebrity Apprentice

Kyle Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night after the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She caught up with Andy Cohen and answered viewer questions.

Andy revealed that he had some gossip from the RHOBH premiere party. Cohen said that he was at the party and that Lisa Vanderpump was not pleased with what Kyle said in her interview about Lisa Vanderpump holding a grudge and Rinna being “manipulable.”

“We had a great season together and all of the sudden, she was not happy about that comment,” Kyle admits. “I was like whatever, it’s fine. But she likes to torture me a little bit, but it’s fine.”

Andy went on to reveal that there was “major drama” at the premiere party and that it was “kind of awesome.”

Kyle caught up with Andy in a speed round:

Latest on her relationship with Kim? “Kim is great. You saw us at the premiere the other night. Kathy and Kim both became grandmas this year, it’s wild.”
Where is Kingsley? “I have no idea. Have not heard about him in awhile.”
When’s the last time you spoke to Kathryn Edwards? “About a month ago when I asked her about… cancel that yeah.”
What’s going on with Faye Resnick? “She’s fantastic. I’m very happy she’s not in the show this season.”
Are you and Camille still close? “Yes. I adore her.”
Last time you spoke to Brandi Glanville? “Can’t remember and don’t care.”
Last time you spoke to Yolanda? “It’s been quite awhile.”
Last time you saw Bethenny Frankel? “About an hour ago. We went to dinner before I came here.”

Lisa Vanderpump tweeted in during the show and saying, “Sorry not sorry @RadioAndySXM #wwhl love boxing with @KyleRichards.” Kyle laughed on what Lisa said.

A viewer asked Kyle how she can stay friends with Rinna after the way she treats her sister Kim? “They don’t get along, so I know in this environment it’s kind of difficult and she apologized to be profusely and I know that she says things that she regrets and at the end of the day she’s a good person. I try to move on.”

A caller asked what Kyle thought about Erika Girardi describing her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump as a “leveraged” friendship? “That’s kind of hard to say. I think it’s hard for people that watch the show and then they come and join the show and it’s a very different situation once they’re in there. We’ve been doing this show for seven years together, so I think it’s kind of complicated for people to understand. We’re just to the point where we’re like, ‘We’ve already hurt each other and we don’t want anyone to hurt us and now we’re protective over our relationship.'”

“We’re literally like sisters who fight and come back,” Kyle added.

The next caller asked Kyle about her experience on The New Celebrity Apprentice. They asked which of Kyle’s RHOBH co-stars donated the most and if she got along with RHOA star Porsha Williams. “I did get along with Porsha. She was funny and fantastic. Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer were both generous.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Shut up Kyle, Shut it!

Kyle’s so fake.
Oh please…

I’m looking forward to this season so it better be an improvement on last season that was diabolical. I want glitz glamour and some gossip not bitch fighting. I’m not sure why Eileen is back, strange! I wish Rinna wasn’t back!

Hi Size…

Suze, you may have to go back about 6 seasons to see glitz, glamour and less contrived relationships. lol.

Dag Nabit..I keep forgetting to check to make sure my info is filled out before replying. I went anonymous again!!!

I know but I am always an optimist! I will give up hoping probably by episode three or four. I have to watch it now I’ve paid for it!

Darn..I always go by that motto when I join a gym…you have to go because you’ve paid for it..sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. lol. I’m sure there will be a lot of drama with these two new women on board. I say, keep the two new ones and ditch Rinna and Davidson!! lol.

100% agree with you and Soapies x two! I can’t stand either of them. They overact all the time! I have joined a gym several times and it’s very hard getting myself there! Xoxoxoxox

I agree with you!!! I would rather see the girls having fun together and doing silly things with the the glitz and glamour and then a bit of drama. I can do without all the ugliness of seasons past. I don’t like to see women be so mean to each other.


Hopefully this will be a better season 🙂


I want glitz too!!! Maybe, just maybe there will have been some severe “talking to’s” going on after this last season. I really can’t figure why Soapy or Sudsy are back. They have nothing going on. NO business that isn’t boring ( I very much dislike watching Rinna go to wherever they film her hawking her clothing. It is intensely boring, and I honestly, as I have mentioned, have to look away when she is in interview. Eileen does Y & R, but we aren’t watching to see that, and her home life is empty and boring. There HAS to… Read more »


Fat fingers

Hi you are up late! It’s 7.14am here.

I’m sick, off of work

Till end of week_xx

I’m a physical therapist.

I make my own hours, don’t w

I don’t want to make anyone else sick

Coughing child .


I’m sorry you and your Child are still sick, get well soon! Xo

my adult daughter just came over – she lives next door – and announced she was sick… I asked her NOT to come over if she’s sick – don’t want her germs. lol – it’s not like she a child and I need to soothe her!!!

It doesn’t matter how old they are they still want their mum when they are sick! They don’t worry about spreading their germs! You are lucky living next door to your daughter! I am 400 miles from my two kids!

I know better…..just shut it.

Was that directed at me initially?

Absolutely not. Xx

Oh good, it was confusing! Xo

Sorry for the confusion, my fault. xx

Just shut it is directed at me

Ugggg, I can do without vylesplits—but I love Caroline Stanbury. So glad Ladies of London is back, I think Caroline will be ganged up on by everyone this season, don’t like the fake new girl (the blonde one that is proported to be carolines old friend), and I just want to give a sedative to the mapperton crier. But Sophie is the biggest surprise of all, newly divorced from Caroline Stanbury’s brother, and throwing shade right out of the gate? Hmmm? Seems odd as Sophie was the drunk last season, now she appears to be on the attack of her… Read more »
She did almost die. It was not just a hysterectomy which is major surgery in itself. I don’t even watch the show much, but I saw her at the hospital and I was shocked that they made her walk so far to the door of the delivery room when she was admitted, knowing she was on bedrest for many months for a very dangerous condition. They had no wheelchairs? When the placenta is not where it should be and bleeding occurs, it tears away and can cause hemorrhaging in the mother, it is a risk to the baby too, and… Read more »

With a placental abruption, yes it is serious, I was actually one of those births back in the 60’s, also a preemie, and with hysterectomy’s- you always have a bladder lift procedure. I was going by the current medical status, these happen all the time and so many improvements have been made. It’s the (reality show drama) that gives me pause– they act like this has never happened in the history of all time, and they are the only ones who suffer (gag)… Over-acting, over dramaish………..

Forgot, the new character on Ladies of London (the blonde one), reminds me of that other loser (caprice)….dimwitted and vast waste of space & oxygen…

I am sure Trashbox Barbie will be throwing a huge Twitter fit with folks saying they don’t talk to her and are not interested in doing so.