Kyle Richards Talks RHOBH, Lisa Vanderpump and Celebrity Apprentice

Kyle Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night after the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She caught up with Andy Cohen and answered viewer questions.

Andy revealed that he had some gossip from the RHOBH premiere party. Cohen said that he was at the party and that Lisa Vanderpump was not pleased with what Kyle said in her interview about Lisa Vanderpump holding a grudge and Rinna being “manipulable.”

“We had a great season together and all of the sudden, she was not happy about that comment,” Kyle admits. “I was like whatever, it’s fine. But she likes to torture me a little bit, but it’s fine.”

Andy went on to reveal that there was “major drama” at the premiere party and that it was “kind of awesome.”

Kyle caught up with Andy in a speed round:

Latest on her relationship with Kim? “Kim is great. You saw us at the premiere the other night. Kathy and Kim both became grandmas this year, it’s wild.”
Where is Kingsley? “I have no idea. Have not heard about him in awhile.”
When’s the last time you spoke to Kathryn Edwards? “About a month ago when I asked her about… cancel that yeah.”
What’s going on with Faye Resnick? “She’s fantastic. I’m very happy she’s not in the show this season.”
Are you and Camille still close? “Yes. I adore her.”
Last time you spoke to Brandi Glanville? “Can’t remember and don’t care.”
Last time you spoke to Yolanda? “It’s been quite awhile.”
Last time you saw Bethenny Frankel? “About an hour ago. We went to dinner before I came here.”

Lisa Vanderpump tweeted in during the show and saying, “Sorry not sorry @RadioAndySXM #wwhl love boxing with @KyleRichards.” Kyle laughed on what Lisa said.

A viewer asked Kyle how she can stay friends with Rinna after the way she treats her sister Kim? “They don’t get along, so I know in this environment it’s kind of difficult and she apologized to be profusely and I know that she says things that she regrets and at the end of the day she’s a good person. I try to move on.”

A caller asked what Kyle thought about Erika Girardi describing her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump as a “leveraged” friendship? “That’s kind of hard to say. I think it’s hard for people that watch the show and then they come and join the show and it’s a very different situation once they’re in there. We’ve been doing this show for seven years together, so I think it’s kind of complicated for people to understand. We’re just to the point where we’re like, ‘We’ve already hurt each other and we don’t want anyone to hurt us and now we’re protective over our relationship.'”

“We’re literally like sisters who fight and come back,” Kyle added.

The next caller asked Kyle about her experience on The New Celebrity Apprentice. They asked which of Kyle’s RHOBH co-stars donated the most and if she got along with RHOA star Porsha Williams. “I did get along with Porsha. She was funny and fantastic. Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer were both generous.”

Photo Credit: Bravo