Kyle Richards Talks Relationship With Brandi Glanville


It isn’t a secret to fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville were not meant to be friends. From fighting to friends for a short period of time to REALLY not speaking, we have seen it all. Recently, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Kyle at the KIIS FM iHeart Radio Jingle Ball where she briefly discussed her relationship with Brandi as well as her sister Kim’s partial return on the show.

ET asked if the two were on good terms and Richards responded, “We are not friends at all. We really didn’t have a foundation to begin with. It’s not like a friend you had a falling out with and you missed them, so there’s no love those there.”

While Kyle may not be a fan of Glanville, sister Kim was spotted filming at Beverly Hills park to film for the show. The site reports that a source close to Kim told them that producers called them to film a few scenes.

Kyle got candid about her sister returning part-time for the show. “It was really weird starting out without her, because we started this together. It didn’t feel good in the beginning, but the timing wasn’t right. She was taking care of herself right when we were starting… but when she did make appearances, when everything was kind of worked out, it was good to have her back for sure.”

Kim was arrested twice this summer, once for public intoxication and another for stealing at a local target. The former child star was suffering from alcohol abuse.

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Sally

    Oh boy! Here come the ‘storyline’ comments again. If I was Kyle I just wouldn’t say anything about anyone ever! It’s always going to be she used he/she or it as a ‘storyline’.
    I am also really pleased that so many feel the same way I do about the fake ‘storylines’!!! Let’s just have glamour this is BH! I am sitting in the middle of winter in strong winds, houses in the next town flooded because once again the river has burst its banks! Ten years we have been here and this is the third time this has happened! All I want is beautiful clothes, fabulous houses and a bit of snark thrown in!!!


      ITA Sally!! I’m in Chicago until January, sitting up in the 61st floor of the condo with hubby, our cats, no sun, sirens all day long (NW hospital is one block away), thugs running all over the place, it’s cold, foggy and damp. Bring on the good stuff and not all this manufactured drama.

      • Sally

        Oh dear! Gigicat, At least you have your cats with you that’s something! Just glamour please for us both!!!!

      • GIGICAT, now I know why you have the handle! I have 2 black kitties, they add so much to life. I just got them in July as babies. Siblings.
        My Dad was born in Chicago and I went there when I was 25 to visit. it was something on top of the Sears Tower. Hopefully when the fog lifts you have a nice view all the way up there.

        • GIGICAT

          Hi cat lover! We have 3 black ones, 2 Siamese, 2 orange tabbies, one gray mixed and one white deaf one. So yes, 9 cats and a giant condo and I love them all. It’s a lot of cleaning. We live next to water tower and Hancock. I grew up here but WOW had it changed!!

          • Sally

            You really are ‘cat woman’ nine cats! Wow! We had two, a colourpoint Persian, Victoria and Prudence a black like 3D’s but she had white socks! Then we had a Cocker Spaniel who had seven pups, that was a nightmare, We kept one so had Sophie and Issy. We lost them within a year of each other. I said no more, ever, a year later and two cream sophas in our new house we ended up with Meg another Black Cocker Spaniel! Animals might make a mess but they bring so much to your life. Xoxo

          • Thank God for Tidy Cat with the red cap! Maybe and Merry, Maybe the baby, and his sister Merry being contrary. Maybe lets me actually hold him on my shoulder like baby! I so wanted a cuddly kitty, and Merry is my husband’s kitty, she runs to the bedroom door when she hears him get up. He is a day sleeper from working swing at the casino for 40 years. Anyway, they are so, so sweet. I see a little kitty and want it, but I just can’t. I see why people who can, do.

            • Gigicat

              I love animals more than most people. And I love how us women all have pets. Pet people are the best!! Check out http://www.pawschicago.org we are involved in this.

              • Sally

                Thank goodness I don’t lve in Chicago! I love that little dog on the front! Really well done for being involved! Xo

                • Sally


  • naynay

    I posted about the whole storyline thing yesterday. No I don’t want producer driven drivel either!! Just what’s going on in their life, some people are just more interesting than others. I like some humor, snark, shade, perfect combo bring it on!

    • Sally

      Totally naynay, perfect bring it on!!!!!

    • Bon Vivant

      Don’t forget fabulous clothes, foods, and trips. That my fix: the clothes, food, and trips!

      • naynay

        For sure Bon Vivant! 🙂

      • Sally

        Definitely, love the clothes, especially Yolanda’s! I look forward to the trips all year especially as it’s Dubai this year, memory lane for me! Food I don’t like looking at it just makes me hungry!

      • Oh oh, someone else who likes to see the food!

  • That’s correct Kyle you didn’t have a foundation for a friendship, she came on he show and you made nasty comments and were involved in hiding her crutches.
    You were vile from the start, so she’d have no reason to be friends with you, not to mention Kyle got physical with Brandi last year.

    If you’ve ever seen an interview with Brandi where she is asked about Joyce or Scheana, she responds with “who?” and shuts the question down. Maybe Kyle should start doing that – though we all know she wont since she’s got to her her name in the press somehow!

    • Real Sandy

      How true. ITA sidewinderVX. You said it.

  • I agree about the storyline issue as well. I doubt these housewives have a choice in what they talk about if they sign on for the show. Bravo may not create the storyline but they sure can ask the questions to keep a storyline going….and going….and going..lol.

    • Sally

      😀 😀 😀

  • One Rotten Egg

    I’m sure these women have who they don’t film with, or how much time allowed, etc in their contracts.

  • kt

    I have a question – and totally NOT being snarky – you could ask my co-workers, I am sure I drive them crazy with questions…so much is being said about story line(s) etc., what does Kyle bring to the show without her arguments with Kim or Brandi? Her child going off to college, so did the rest of the worlds, (for the record I disagree with any child under 18 being a part of these shows). The one season she stood up to Lisa about the alleged cheating husband, but very quickly backed off. We’ve seen her husband’s business take off, but that’s not her.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a Kyle fan but I don’t dislike her either – it’s just kinda eh – I do think she has a side to her she doesn’t show, which makes me think she’s fake.
    And no, I do not want to get into a debate about Kim vs. Kyle…been there done that…

    • Bon Vivant

      The thing is, these girls are filmed about 40 hours a week each, not including group events. It’s not up to them which aspects of their life are shown unless they make sure it’s not during the hours they film. There are about 8 producers from a production company responsible for pushing the content creation and then a couple of story editors to piece everything together in a coherent fashion with the finished product then being delivered to the network for final approval and then airing.

      A lot of times audiences complain about people not having a storyline, but I always wonder, what exactly do they want to see? You have women of a certain age, with families, businesses, relationships within those two scenarios, then their social and charitable interests, and some travel. That’s their lives, and thus, their actual storylines. If they focus too much on family life, people hate it, if they focus on their businesses people rebuke it as an informercial. If they’re fighting with someone then they are using that person as a storyline, so in all honesty it makes me want to ask (just out of curiosity) as a viewer, ideally, what do you want to see a storyline consist of? I genuinely wonder, because I personally think the Reality TV genre is peaking, and I predict it’s only a matter of time before there popularity wanes, and then they will go the way of trashy talk shows like Springer and fall out of fashion altogether. What do you think?

      • kt

        No, it’s not up to them – but – they are all actress’ and they know what will get air time and what won’t. I am tired of the commercials within the shows, RHWONY was way over the top. I enjoy watching their trips, their homes – I’m not impressed – the interaction between the ladies when they are having fun and yes I admit the arguments/drama – but – not the over the top screaming and yelling, pointing fingers, in your face arguments, but again they know what will be aired. I admit – although – I would never be friends with someone who schemes and talks behind my back, but it’s quite interesting to watch it play out. I’d like to see more fun times and laughter. I was unsure about Eileen last year – watching her redecorate her house was too cute – and showed an insight to her personality.
        And you..what do you think?

      • I understand what you are saying and I agree there are only so many more ways to go after multiples seasons of a reality show. Two thoughts come to mind. Some seasons either need to die off or combine just to make them new again. Secondly, breaking down the third wall seems to work pretty well as something new. MTV has done it and it makes things more interesting again. It’s like a documentary about the reality show being filmed. I loved the behind the scenes special of RHBH’s first season. Not only because it was back to basics of a first season but it broke the third wall and let you see how things were really going down as things were being filmed. Just my own humble opionion:)

        • Yeah the way they did Tenn Mom OG was brilliant, letting us actually see the producers interacting with the cast is really interesting, and was a really good change up to the normal reality show format.

          • Exactly sidewinder, it was especially cute showing the kids interacting with the cameras but it amped up the drama a bit and made it more real. I’d love to see Bravo do more specials about their most dramatic episodes but breaking down that third wall with behind the seen footage and producers’ perspective:)

            • kt

              I thought the behind the scene was wonderful! So many of the viewers believe these ladies are so classy they float on clouds, when the behind the scene show how awkward it really is to get in and out of a limo, their dresses do ride up their @$$. I guarantee the RHW do not wake up with full make-up. So I guess seeing the more realness of it all would be interesting too…

              • Sally

                Totally agree show it all but just not made up, producer driven drivel! Let’s face it we all look pretty rough first thing in the morning, so let’s see them as well!

                • kt

                  Not me…I look like…Jennifer Aniston…hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  I agree Sally…if it’s supposed to be Real…let’s see it Real!

                  • Sally

                    On a good day I look like Jennifer Aniston grand mother!

                    • kt

                      Should I call you Grammy? Too cute, Sally!

                    • Sally

                      Kt, Grand Mamma if you please!!!!! Young whipper snapper!

                    • naynay

                      On a good day I look like Kelsey grammer

                    • kt

                      Yes ma’am Grand Mamma! And not too young, but very young at heart!
                      Naynay…too funny!?
                      You both made me laugh!!

                    • Sally

                      naynay I’m in trouble, I have just woken my husband up laughing!!!

                  • Very true…who doesn’t love when they show bloopers at the end of a movie, this might be kind of similar.:) I would like to see this kind of special about the Gorgas famous christening and maybe even the naked wasted Grethen/Tamera party. The producers probably have good stories about those nights. 🙂

      • Bon V, I am so glad you said that way better than I ever did. They are HOUSEWIVES. Seriously, I have always liked Kyle and thought she was interesting just on her own. Just like when you meet someone, and just the sound of their voice is peaceful or touches you, (or me, the universal “you”), and on the other hand, meeting someone else and their voice is grating to me. I watched all the scenes where they were at the events. I mean, I just didn’t enjoy things like going in a race car. Who can do that kind of thing all day every day? No one if they have responsibilities. When she was asked to do the show, no matter that Andy wasn’t all in ’till he met Lisa, she did it. There is really not that much to tell as far as that goes. I loved every dinner they had, the lunches they had. I might be in the minority, but I am seeing that it is not that big of a minority. Naturally the scenes like in Amsterdam have more viewers, but personally, I watched all of the episodes. I just zipped the times I thought were vulgar or boring. It has become part of their professional life now. I get bored, just like with shows, with the constant retelling of old stories. So, I won’t watch if I get bored with BH, and I no longer read the posters who just say the same thing over and over. Although I doubt very seriously I will get bored with Beverly Hills Housewives. I recognize many places they go, like when I watch something filmed in London, I see places I went to when I went on vacation there. It makes it more interesting for me.

    • I agree, she has never had a storyline. The only positive going into this season was that Kim wasn’t coming back, and Kyle might have had to actually get herself a story.
      I disagree with anyone saying following these women would be interesting, this show would loose almost all it’s viewers without storylines, that has never been what this show is about. Kyle vs Camille set the tone for the drama from season 1, and getting into fights with other people has been Kyles storyline from the beginning, she’s done the same thing every year.
      Unfortunately, even without Kim on the show Kyle still just sits around crying about her, so I genuinely don’t see what Kyle brings to this show, she squandered her only chance at having her own storyline this season cuz but I think it’s just cuz nothing about her is terribly interesting.
      The only thing outside of fighting she has is her shop, but whereas we we see Lisa V at her restaurants, and Eileen at work, when we see Kyle there she’s talking about ugly glasses and how expensive they are – she’s just to shallow and everything is surface level with her, anytime she wants viewers to think she’s going deep she drops a few crocodile tears about Kim.

      • Real Sandy

        Yes, all true.

    • Ditto feelthe same way she is a BORE

  • Jsne

    Agree, swVX.

  • Janice

    Funny how she was friendly w Brandi so she could slam Lisa V two seasons ago! She has no story line except showing what spoiled child she’s raising!!

  • Kyle is a Bore and needs to stop talking about Brandi- leave her alone and worry about Mauriciho- You best watch that man

  • I love Kyle, she is the most interesting person on BH, her and Lisa. Eileen is funny too. From the day she apologized to Brandy I never heard her say anything cruel about her. It was always Brandy doing something to ruin an event. Geez, talk about doing anything for air time there isn’t an event or party that she didn’t cause a scene or just be her usual vulgar self. Her mistake was thinking in order to remain herself she thought she had to remain boorish and rude. I never saw her say or do one kind thing in all the episodes she filmed. Many times in Kyle’s interviews she pointed out something positive that Brandy had done. She sat and took BG’s shit for years, until she got in between her and Kim. Naturally Kim, the bitch, is attracted to anyone who dislikes Kyle. Because her own children are on Kyle’s side being they had to grow up with Kim. The ONLY time Kim ever stood up for Kyle was if the result would be to call Lisa V. out. The way she treated everyone as if they should forget all the years she embarrassed them or missed important dates all because she missed a big chunk of her life. The quintessential drunk and her friend, it’s one thing to be a snotty baby sister and quite another to be a destructive, vindictive, cruel, sadistic, crass, vicious, shameful,childish, hurtful, deceitful bitch when grown. BG and KR make a perfect team.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the deal Kim’s children aren’t on Kyle’s side. This is the woman who has been uninvited to many of both of her sisters things or their children’s events. I have a feeling Kyle isn’t the oh so innocent sister she tries to portray on this show. I think back to the limo fight when Kim hid behind Adrian because she was scared Kyle was going to physically hurt her. This makes me wonder if this happens kind of violence happens where Kyle is concerned

      • Real Sandy

        Hmmm. Interesting. We may never know the truth. Clearly neither sister is an angel, and I never thought Kyle was sweet and innocent. We do not see everything either, only what is filmed. That limo scene got pretty nasty.

  • CassyJ

    I’m calling Bull on the “who needs a story line”. I remember a few weeks ago when RHNY and how everyone talked about how boring it was because there was nothing happening. Sorry I don’t want to watch cloths, food and homes. That would be incredibly boring after a couple of shows. I don’t want RHOA kind of stupidity with the physical altercation. The thing about Kyle is her life is no more interesting than mine. LVP does a ton of stuff which makes her interesting, the Dodgers pitcher came to her house all the cool pride work she does. Eileen is on a set and we get to watch all the happenings in her life, Lisa R. has TV movies and stuff, Kyle has her home a store (which isn’t an interesting story to watch no one shop in a store) or she is cooking in her kitchen. All reality shows create storylines. And by create I don’t mean make the up, but they give each person camera time to tell their story. kyle’s has always been about someone else. She doesn’t have anything interesting about herself to talk about.

    • Sally

      Hi! Cassy, We all like different things, I love watching their Real lives not the producer driven drivel that keeps coming out these days. I love watching them at home at work, it is supposed to be Reality TV after all. There real lives aren’t what has been shown lately! All I remember about the early days of the last season of NY was Bethenny crying all the time but I don’t think the show was boring. I like seeing Kyle at work or at home, I’m not sure just yet how much I like her but I would sooner have her than her mess of a sister. Yolanda doesn’t have much of a storyline. I always felt awkward in her house at her dinner parties because David obviously didn’t want the women there. He made that very clear. Like her or not Lisa V had the best life so is more interesting. So I agree with you on that point. Eileen I like seeing but she is an actress as is Lisa R and they both overact. Also it’s not true that Lisa V isn’t liked in UK. Most people don’t get to watch in the UK until after the show has finished in US. There aren’t many people on the blogs from the UK. I use to post on one of the biggest and there were three, one dropped out then I did that leaves one. Here I’m the only one from UK and another from Southern Ireland.. So I’m sorry I’m going to respectfully disagree. 😀 😀 😀

      • Kelley

        Well as you read all the blogs and know all the posters and read all their comments you must be right. This is just one more time when you disagree with someone without knowing any facts. But you are correct on all of the blogs and real housewives sites there have been a total of 3 British people who post or watch the show. Wow do you three get together as it is a tiny community of viewers. You can respectfully disagree all you want, but your comments are once again not reading what she has written instead reading whatever you want into her words.

      • Since this is an article about BG and Kyle, I started wondering what Brandy ever DID. Did. She hosted like 3 events in her 5 years. She ruined almost every single dinner and event she went to. Yes, she brought fighting. She never once did anything special for a charity, hosted a special party, threw out first pitch at a game. Never. I started zipping her in her second season. She said and did exactly the same thing every show. She served a purpose, I will admit, we have to have someone to hate.

      • I know it would take pages and pages to say this all, but I will keep it as Readers Digest as I can. I don’t go back to the first season Brandy was on or the second season even. I am going right to the housewarming party and after. Let’s see, Kyle, Lisa V., Eileen, Kim, Lisa R., is that everyone? hmmm. Anyway, they all had lovely things to say about Brandy, Kyle said she was happy for Brandy, sincerely, and that she was able to have her independence now. They all brought lovely gifts and were generous and gracious. I did get a little mixed up about the EXACT words Brandy used referring to sex. But, hey, there have been so very many occasions where she has used sex in her conversations and interviews I will apologize. She actually said in reference to the party going well, “I am going to get completely wasted so if there is anything I don’t like, I won’t see it or hear it, lIke black out sex” It wasn’t till the WWHL and Howard Stern interviews and a quote from her twitter feed where she said Kyle stole Kim’s house and all about black out sex again. I will leave out the bigoted remarks as traditionally even tho I am constantly accused of attacking posters, I not only do not attack anyone, I don’t incite bigotry or hate. I have asked anyone accusing me of attack to show me the post. And no fair going back to before I apologized for even using certain words. I considered myself forgiven.
        Then at the end of her party, or maybe the end of the episode everyone toasted Brandy and were genuinely happy for her.
        Next thing she goes to Eileen’s house for a poker party and immediately, I guess because Eileen is such an elegant woman, and she just can not seem to grasp what that is, she starts insulting her, the house, the party, and in keeping with her usual way, she returned the favor of everyone else letting things go, she got wasted and became unpleasant, impolite and uncharitable toward everyone there, minus Kim of course who was, well, we already know. From then on she turns on everyone who has supported he throughout her seasons on housewives to be her usual self. I need not show where it happened everyone can remember since it was just last season.

        • Sally


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