Kyle Richards Talks Faye Resnick & Brandi & Adrienne’s Feud!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her dinner party from hell on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She talks more about the feud between Adrienne and Brandi, she explains why her husband, Mauricio, was so upset, and how frustrating it is that no one can talk about what was said. Kyle also discusses where Faye was coming from when she told Brandi to apologize to Adrienne. Kyle explains while she and Brandi have made amends, Faye and Brandi have not…

Kyle writes, “This week we start off back at Mauricio’s event at The Residences At The Ritz Carlton. My husband is someone that avoids drama at all costs, so I really felt bad about what happened. That wasn’t the only thing I felt bad about. Everyone there had come to support my husband and their night was also ruined. Everyone’s.

At the time I was upset with Kim because I felt her timing was wrong. I do agree that Adrienne and Paul needed to know what Brandi had said because we all knew that eventually, it WAS going to get out.

In my opinion, even if Brandi and Adrienne had had their issues, that wasn’t the way for Brandi to retaliate. If I have an argument with someone, I will discuss the argument — not secrets I know about that person. Brandi and I have come a long way and I really didn’t want to backtrack, but I couldn’t deny what she did was wrong. I was honest about my feelings with her and she had expressed regret.

I asked Brandi what had happened between her and Adrienne because after Ojai we were all confused. When Kim, Brandi, and I had our argument last year, Adrienne was the first to support Brandi. As much as we can think “it’s nobody else’s business” we all know that in this group, that doesn’t exist. We had all been dragged into what was going on. We all spend time together off-camera as well and that obviously was a topic of conversation.

Mauricio rarely lets things affect him. However, this topic really bothered him. He considers Adrienne and Paul friends so he was in defense mode. Mauricio and Paul have developed a great friendship over the past few years and he did not like what he was hearing and seeing.

I really wanted to have a nice dinner party with my girlfriends. My dining room furniture had finally arrived and the walls had been hand painted by an artist Faye Resnick had hired. In my fantasies, I was going to have a beautiful dinner party with great food and friends. SILLY ME!!!!

I KNEW that Adrienne wouldn’t come. Since Mauricio’s event, she had been quiet and keeping to herself. I understood that. I had invited the girls before this all happened, so I figured that either Adrienne or Brandi would cancel. Once Adrienne cancelled Brandi agreed to come.

Like I said in my interview, Faye has had an issue with Brandi ever since her comment about Kim and crystal meth. Faye has known my family for many years and felt that comment was reckless.

I have spent more time with Brandi to get to know each other and we both have been able to move past that horrible night. Faye has not. It has been a bit of a sore subject between us. I love Faye and she is a very loyal person.
Both Faye and Brandi have strong personalities (as we all do in this group!) and that can create problems. I think both have preconceived ideas about one another. I think that if they had met under different circumstances, they would probably be good friends.

I have to say, I was surprised by Lisa’s comments in her interview. Lisa said that maybe Faye was speaking on my behalf “once again”. Well, first off, I have never needed a mouthpiece. I have always been one to be honest. I toldd Brandi how I felt about what she said right away. I have NEVER needed anyone to speak on my behalf. Plus, Faye certainly has a mind of her own and would never be anyone’s mouthpiece. If Lisa was referring to the “Dinner Party From Hell” with Alison Dubois, Lisa knows as well as ALL of us, I had NO CLUE what we were walking into that night. I had never met Alison Dubois. None of us had. ANY speaking up Faye did that night was purely as a friend being defensive. As any good friend would.

It’s extremely frustrating not being able to address what was said, for both the viewer and us ‘Wives. I think people would understand why we were all so surprised, saddened, and defensive about what was said.

These arguments between “two people” effect all of us. It spills over into all of our lives.

My dinner party was awkward to say the least, next week, even more so. . .”

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Kyle?

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5 Replies to “Kyle Richards Talks Faye Resnick & Brandi & Adrienne’s Feud!”

  1. I’m sorry but I’m going to call bullshit on this one Kyle! I really dislike when ‘friends’ of the housewives ie; Faye, Elaine, etc… Come on the show and do someone’s dirty work for the 15 minutes. I’m going to go with Brandi on this one because regardless of anything I feel she, unlike most other housewives, has stayed true to herself and the viewers, she really gives us a reality show and a look into her life, good or bad, all the other housewives show their glamorous, expensive (sometimes tacky) lives, painting a picture perfect scenario. I’m glad to finally see Adrienne’s real side, and she has quickly become my least favorite, especially after I heard she is going after Bravo on her lawsuit. Let’s remember who you were before housewives Adrienne, yes you were/are very wealthy, but as Yolanda says, “who is Adrienne Maloof, nobody.”

  2. Oh Kyle. You have ZERO self awareness. And, moreover, what good hostess allows her guest to be attacked? A terrible one, that’s who. You’re awful.

  3. Kyle continues to walk around the subject as usual. Has anyone heard her say yet that she caused it all by purposely bringing up the question to Brandi at the Sur tasting. She talks about what’s right and wrong and when or not if its a subject to be broached. Yet she does it all the time. Kyle is a contradiction. She will tell you what’s right and wrong yet never follow her own advice. My friends this is what you would call a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do. Kyle should be the one apologizing to Adrienne because it was her judgment call to bring it up in the first place. She has said time and again Brandi is a loose cannon with no filter. So why ask or provoke in the first place. And yes, Faye is being her mouthpiece. She continues to nag at Kyle’s conscience.

  4. Kyle is trying to discredit Brandi to justify how horrible she was to her on game night: hiding her crutches . Talking bad about her in earshot. She never apologized, she just moved on.

  5. Kyle, take the year of 1995 and then subtract your birthdate. That’s what people remember…not her disgusting attitude. Too many people remember her then best friend,
    Nicole Brown. As soon as she could, she had to write that she and Nicole had
    had an intimate relationship with one another. She’s a nothing, Kyle. And now, since Nicole’s children are older, they then can read it themselves.One day, Kyle,
    I’m sure your name will be in her next book.

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