Kyle Richards Is Staying Out Of The Brandi/Lisa Feud


The feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville rages on, but Kyle Richards is telling RadarOnline she is not taking sides, but that she has grown closer in a friendship with Glanville. “The Lisa/Brandi fight isn’t just something between the two of them,” Kyle told Radar at The Abbey’s 8th Annual Christmas in September charity event this week. “It involves everyone in the cast…there is so much more to it. But let’s just say I’ve grown closer to Brandi. It’s no secret that Lisa and I have had our issues in the past.”

Brandi reportedly turned on Lisa when she was accused of fueling rumors that Kyle’s husband, Mauricio was cheating. “I’m fiercely protective of my family, and only then would I leave the show,” Kyle said when she was asked if she would continue with RHOBH after the scandal. “I don’t need the money. I do this for fun.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Kyle please stay away from Brandi – that witch is nothing but trouble.

  • Teresas’ Fan No More!

    Aunty B, you give good advise, I second that motion. Kyle needs to watch herself with Brandi, the girl is a hot mess.

  • Love In Chains

    I love how Kyle would speak out against Brandi when it was ANYone else having trouble with Brandi. What did Kyle say? Something like she stands up for what is right? Can’t recall verbatim… But now that it is Brandi against Lisa, she is staying out of it???

    I understood why she stood up for Kim, (even though Kyle and Kim were complete bitches to Brandi from the start). But then she spoke up against Brandi for Adrienne (now there is a manipulating beyotch) and for Taylor. But not for Lisa.

    I wish when Camille was calling Kyle a bully that Lisa had never stood up for Kyle. Lisa didn’t want the world to think what Camille was saying about Kyle was true, so she spoke up on the spot and defended Kyle,, like a true friend would do, but Kyle never once had Lisa’s back, unless she was holding a knife to it. Cannot stand Kyle Richards, nor Kim.

    Brandi has fallen a few notches for me as well. I will have to see for myself what has caused this rift. I loved Brandi from the first moment she hobbled onto the show…..

    • Start with Truth

      Bottomline, Lisa needs no one to help her take sides, Lisa IS manipulative, she like Kyle Need No One to speak for them. Brandi will get hers just like she loves to spew it out. Lisa has this coming to her in spades, I’m glad Brandi finally had the cajones to bring it out in the open. Deal with it people, Brandi is being honest, Lisa is Not innocent. This should be a warning sign for Yolanda.