Kyle Richards Starting Her Own Clothing Line?!

Kyle Richards

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we watched Kyle Richards open her boutique, ‘Kyle By Alene Too.’ She co-owns with Lizzy Schwartz and Debbie Weisman. I’ve been to Kyle’s boutique in Beverly Hills, and it is absolutely fabulous! She carries her favorite designers including; Parker, Alice + Olivia, Elizabeth and James, Iro, Missoni and more.

As a Reality TV Star and a busy mom, Kyle recently spoke with Wetpaint Entertainment about how she juggles all of her responsibilities. Kyle is physically at her store everyday, and when asks how she balances that with motherhood, she says, “Well, three of my girls are older and Portia, my youngest, is in school now. So during the week, I wake up at six so I have a little time to myself. Then I get the kids up and off to school. After that I exercise and then I head to work. I’m at the store every day until school lets out.”

Kyle also drops a very exciting bomb in her interview with Wetpaint! When asked if she ever plans to start her own clothing line, Kyle reveals, “That’s definitely in the works. It’s coming…”

Are YOU excited to see Kyle start a clothing line?

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8 Replies to “Kyle Richards Starting Her Own Clothing Line?!”

  1. LOLOLOL Ok is she playen! This is the one reality loser that all the viewers comment on how she has NO style, her clothes never fit right, she dresses so frumply and made the “One Day at a Time” Roper lady’s moomoo popular again! Doesn’t Kyle’s half sis Kathy have a clothing line, and Paris, and her sister? I would honestly be shocked if she had any clue or any success at this unless she has someone else do all the work. You know, like how Faye does all her dirty work with other women. Kyle got her butt implants (copying Lisa’s butt) and now she thinks she is one hot ticket. Me thinks she will fade just like the rest and no-spin off for her. Didn’t she write a book that never really sold. Wasn’t she writing sitcoms to shop around 2 seasons ago – all FAIL. Next thing you know she will be autotune singing, or her and Morris will make a love tape – not sex – cause I think ol Morris is a sleeze and Camile nailed him season one – he likes to play with other women and Kyle seems like she would be an insecure bitch in the sac. Just saying.

  2. Oh, dear. She has the worst taste. Her body isn’t bad, but everything she wears makes her look frumpy and stumpy. Now she wants to dress the rest of us?

  3. I think the Kmart that is located in the armpit of our state has an empty rack that needs to be filled. She should just stick with what she knows. Whatever that is.

  4. I know I’ll be taking a gander. Love her style and its a hell of a ton better than her telenovela acting. What about that CSI appearance? My goodness. Clothes designer -maybe- probability of success high. Perception of having a great fam and a great marriage-check. Actress- negatory.

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