Kyle Richards Speaks Out About Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump & Yolanda Foster At RHOBH Reunion

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to recap her feelings about Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. Kyle stands by what she said that Yolanda said Lisa was phony and full of sh*t in Paris, and she believes Lisa knows the truth, but Kyle thinks she is still being “punished” by Lisa for the Season 2 Reunion. Kyle also says Lisa’s accusations that she cares more about Mauricio’s business than her friendships are very hurtful.

Kyle writes, “Yolanda and I didn’t really spend any time together this season. Although she was always invited to the girls’ and my events, she didn’t always show up. I had no problem with Yolanda and thought she seemed nice, although cool and standoffish. Then I heard she was saying things about me behind my back.

At the Reunion she was saying that I never made an effort with her. In spite of her being cold toward the group, I was making an effort. I invited her to my parties (on and off camera) asked her to dinner (off camera) and sent her flowers when I heard she was feeling down. I also called her to talk to her about her symptoms before she knew she had Lyme disease. I thought perhaps she was suffering from fibromyalgia, like I do, and was troubleshooting with her as to what it could be. I didn’t know her well, but shared with her what I have gone through with fibromyalgia in an attempt to get to know each other better.

When she said she was at my home and I didn’t offer her a glass of water, I was shocked. We were doing a photo shoot for a magazine and they used my home for the shoot. We had an entire set up of food and drinks for the cast and crew. Most of us didn’t even know Yolanda was there until way later. She never came in the house and stayed away from everyone. We were all getting ready together inside and didn’t know why Yolanda didn’t want to come in. At the Reunion, Brandi said that Yolanda had come from the hospital to take these pictures and was angry we didn’t come out. I had never heard that until the Reunion. It makes more sense that she was angry about not feeling well and less about me offering a glass of water.

Yolanda went on at the Reunion to say that I was catty about Brandi by saying she had plastic surgery. She was referring to our dinner in Vegas when we were having a conversation about how Adrienne “lied” about her family secret and I was saying “well, you don’t tell people you’ve had your nose done.” Meaning, just because we don’t tell everyone every detail of our personal life, it does not mean we are lying. Some things are nobody’s business. If it’s not hurting anyone else, why do we care?

When Lisa said Yolanda told her I was talking about her, I finally had had it with Yolanda being sneaky and two-faced. Yolanda had asked me what happened between Lisa and me and I told her. That was the extent of what I said to Yolanda. She was posing as someone trying to help me fix things with Lisa and I shared the details with her. Yolanda knew how hard I had been trying to patch things up with Lisa; how sad and mean that she would then go back and try to make things worse? Meanwhile, Yolanda was speaking badly about Lisa. What I said at the Reunion is EXACTLY what she said! Yolanda said those things about Lisa to Kim and me. I was really surprised Yolanda didn’t own up to that. She tries to come off as being a “straight shooter” and that was simply a bold faced LIE. Everyone knew she was lying. I think Lisa knows too, but didn’t want to admit it. Lisa is smarter than that. Although, self-admittedly, not the best judge of character, she is very smart.

Hearing Lisa say she didn’t believe it really stung. Especially, since I believe she KNOWS it is the truth. Perhaps her reason is an attempt to discredit me. I am still, one year later, being “punished” for the last Reunion.

What people didn’t KNOW was that we had a disagreement off-camera, right before shooting Season 2, that put a damper on our relationship. That disagreement made me feel conflicted at our Season 2 Reunion. I opted to stay quiet when she and Adrienne were fighting. Since then, I have apologized many times hoping to move forward because I do care about Lisa. At times it was frustrating to me because the viewers didn’t know WHY I hadn’t jumped in to defend Lisa. I chose not to discuss it. I knew if I did it would be impossible to move forward. Meanwhile, Lisa continues to bring up my “not defending” her, every chance she gets. I still don’t understand why it was OK for nobody to defend me (or Camille for that matter) when we had our argument at the table in New York City. Everyone stayed quiet. Then there was Vegas, when Camille said Lisa didn’t really own SUR. Why was Lisa only mad at me for not defending her and it’s OK that Brandi didn’t? I had no clue what percentage Lisa does or does not own.

The accusations made by Lisa at the Reunion were so hurtful. I would never let business come before my friends. She knows that. Having Camille, Lisa, and Adrienne as my husband’s clients never stopped me from telling them how I felt. EVER. I stuck up for Adrienne because I felt that Brandi was wrong in exposing something Adrienne felt was sacred, and she wasn’t around to defend herself.”

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5 Replies to “Kyle Richards Speaks Out About Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump & Yolanda Foster At RHOBH Reunion”

  1. plz stop trying plz lisa and her goons kyle move on dont ry anymore lisa i could see the evilness in her when brandi was talking she is using brandi no class behind to do her dirty work i would not be suprise if she rehearse it before the taping.yulonda needs go sit down stop being a trouble maker man i just knew she had class now i see she is on same boat as those other old bitter witches.adrienna is lucky to have a friend like u and so glad she remove her self from that circle and i love faye she step up to brandi mean azz when noone eles wont love it.brandi is a snake.

  2. Kyle don’t worry about Lisa she needs to blame someone for her lack of class. As for Brandi no one should expose something about another persons children especially minors, whether true or not. Both Brandi and Lisa would freak out if anyone said anything about their kids.

  3. Glad to see Kyle standing up for herself. Lisa has been an underhanded, manipulative witch all season. I have no idea why she is trying to bring Kyle down but it is disturbing. Kyle is better off without her and her posse.

  4. All smoke and mirrors! Deflection, deflection, deflection. He said, she said, please!
    Kyle is scrambling all over the place. It’s sounds like her head, mouth and thoughts are filled with marbles. Hurry, hurry, get the focus off me (Kyle). Point out everyone else’s flaws, mistakes because it makes Kyle believe she’s better than the rest and is never ever mistaken. It’s not my (Kyle) fault, it’s so and so’s because if they did this or had did that then this or that would not or would have happened. Just spit it out already Kyle. Why can’t you just say the truth. You’re so co-dependent it’s mind boggling. It’s not your job to fix everything and everyone. Look at yourself. You’re so stuck in the past, you’re paralyzed. You are the one who keeps waiting for the same thing to happen. You just can’t seem to see this. You are NOT the hero, the fixer. Admit your calculating (meaning you give a bit too much time and thought to what “may” happen if…) and underhanded (stir the pot, egg the situation on, be the nosy body, push the envelope, back stab) you embellish words, the truth and the lies, everyone’s. We see you doing it. You are always the first one to stir the pot, the first one in the door, the first one in and out of the car. When the conversations come to an end and people walk away you still aren’t satisfied and have to have the last word. Me, me, me, what about me….that is Kyle. This entire season one flub after another it was you who exacerbated every situation. Don’t you see that when you watch the show back. There is room on this show for more than one star and you need to accept that because it is fact. Yes, you were the first, doesn’t matter anymore. It’s not the Kyle show and you’re not playing fair and truthful.
    Lisa is trying to help you conceive the notion of being a woman of integrity and you just keep turning your cheek and pretending that’s not the issue. What is the point of proving Yolanda said anything about Lisa. What are you looking to accomplish? What motivates you so badly to prove right or wrong. The only message that came across was that “you (Kyle) just had to be right”. There’s a pattern here, the me, me, me pattern.
    Please look into co-dependency. It will help you recover as well as help Kim and your entire family. It will also help you shed light on who disgusting Faye Resnick really is. People are using you and you don’t even see it. They are putting you in control, the only place your comfortable in. The fixer, not!

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