Kyle Richards Slams Eden Sassoon, Calling Her Accusations Unconscionable

Kyle Richards is reacting to the accusations that she is Kim’s enabler and the gossip about her sister in her blog. Kyle says the accusations were shockingly irresponsible. Read what else she has to say below.

“This episode Erika and I pick up where we left off last week… in Mykonos!
I really enjoyed my time with Erika and her posse. I adore all of them, and we had the best time. Erika and I always enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

It was so exciting watching Erika perform. My friend is a rock star! She went on stage at 3:30 in the morning and could have gone all night!

Getting back to the house, Erika and the gang were ready to keep the party going! I just wanted food. Erika was determined to get me in a bathing suit for an impromptu photo shoot. I could think of things I’d rather do—like have a root canal—but after much persuasion, I was in my bathing suit and posing with Erika. Miracle! Thanks Erika for making me step outside of my comfort zone!

We watch as Dorit plan P.K.’s birthday party. Dorit makes me laugh. Always laughing and having fun.

I laughed out loud watching her try to roller blade with Rinna and Eileen. I was happy they were making progress—with their friendship and the rollerblading.

We go on to see Eden stop by Lisa V’s house and express concern for Kim and accuse me of being an enabler. It is extremely upsetting to watch someone who doesn’t even know us try to create drama at our expense. The accusations that came out in this episode were shockingly irresponsible. My sister has worked hard to get where she is and to have people say the things that both Eden and Lisa Rinna have been saying is unconscionable. My sister has children that will hear about these things. “Close to death”? “One drink and she’ll be gone”? In seeing this I am truly at a loss for words. There was absolutely NOTHING to give them that impression at Game Night. Eden certainly should not be making accusations about my sister when she says she is sober but admittedly takes pills.

At Dorit’s party, Kim expressed having “new grandmother” anxiety about her grandson, meaning the typical parental type of worrying. I thought that was very clear. For Eden to turn that into anything other than what it was is beyond comprehension.
As a sober woman (as she likes to say), doesn’t she see how damaging that is?
The accusations Lisa Rinna and Eden made about me pale in comparison. Calling me an enabler? Neither of these women have any clue what goes on between my sister and me. The only people that could comment on our relationship are people that have spent time with us or are close enough to us that we would have shared stories. Nobody close to us could ever call me an enabler, because they know what we have gone through.

Thank you Lisa V for sticking up for my sister and me.

I was hoping all of this stuff with Kim was behind us. It would be nice considering this is a special time in her life. People pretending to care about her should at least see that.

The episode ends on a great note with Dorit’s party for PK. A private concert by Boy George?! So exciting! A beautiful night all around.”

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15 Replies to “Kyle Richards Slams Eden Sassoon, Calling Her Accusations Unconscionable”

  1. You tell em Kyle! WTH does Eden and Lisa Rinna think they are. I mean honestly, that close to death comment was disgusting and this Eden just needs to keep it moving in the other direction. If I’m not mistaking I believe that “Sober” means no booze, no weed, no pills and so on, so I ask, why is it ok for Eden to take pills? Prescribed or not I just don’t get it. Anyway, I really think Kim is doing amazing right now and if anyone is going to push her over the edge it will be these two nosy bodies. Glass houses ladies, glass houses!

    1. Sober typically means nothing at all is in your system. My dad is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for 2 years. He never had problems with pills, but if a pill problem popped up all of a sudden, he would no longer be sober. Just because you’re an alcoholic doesn’t give you the go ahead to “do crystal meth in the bathroom all night” and still call yourself “a sober woman” cause you don’t drink.

    2. well said Sade! Kim drinks to probably control her anxiety. isn’t that why Eden takes her pills? everyone copes with life differently. Eden does not know Kim or Kyle well enough to be sticking her nose in their business. I get it. you witnessed and lived with alcholosim Eden and I’m sorry for your loss. however, following Kim around like some kind of bodyguard is ridiculous since you don’t even know her. just step back. you’ve said your piece, now move on.

  2. Eden is full of you-know-what. As a family member of someone going through what Kim goes through, I can tell you I wouldn’t have as much grace as either of the Richards sisters have had (and by seeing how Kim has reacted that’s saying a lot!)

  3. I think Eden has her heart in the right place (so far from what I’ve seen) but she’s misguided. You just don’t set out at the get go meddling in another’s personal sobriety plan no matter what you think or feel about it, jeez. She had to have had an agenda when she came on the show cause that’s just not anything I’ve ever seen happen in real life. I’ve had experience in this journey and been around others and usually people are very reticent to say or do anything but just be quietly supportive. Does anyone see a resemblance to Sandra Bullock here? Eden looks like a blonde version to me at certain times.

    1. I had not noticed that until you mentioned it. I was shocked when I googled her to see she is only 43. She looks at least 53 if not older. I looked younger than her when I was 57 before…….and I certainly never wore those ugly cut out dresses ( who is it that thinks that is flattering?) Cutting out the garment on a part of the body that on it’s own is downright ugly on her. One would think she had a fashion team with who her father was. Guess not.

  4. Good for Kyle …. Eden is desperate for a storyline and it looks like she doesn’t have one of her own so she’s going to make one with Kim/Kyle.

  5. ITA with Kyle’s blog. And I also think it is odd that Eden is acting like she is a counselor. Eden & LR need to mind their own business.

  6. Eden is not a counselor, let alone Kim’s. If she truly wanted to help she wouldn’t have jumped on Kim & inserted herself. And, if Eden is so concerned why didn’t she tell LR that she shouldn’t be talking to Kim like that. Also, her saying that everyone around a person with substance abuse needs to be cut off & shunned by all, is ridiculous. She needs to take a good look in the mirror, because whatever she did with her sister obviously didn’t work because she is dead. Who is she to be giving advice?

  7. How can these women laugh about popping pills in one breath and claim KIM has a problem in the next? They both claim to have lost a family member to addiction, STFU.

  8. After this last episode, I see Eden is just as s**t faced on Xanax as anyone ever is on booze. She is acting drunk and drugged up with her overly emotional analogies, with her constantly acting like she even knows Kyle or Kim, or knows one damn thing about them at all. If she had started again at the flappers party with me, I would have said “I don’t want to hear about this anymore. Please refrain from coming over to me or us and speaking like some old time therapist, especially after 15 mg of Xanax. That or please leave.” And I would have stood up, waited for my sister, and walked off leaving her sitting on the ground.

  9. Eden needs to quit acting like she knows anything at all about Kim or Kyle, even after the totally inaccurate portrayal Rinna left her with. She is just as s**t faced on 15 Mg of Xanax as anyone drunk from booze. If I was Kyle, after that totally inappropriate lunch, at the flappers party when she came and sat down, as soon as she started in with her overly emotional therapy session, her analogies to her and her sister, if I was Kyle I would have said “I don’t know who you are, you don’t know me or Kim. I asked you to back off before, I see you refuse to do so, so this time, if you speak of this again we will no longer have the chance to be friends, & leave my party now, please. I would have then stood, waited for Kim and walked off leaving her sitting on the ground. She is not required to allow a cast member near her who acts like Eden. Eden needs to go into rehab more than Kim does right now.

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