Kyle Richards Skips Kathy Hilton’s Christmas Party


It seems that more fuel has been added to the fire between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards and sister Kathy Hilton. As we have seen so far on this season of the show, the sisters have not been getting along with Kyle being invited, uninvited and invited again to niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding and as the tension between husbands Rick and Mauricio have been out about business. The newest addition to the drama is that with an invitation to the Hilton’s annual Christmas party, Kyle did not show up.

A source told E! News, “Kyle was invited but did not attend. She didn’t want to go if Mauricio wasn’t welcome. In the past, Kyle’s come for an hour or so by herself and then left, but this year it looks like she put her foot down.”

We learned in last week’s episode that Mauricio was not invited to Nicky’s wedding due to business tension with brother-in-law Rick Hilton. This and assuringly other reasons has caused a strained in the sisters’ relationship.

What do you think of Kyle not attending her sister’s party? Was it the right thing to do? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Good for her. She maybe finally realizes that the main reason she is invited to Kathy’s things is so they can be filmed for the show. Those girls have been standing on Red Carpets their entire life, but none so popular as Bravo and Housewives. If any of them had a decent view of relationships, they would realize that when they stay stubborn about some petty tiff, they lose out on what could be a great thing. A relationship with their sister. When people after 20 years of not speaking to a family member are asked frequently they can not remember what the tiff was even about. If it is worthy of ending it, then end it already.

    • geminigirl

      I totally agree! It’s been said and done for how long? The Hiltons need to let that go. You cant micromanage every situation and not expect people to get sick of the manipulation. Why lose out on a relationship for bs?

    • Sally

      What can I say except I agree totally!!! Xoxo

    • 100% bullshit. The show isn’t even filming at the moment, you are completely making that up.

      • Jake

        Agreed. They’re not filming. And Kathy has been in the show before and if she was desperate for the promo… she’d be on the show. Bravo would have her on RHOBH in a heartbeat if she wanted to be in the cast. But I don’t think she wants to nor does she really need the attention it would bring since she’s loaded with money
        On the other hand, this is LVP’s advice to vile Kyle, once again, to detach herself from family members. Last episode she said “if my husband wasn’t invited to an event and I was …” Clearly Kyle follows the wrong advice from bad people.

        • Lala

          I disagree. If my husband and family are not invited, I am not going (unless it’s a “girl’s night”). LVP’s advice was spot on. When you get married, your loyalty should be to your spouse and children first.

      • yes agree more Topics for the Bore to have a story line–

  • geminigirl

    Way to go, Kyle! Stand by your family and don’t allow anyone to nit pick and choose who you’re allowed to be with or not. I’ll be dammed if my sister says I’m allowed to come to her party but leave my husband and kids at home. Not happening! As far as this business nonsense, mauricio has had this business for how long? Time to let that crap go! At this point, I think Kathy has to get sole entertainment to see Kyle alone and uncomfortable at her parties to continually do this to her family. Glad she stood up for them and put her foot down.

    • Sally

      I think I like you more and more as days go on! Can I just add I totally agree and I need to say no more! Xoxo

      • geminigirl

        Omg, sally! I swear your posts have sometimes just jumped out of my mind they’re so close to how I feel. ♡♡♡

        • Sally

          Ditto ditto ditto!!! Can I ask how you get the hearts????

          • geminigirl

            I have no clue! It’s just on my keyboard when I type.

            • Sally


              • HEY!! I don’t have them! How did you do that?

                • Sally

                  On your keyboard you have the symbols key mine is next but one from the space bar. I think of it as a world then look at the hearts it’s the top one first row it’s the only one I have got to work but there must be more.

            • Sally

              Yay! I didn’t think these worked on here! Oh boy I will have fun now!

              • Sally

                Ah they didn’t that time ❤️

  • Jeff

    In a town like Los Angeles there is certainly room for more than one luxury Real Estate brokerage. Rick Hilton has lost clients before to competition and will again and will gain plenty more. Mauricio well ebb and flow too. Just say congratulations and be allies for one another instead of barracudas looking to strike at eachother. They have plenty of money and proper incomes, now gain some manners and respect for one another.

    • geminigirl

      Man, I hope the Hiltons read this blog because that is incredibly appropriate advice! They truly need that!

      • Queenie

        I agree.

    • Sally

      Wow Jeff! Applause!!! Great comment! ❤️

    • Anonymous

      Do we know if Mauricio screwed Rick over in some kind of way,? Or is it really just because Mauricio started his own business? There must be something more to it!

  • VaNonna

    Good for Kyle. There should be no choice between your husband and children vs. sister. Kathy seems to like having some type of “control” over everything. Business is business and family is family – too bad the Hiltons can’t figure that one out.

    • Sally
      • Sally
    • Sally

      Sorry just testing out hearts some work some don’t! I will stop playing now! I agree totally! 😀

      • Sally


  • naynay

    Your to funny Sally! Just got up thought I would go thru the posts and this just made me laugh!

    • Sally

      Glad to make you smile! I was really excited that I could use hearts but for some strange reason only the pink one works, I thought I had better give up testing them as there is hundreds!!! ❤️

      • Sally

        Are not is

  • Kyle was NOT uninvited and reinvited to the wedding, she decided not to go then decided to go to the weddings, she’s just made it sound like that cuz she desperately needs the storyline for the show.

    Which is probably the real reason she didn’t go to the party, she’s making up lies on the show about her family for attention.

    Read her blog she was not uninvited.

    • One Rotten Egg

      Then how about “strongly encouraged not to come”…

      • But by who?

        She is very vague on details, she says it was suggested it might be better if she didn’t go. That could be from anyone, that could have been from a friend of kyles who sides with Kyle that if maurico wasn’t invited she shouldn’t go so suggested it might be better if she didn’t go.

        She doesn’t say anyone in the wedding says not to go, but she decided not to go then decided to go, yet she made it out like it was a formal uninvited, and then reinvited. That is a lie.

    • Sally

      Perhaps it has something to do with her husband not being invited to the wedding as well as two daughters. As for the party it’s time she put her foot down and didn’t go if Mauricio wasn’t invited. Families suck at times, The Hiltons take it to a whole new level.

      • So why did she go to the wedding? Her husband wasn’t invited, understandably, as he had a falling out with the father of the bride. But she still goes, yet she’s outraged enough to skip this?

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Kyle decided to go to the wedding, an event paparazzi will be clamoring to get pictures of everyone, but when it comes to the smaller christmas party she decides to take a stand.

        • Sally

          Perhaps because of her niece? Maybe she wanted to see her married they were always close. I would be conflicted as well. I wasn’t aware of anything momentous happening at the Christmas party. Mauricio was not shady to Rick whatsoever! It is common business practise if Rick were so concerned he should have made him a better offer before he decided to leave. If you are saying he is shady you are also saying my son is!
          I am going to say this respectfully because I do like you and also you have helped me, although that is a minor point, but please get the stick out of your ass where Kyle and Mauricio are concerned you are beginning to look a little scary! But, I still like you!

          • I like you too, but I agree you could also get the stick out of your ass when it comes to Kyle as the constant defense of her is also scary.
            This is the only place I see Kyle defended so (this place and her own twitter page) but if you look through a lot of other places and social media, most people seem to see Kyle for what she is.

            I do think stealing clients is shady, he would have had to solicit clients while still working there and tell them he is leaving, same for staff. Just cuz it happens doesn’t mean it’s business practice, it just means it’s how shady business happens.
            You can’t just say he should have been promoted as we don’t know what mauricio was like in that business, he may not have been worthy of being promoted. There was a report last week that said he wasn’t promoted cuz he was shady, if stealing clients is how he left the company it seems they had every right not to promote him on those grounds.

            • Sally

              Well it looks as though we have both better stick with our own sticks! I will never see Mauricio setting up his own business as shady, some clients may well have gone with him, it always happens that way. I don’t know what business you are in and I’m not asking because it’s your business not mine but in Estate agents as we call them, Realtors in America, Surveyors and a whole host of others work this way. The client will go with whoever they trust whether it’s the old company or the new one. Same with Agents they will work with the person they trust the most. Anyway I do like you, bizarre isn’t it? Must be the Celtic connection!!!

        • I would have wanted to go to that wedding- I have a feeling Mauricio and the daughters weren’t worth enough to miss that (:–

    • RHOBHLover

      Her husband and two of her daughters weren’t invited to the wedding. I believe that the Hiltons are harbouring a lot of resentment towards the success of The Agency.

      • Yeah her husband wasn’t invited cuz if his shady past working for the father of the bride, that’s understandable.
        Her kids weren’t invited as no children were, the older daughter was over 21 and porsha had a role in the wedding.

        I doubt it has anything to do with the success of the firm and more to do with not wanting to surround themselves with someone who stole business. If I was the Hiltons no way I’d be inviting Mauricio either, I’d see no reason for him to be there.

        They may have clients at the party, if he has a history of stealing clients why would they have him there.

        • Lala

          Alexia is in college. Remember that was a storyline last season? She is not a child. And Sophia is 14 or 15, not exactly of the age to make a scene. Even if that’s the story they want to go with, there is usually an exception for family. I don’t like Kyle, never have. I would not even entertain the idea of going w/o my family.

          • They are cousins, It’s hardly like not inviting a brother or sister!

            They aren’t over 21 so can’t drink, which seems to be the cut off point.

            Cousins have no obligation to be invited to a wedding.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. AND….I always find it odd that people have kids IN there wedding party, but then insist none come as guests. Just weird to me. Family, cousins, siblings, whatever, especially if THEIR siblings are a part of the wedding party, SHOULLD be different. They should count as different then the rest. My cousin invited me to her first wedding, did not give me a plus one, and I had 1 child and a boyfriend of 7 years at the time. I was with my boyfriend longer than she even knew her husband to be. It was a fancy wedding too. I did NOT go. It was rude, to say the least. She is now on to marriage number 2 and I amstill dating the same guy I was back then….so……One last thing. Isn’t marriage a celebration of love between 2 people….??? Yeah, people probably wanna have their significant other there with them as this is celebrated.

    • VaNonna

      Even if she wasn’t uninvited, then invited, her husband and children were not invited. In a family you shouldn’t have to make that choice.

      • Her children weren’t invited as no one under 21 was, Porsha was in the wedding not attending it in the same way.

        And unfortunately if Mauricio had wanted to keep a good relationship with his family he shouldn’t have done what he did, it’s not on the Hiltons to take the blame cuz they don’t want someone there that damaged their business, Mauricio did something shady and should have consequences

  • starr

    Good for Kyle. It’s about time she showed some spine & re-prioritize who should be first in her world. She’s been their fool for way too long. For once, she put her true family first.

  • Jane

    What reason does it matter really why Mauricio wasn’t invited to the wedding. Either way it promotes in atmosphere of familial division intended to cause further rift. The Hilton’s choice was to not take the higher road. They own this problem in my opinion.

  • Move On Kyle-Hiltons ect ect

  • Barton Fink

    Such a lovely picture of Kyle and her mother!

    Oh, wait….

  • Josie

    Nonsense about what Mauricio does for a living. Shame on the Hilton’s for begrudging Mauricio independent success and happiness. Shame them! As for the wedding – this was a FAMILY event. Kyles entire family should have been priority on the brides side of the family. EVERYONE should have put their personal bad behavior aside for that day. It was about Nicky – not her parents and their issues.

  • ChristopherM

    I have had this problem before with a couple of family members who made it clear that my husband of 15 years was not welcome. One of them I haven’t seen now in four years, and it is his loss, not mine. I know where my loyalties lie.

    • Sally

      Christopher, good for you! I would do same as well ❤️

  • Good for Kyle…finally! She needs to be cured of her spineless disorder . If not for her husband then for her daughters bc it would be extremely difficult to depend upon a mother that has no backbone. While I think the term “having someone’s back” is over used, in this case, Kyle needs to adjust her allegiance and fortify the bonds of her immediate family.

  • I do think it is all because of her nieces. I think she loves them and the part about all the sisters isn’t as important as that is to her. And I know EXACTLY how she feels. I put my sister who is like Kim out of my life, but was able to keep my nieces. I was blessed in it.

    • Sally

      ❤️ ❤️

  • kt

    Good for Kyle! I still do not believe there is an innocent party in this mess, at least she finally got a backbone!

  • Rain

    Yawn!!! We need a break from this family and the crazy NJ Tersa family 🙂 this dysfunction is getting tedious and boring, at least to me

    I would rather know how Kim Kardashian is gong to eat her placenta , than read how these sisters are not getting along

    • kt

      Oh Rain…you just made me gag!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rain


        • kt

          ….are you serious…about the placenta…???

          • Rain

            Oh yes! She said she was planning to eat it. I live in the SF Bay Area and it’s become quite common for these young women to eat the placenta for its nutrients, minerals, etc etc . I actually got invited to this woman’s house who was planning on feeding her placenta to the guests at a party . I politely lied and said I’ve become a vegetarian 🙂

            • kt

              my…my…my….there is so much to say, but I’m too busy puking in my mouth…and I’m NOT squeamish at all!!!

            • Sally

              Rain, it’s 6.30am here in Scotland and I’m wishing I hadn’t woken up! Gross, I can’t cope lately with this site tapeworms, eating Placenta and colonics!!! GROSS YUCKITY YUCK YUCK!!! ❤️

              • Then do something else -cook clean holiday plans ect – take a break LOL

              • kt

                I’m with you Sally – I see crazy stuff all day long but the placenta eating thing…still gets me…I did research and asked around, the same minerals and healthy ‘stuff’ can be found in a well balanced diet. An apple a day…

            • Anonymous

              It is rumored to help with PPD.

    • I agree I hope RHOBH moves away from the Richard/Hilton family next season, at least in Jersey the family members are actually on the show!

      The placenta thing was actually interesting I read she had it made into pills to take.

      • Rain

        Yes you can freeze dry it into powder, then add in shakes, make capsules, etc

        • Problem is all of the waste from the baby is in it. Like any other decision with a counterbalance, if I was starving I might eat it, otherwise, no way. And bummer of all bummers, I have no heart key!!

          • Sally


  • Yaro

    she needs to create drama so that in an interview later, when asked about how the situation is at that time, she can use her canned catch-phrases “good place” and/or “better place”.
    Anytime she is asked about her relationship with anyone, it’s always like “we’re in a better place”, “we’re not in a good place”, blah blah blah
    she really needs to come up with some better verbiage if she wants to go on being vague all the time…

  • amen