What Does Kyle Richards Think About Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna’s Make Up?

RHOBH star Kyle Richards said in a recent interview with PEOPLE Now revealed that she is skeptical about reconciliation of Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump. Saying that they “may” be able to leave the problems in the past, but “there’s always gonna be a little” tension between them.

When asked about the advice Kyle would give to Lisa Rinna about being able to move forward with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle said, “You know, Lisa Rinna, she’s smart. I don’t think she needs any advice on how to handle anyone. The only advice I ever gave Lisa Rinna was when she first started the show, and I said, ‘Always be yourself — always be true to yourself, ’cause at the end of the day, you’re going to have to live with anything you said or did. Whether you get heat for it or not, Lisa, if that’s how you felt? You can live with that.’”

Kyle finishes saying that they are own their own in this circumstance. “Hey, they’re on their own,” Kyle said with a laugh. “[Lisa R.]’s always gonna get herself in trouble.”

What do you think of their make-up? Is it genuine?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Lol this headline really confused me! (I know that’s not difficult these days!) I thought ‘make up’ meaning eye make up and concealer etc not making up as friends between them! As to that I don’t know why Lisa would bother Rinna is not someone I would like as a friend.

Lol I thought the same thing Suze

I agree. I would not bother with anything but the social graces with Rinna. No trouble with worry over what Harry might think, because if I recall correctly, Lisa always liked Rinna’s husband, Harry. He’s never there, so…….I would never befriend, or fix what I thought was a friendship with someone who is so petty. I know I keep going back to the words uttered on the bridge, but really that was Rinna’s only contribution to the entire season, and what came of that. She had nothing going on besides her boring clothing tv spots, and so she figured she… Read more »

Suze, I thought the very same thing–about the make-up.
I do not think that friendship will ever be the same. It will be a pretentious & using of one another kind. I would keep a very far distance from Rinna & an even further distance from her bff Eileen, who pushed Rinna’s every button to cause havoc last season. Eileen is still waiting for an apology from LVP, that’s how shallow she is. Hell will freeze over first, I believe.

Agree totally of course, did you get a Facebook request?

Oh My, havent been to facebook, been having connection probs. How Exciting—will check asap before I lose connection again. Thrilled!!!!

Precisely what I thought. I am thinking oh jeez splits is now discussing makeup?

After just a couple episodes… I’m bummed at Lisa V’s snotty behavior and sick of Lisa R. silliness.

I had just woken up!

Lol I don’t think you’re a dumbo,but sometimes I can be an air head

I can def. be a dumbo ask my Hubbie! Air head makes me think of someone really pretty but not bright. We all know you are bright!

Ok this has nothing to do with BH but OC is not on BUT yesterday I saw the DuBrows on Dr. Phil’s show SUPPOSEDLY to get help with Terry’s parenting skills but it all boiled down to a big old advertisement for their new book. This couple has no shame and I am sick of commercials as part of any show. I wonder if they paid Dr. Phil for the time they used to advertise their book and skin care line.