Kyle Richards Says She’s Blamed For Things Faye Resnick Says & The Faye She Knows Is Nothing Like What We See On TV!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to speak out about her controversial friend Faye Resnick. Kyle says the person we see on our TV screens is not the person she knows. The Faye Kyle knows is compassionate and nothing like what we see on the show. Kyle also says she has been blamed for things Faye said because she’s her friend, and has never asked Faye to say anything to the women on RHOBH.

Kyle writes, “After the vodka party at Adrienne’s, Yolanda called Brandi and Lisa to tell them about what Faye and Marisa had said. As you saw at the vodka party, I did not partake in that conversation. I said that I did NOT think Brandi would sleep with a married man. I also said in my interview that I did NOT see with my own eyes Brandi having sex in my daughter’s bathroom. I have been blamed for things that Faye has said because she’s a friend of mine. I have my own opinions and Faye has hers. I had ZERO issues with Brandi, except for what she said about Adrienne. Brandi knew I felt it was wrong and that was that. I never asked Faye to say ANYTHING to Brandi or about her! It is beyond frustrating to have people think things about you that are just not true.

I know Faye has made some harsh comments, but I can tell you, that is not the Faye that my family knows. I am not defending her actions. Only she can explain why she said certain things. I can say that the Faye I know is a kind and compassionate person — nothing like the Faye we have seen on the show. When I saw the girls huddled in a corner getting into it, not once, but twice, I stayed FAR away. I did NOT want to get into any disagreements with anyone. My anxiety had been at an all-time high and there was no way I was getting near that!

Later, when someone finally called me over and told me what was going on, I really did not know what to say. I was taken aback. Lisa said in her interview, “Here’s your chance Kyle. Back me up.” Again!?! I wasn’t even standing there when Faye and Lisa got into it. It seems Lisa’s anger was misdirected. I don’t want to be dragged into every fight. I don’t feel that I should have to be — especially between two friends of mine. When Camille and I had our fight at the table in New York City (Season 1) Lisa didn’t speak up at the table. I never held that against her. I understood that it’s difficult to get between friends. We are all strong women who run our businesses, our homes, our lives,  and take care of our children…I think we can handle a disagreement with a friend. Besides, Lisa already had Brandi and Yolanda at her side.”

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10 Replies to “Kyle Richards Says She’s Blamed For Things Faye Resnick Says & The Faye She Knows Is Nothing Like What We See On TV!”

  1. Kyle your sound like a “sourpuss”. The girl who got jilted again. Now you are owning Faye’s disgusting behavior. You had it half right, you should have stayed completely away for once. Stop acting like the Queen Bee! Believe in yourself first, your’re unraveling again and its driven by your buddy you fought so hard for disgusting Faye. Don’t you see it, a tiger can never change their stripes. This is the real Faye, calculating in every way. She played you, once again. She got you to get her on the show. Now deal with it. Stop defending her! You only have one person to believe in, yourself.

  2. What I don’t understand is, if the Faye we saw wasn’t the real Faye, as Kyle says, then why did Kyle keep defending her. I’m sure Faye is feeling a like she was thrown under the bus last night with Kyles remarks, now Lisa and Faye have something in common. I’d sure like to hear the next conversation between the two of them. With friends like Kyle, who needs enemies, or sisters.

  3. Kyle, you hve selective memory, when you met faye in the coffee shop you were going over with her the events that took place and you were feeding her all the shot you dont want to say to these ladies. Your nothing but a hypocrit. Check yourself girl. Roll the tape back, you sound like an idiot. All season long you have been an onstigator and never supporting your best friend lisa, now we know why. You only were nice to her to get the sale of her jouse for your husband. And grow up and support your sister.

  4. If you claim that your anxiety was at an all high, then why in the hell did you even go over to the huddle? You are so phony. You love the dramaeven if it is not aboutyou you somehow find a way to get in the middle of it. And dont saythat excuse aboutwell itsmy friends i have to step in… Noone needs you. Lookatwhatyoudidto yourown sister, calling jer out on national tv that sheisan a.coholic, if i were Kim ipropbablywould have never spoken to you again. You have the nerve of a lion. I feel sorryfor Kim. She knows where all here problemsstem from, YOU. you should get off reality tv, and focus on mending your relationships. You reallyare a plt stirrer. Ive been saying this since the show started. You always stick a dig in somewhere. Even when someone Lisa, is trying to be sincere, you throw jabbs. Your not funny.

  5. We’ve all seen throughout the seasons Kyle sidle up to one or another of the women, not standing up for the person not there, but feigning agreement with whomever she is with at the time. I think it’s pretty clear that Adrienne’s family “secret” was gossiped to Faye by Kyle which got her going. If the surrogacy was meant to be private then she shouldn’t have been discussing it at all. If it was common knowledge among the friends then there was no reason to make such a big deal out of Brandi saying it. It was far less harmful than screaming for cameras that your sister is an alcoholic.

  6. Here’s the thing..women that are forth coming, honest, successful, and confident in their own right, don’t need to start battles, stir the pot, and gather others to join in their battles, That very much comes across in RHOBH. Fans see who the honest women are and they tend to be the favorites among the fans. On RHOBH the honest ones from my perspective are Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda. Kyle is not a good girl friend. She has repeatedly shown disloyalty to Lisa. Who needs a friend like Kyle. Kyle and Faye deserve one another as friends….in my opinion.

  7. There is no loyalty between any of these ladies, other than the “who’da thunk it” between Lisa & Brandi! Faye is a trouble maker and so used Kyle to get on the show so she could spew her accusations and get as much camera time as possible. All of them have some degree of being phony, two-faced and holier than thou-itis! They’re grown up women who have the maturity level of middle school children. Life’s too short for all this backstabbing and rumor mill agenda. Yet…it’s so fun to watch, isn’t it! lol

  8. Faye Resnick is trash. She and her pointed cat nose need to butt out of stuff. When she starts talking trash about Brandy or anyone else I want to throw up. She is a nobody who is a gossip and a sad.. 🙁

  9. I don’t believe a word from Kyle’s mouth and I really don’t care for her sister, Kim and we all see what her old sister spawned. Paris…. yuck.

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