Kyle Richards Says Lisa Vanderpump Is Still Angry With Her About Adrienne Maloof Fight!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to shed some light on the issues that have been plaguing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle states that it seems Yolanda Foster has a real issue with her judging by the comments Yolanda makes in her interviews. Kyle also talks about how she felt Lisa didn’t need any defending regarding the SUR comment from Camille, and points out that Lisa wasn’t angry with Brandi, Lisa’s good friend, for not defending her at the table. Kyle explains she wasn’t aware of any plans to take Lisa down at the Season 2 Reunion, and says she and Lisa were very close at that time. Kyle writes that she thinks Lisa is still angry at her and is hypersensitive to anything she does or does not do. Lastly, Kyle explains she wishes Adrienne was there to speak for herself, and what a bad situation this feud has put the rest of the women in.

Kyle writes, “Being in Vegas with the girls was fun. Watching all the girls do their thing on the pole had me laughing. I love when we are all getting along and having fun like that. I wish we could be like this all the time.

Getting the call from Kim about getting her nose done threw me off, to say the least. She has mentioned it a number of times but never seemed serious. A lot of things were going through my mind at the moment — none of which I wanted to share with anyone in the car. I had my concerns, but I also know how important my sister’s sobriety is to her. I wanted to have a conversation with Kim in private.

Yolanda later said in her interview that she doesn’t know why I was making light of Kim getting her nose done. Yolanda doesn’t know what I was thinking and it seems she was making light of it herself in the limo. Clearly she has an issue with me.

That night looked like it was going to be another fun night. The girls were all in a good mood and happy. After we sat down, the questions regarding Kim having her nose done started flying at me. I really didn’t want to discuss this with the girls. Some of them hardly know my sister at all and I felt this was personal. I didn’t want to discuss it in my interviews either.

I am not an expert on this topic but it doesn’t take one to realize this could potentially be a problem. Any concerns I had, I wanted to discuss with my sister directly.

After we switched gears in our conversation, it then turned to Adrienne. When Camille said she couldn’t help but think of her when we were in Vegas, I echoed her sentiments. What a mistake! Especially with a group of people who are either angry with Adrienne or who don’t even know her.

When Brandi made the comment that Adrienne now only owns 2 percent of The Palms, I thought “Here she goes again.” Saying something to hurt or embarrass someone. I know they take great pride in The Palms and this was obviously a sore subject.

I actually do like Brandi. I just don’t always agree with her actions. Just because something is “true” doesn’t mean we should say it. Of course if two people are fighting to the degree Adrienne and Brandi have, most “rules” go out the window.

Then there goes Yolanda again. Saying that “Kyle loves the drama”. . .Weren’t we ALL discussing this issue? It was a heated conversation between all the women at the table about a very sensitive topic. Only Marisa and Jennifer stayed quiet because they don’t really know Adrienne like the rest of us.

Then Lisa tells Brandi to tell us what she had told her on the phone. AGAIN about the Reunion! I have heard many different versions of this now. Sometimes my name is involved, sometimes it’s not. I want to say for the record, I was NEVER called by ANYONE about any meeting regarding Lisa. Never. Lisa and I were closer than the others at the time. So, if that meeting DID take place, it makes sense why I wasn’t called.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Camille makes the comment to Lisa about owning SUR. THEN the whole table goes quiet. I know NOTHING about Lisa’s businesses and I had never heard this before. Lisa immediately said that she owns 51 percent of SUR. I did not think that Lisa needed defending. She explained immediately! Lisa later told me that she was upset I didn’t defend her. Why wasn’t she upset with Brandi for not defending her? They’re very close friends. Maybe Brandi also didn’t think Lisa needed defending. It’s also obvious Lisa is still angry with me, so she is hyper sensitive to anything I may do or NOT do.

I can’t stand that everyone seems so divided lately. It seems we are expected to pick a side. I wish Adrienne were here to speak for herself. It has put everyone who has defended her in her absence, in a very bad position.”

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  • Kate

    Good 4 u Kyle! Lisa is a bully and so is Brandi. Bravo and Andy kiss Lisa’s ass all day and edit her to make her look like she is a damn saint, it’s disgusting. Yolanda is irrelevant, boring and condescending…… time for her to go. The only thing interesting about “Yo Yo” is her husband and his talent…

  • Kate

    Oh and for everybody here that says Kyle is a mean girl…… so is Lisa. She’s just a passive aggressive bitch.

  • Mary T

    Kyle just needs to STFU!!! Why did she & Camille have to open their stupid mouths about Adrienne?

  • Blah, Blah, Blah….Does Kyle really think anyone will believe her story about not knowing about the up coming attack at last years reuion show. And when the attack started, what was she doing to defend Lisa…Nothing! Why? Maybe she resents that Lisa started becoming more popular than the rest of the girls. Maybe cause she had already cashed the check from the sale of Lisa’s house. Who knows! But if anyone thinks she’s a friend to any of the girls there’s a bridge I’d like to sell ya.

  • kossak

    @kate, totally agree! Noone is perfect, and neither is Lisa…Thing is Lisa is older and wiser, she choses “underdogs” like cedric and brandi to do her dirty work for. If you rewatch the show, you’ll see what i mean. Not sure why some are beating up kyle so much…Maybe cause she’s happy, and has the richest life out of all of them: a hubby that loves her, spoils her, and can still get it up (unlike Ken), 4 beautiful kids, etc.

    Lisa, doesn’t seem very motherly…she seems more interested in drama and hanging out w/ the famous and wealthy than her family. IMO.

    Kim…no comment.

    Taylor…umm, definitely no comment.

    Adrienne…well, we know her life hasn’t been peachy recently.

    Camille…didn’t carry her kids, cheated on, divorced, etc…

    Brandi…she’s “poor single mother” which baffles me, because then WTF is she doing on RHOBH which is supposed to be about affluent BH housewives. (Not to mention, she’s very crass and slutty.)

    Yolanda…she seems like she’s trying really hard to send a msg (or ten) to David Foster’s exes, and she does come off as condescending, often.

  • Lola

    Agree with your comments about Yolanda. I don’t think she realizes how condescening she is.
    Whatever you think about Kyle she is in a no win situation based on how the friendships are playing out now.
    I like some drama but I like it better when they come together and make up at the end. It appears that Lisa has thrown down the gaunlet and sides must be chosen.

  • I think most people just don’t get Yolanda. It’s not that she’s condensending, she’s just a no nonsense woman who like Lisa, isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. Anyone who can still mantain a positive relationship with her ex ( redecorating his house) after he cheated on her get’s my attention and respect! Yolanda and Lisa are older and wiser, much wiser. The younger gal’s would be smart to watch and learn!

  • beth

    Wow what ridiculous pivel. Kyle is ridiculous, she defends lots of people capable of defending themselves…Adrienne, Taylor,Faye…

    Kyle ducks, she is jealous of Brandi and was clearly in on the plan to take down Lisa at last years tea party.

    Poor Kyle, never the star…