Kyle Richards Says Kim Did NOT Relapse!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards has watched her sister Kim struggle with her sobriety on screen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Seasons 1 & 2. Kim checked into rehab in 2011 and has seemed healthy since, with the exception for the cast trip to Paris on RHOBH. Kim’s sobriety was in question when her behavior quickly turned bizarre. Kim claims she accidentally mixed up her medication while on the trip, and it made her drowsy. Kyle is now speaking out about Kim’s sobriety, exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment!

“I know a lot of people out there are going to wonder about her behavior,” Kyle tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “But I knew in Paris it wasn’t alcohol, I just knew that she wasn’t herself. I honestly believe she mixed up her meds. Everything I’ve seen up to that moment — all the struggle and all her strength — made me believe her. Since then, I’ve only seen her being solid.”

“I know it’s frustrating for her because she’s worked so hard,” Kyle continues. “And people will come up to me and say, ‘Oh, you’re so naïve.’ Look, I know there have been times in the past where she’s said she’s fine and that’s not been the case. But right now, I’m with her almost all the time and I know what she’s saying is true.”

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15 Replies to “Kyle Richards Says Kim Did NOT Relapse!”

  1. Sure wish Kyle would educate herself about addiction before she speaks. Any rehab worth it’s weight will advise the addict that while in recovery – the rest of your life – but immediately after leaving the facility, you DO NOT OPT to have elective surgery ( nose job) within 6 months, especially so you will not need to have any narcotic for pain – duh! Also Kyle – you would also be advised to rid your home and complete enviroment from all addictive substances; alcohol, old rx meds that are classed -class I, II, III, IV, and V – all rx meds that can cause euphoria, addiction, etc. Kim is obviously trading her alcohol addiction for pill dependency. Reputable physicians will advocate no to all this – it is s long, arduous process, which would requite a much longer stay in rehab than Kim’s 30 days. She is overmedicated which is clear to viewers on most of this season’s episodes. Kim missed the part of recovery where you own your poor desicions and hurt you inflicted on others when under the influenece and to be honest and own your behavior, especially when acting “off” and the questions from concerned others – Lisa and her sleeping pill comment. Kim still acts inmature, spoiled, confused, high, and unstable. It is hard and not entertaining to watch. Kyle needs to get her own therapy and learn how to appropriately deal with Kim, which can mean – quit defending her and let her take responsibility for her own actions, and distance herself in a loving way to let Kim rehabilitate without the stress Kyle always imposes. Most important, leave reality tv and deal with these issues in private for the love of Pete. I have zero respect for either of these two and quite frankly they have spoiled this franchise.

  2. Kyle, wake up honey. First of all, she shouldn’t have any drugs in the house. Just the prescribed ones. I believe kim was addicted to prescribed drugs and that is one of the hardest things to quit. If she is on a drug called subloxon for sobriety, it has the same effects as heroin and pain killers if not taken under a physicians care. It cn make you loopy. Advocate for kim to get into a help group immedietly. Addicts have not alot of concience. Its hard, you have to tread lightly but help her.

  3. Someone needs to do research because a lot of addicts need medication after rehab because of their DEPRESSION. Kim said herself she wasn’t taking any pain pills for the nose job because she didn’t want to get addicted. I believe them. Kyle would never let her own sister relapse because of some TV show.

  4. @ MKTB, She said she wasn’t going to take any, but, the DR said, Hows the pain? And Kim mumbled and he said, ok I’m going to send you home with some pain Medication. Watch the episode, cause your wrong. And you said Kyle would never do that for a TV show. Oh but she confronts her about being an alcoholic on national TV. Which is just as bad! And @ Pinky, I’m in recovery, and you must be or know someone. Because everything you said is totally true and in all the literature for Alcoholics Anonomas And Narcotics Anonomas. I couldn’t have said it better myself. If Kyle wants to help her sister she needs to go to an Alanon Meeting. It will give her insight on what shes going through and the other members will help on how shes to deal with Kims actions.

  5. Another thing, I really hope its Kyle and Kim that are NOT coming back next season. They say that the only ones for sure to come back are LIsa and Brandi. My two favorites! I love those ladies 🙂

  6. Thank you AARH – but I don’t comment on twitter, just read everyone else’s comments. I make my remarks on a few blogs, yours being one of my favorites. I watch the twitter wars and honestly, it gets a bit creepy. People take things to a whole other level – so – I just read. Thank you for always providing a perfect format to read updates and new scoops and allowing readers to vent. Your writing is the bomb! First blog I check every day!!

  7. ATRH – I am a complete idiot!! I just left you a comment and I think I addressed you as AARHW – I am so sorry!

  8. Aww Kerri good for you! It is a tedious, hard process and anyone who sincerely tries gets my full respect! If you fall off, it is ok, just keep on trying cause it will get easier! I worked at a behavior center for childern who were court-ordered to attend our program or face prison, etc.. Ages 3-16. I actually taught academics and our children would attend 2 therapy sessions a day, very strict exercise program twice a day and nutrition-key component as well. I found, the busier and most positive environment provided, our patients did excellent. If they relapsed – and some do – it is ok. My thing always is – as long as one TRIES – they will get there!! Everyone has their own rate of recovery and that is ok. Just never give up! I am so proud of you girl. I have seen first hand many times how hard the road to recovery is. And filming a reality show, constantly placing yourself around people who don’t “get it” and cover for you while provoking you at the same time – is simply stupid and cruel. Kyle is a full of crap and constantly belittles Kim and drives that force that provides Kim a failing environment.

  9. Are you kidding, Kim, Brandi, and Taylor are cut from the same cloth. Bravo needs to bring in a NEW batch of women. So over Kyle!!

  10. I don’t care lol I’ve dealt with addicts all my life. Kyle did that for her sister cause she wouldn’t listen any other way… I would’ve done the same thing for my family if I wanted them to stop.

    1. I do not trust Kyle’s motives as it appears that Kyle and Marcio took advantage of Kim with the home that Kyle and Kim inherited.. Perhaps they just took money owed because they were helping Kim but it seemed as if there was something there. And it is sad because Kim basically paid for a lot of the expenses and family assets when she was a star with Disney. I would like to see Kim in five years after rehab.. Kyle, I could care less if I ever see her again, and I am sick of her doing the splits.. is that all she has got… If she was married to an ugly man, she’d have been gone already.. Bravo and it’s support of “beauty” over substance..

  11. @Pinky, and you’re correct. The stuff on Twitter is absolutely ridiculous. Creepy is also a wonderful adjective to describe it! LOL

  12. Sorry guys, but Kyle would sell her mother to stay on TV. As for Kim telling Kyle that she mixed up the fat peach pill for the thin peach pill in Paris at Kyle’s boutique opening, leaving 300 people to wander the store while Kim & Kyle huddle in a back room, how naive can Kyle be? And what a camera hog! They couldn’t talk about this at home or on the phone prior to the opening? BTW: I’ve seen dresses like at Kyle’s new boutique at thrift stores for $10. The Richard sisters live in a narcissistic bubble as Yolanda, who has Lyme disease, found out when Kim didn’t even acknowledge her after Yolanda helped Kim in Paris, carrying her suitcases, etc. Yolanda is now in the hospital. Does Kim care? I doubt it. Kim needs time alone to heal. She can’t do rehab on Reality TV, where there’s constant drinking & stress. Of course Bravo loves the drama but it’s gotten so redundant, the fans are sick of Kim’s addiction. It’s become a constant theme & bores the beejesus out of us. Just go on the Bravo blogs & read.

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