Kyle Richards Says Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump Hasn’t Changed Since Reunion!


Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills saw a friendship turn into a feud when it came to Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. Especially when the women filmed the Reunion. Kyle tells RadarOnline, “I was very hurt at the reunion revealing that she wasn’t happy about the way Lisa Vanderpump treated her. “I felt attacked by her.”

Kyle reveals her relationship with Lisa isn’t any better now, but she isn’t going to worry about it so much. “Life’s too short. I choose to get over things and get on,” she told Radar. “I’m a happy person and I can’t hold onto things like that.”

Kyle is looking forward to Season 4 of RHOBH and is ready for “anything that can and will happen with the girls.”

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4 Replies to “Kyle Richards Says Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump Hasn’t Changed Since Reunion!”

  1. I really don’t care about Kyle’s woes with Lisas. When you are a shallow, gossiping, fake, user – not many worthwhile friends are going to remain the same level of trust and loyalty as before. So the Kyles of the world need the Fayes of the world so they can have “friendships” that last as long as needed.

  2. i like kyle i like lisa. at the end of the day i loved their friendship. hope it can be repaired i saw them talkign on twitter the other day so maybe they are working on it.

  3. If she’s not going to worry about it…or gets over things and moves on…why is she still harping on this same subject???… Because she isn’t over it. Kyle dug her own grave when she chose to gang up on Lisa in season 2, now she can deal with the mess she created for herself.

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