Kyle Richards Says She Felt Like She Made an Effort with Yolanda and it Wasn’t Reciprocated


Kyle Richards’ friendship with Yolanda Hadid was put to the test this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Kyle found herself in the middle of the Munchausen drama and she made some comments about her castmate’s Instagram posts to Lisa Vanderpump.

Kyle recently revealed that things are now “OK” between her and Yolanda, but mending their friendship hasn’t been easy. “She’s been very hard to get close to,” Kyle told US Weekly. “I tried and made an effort, and I felt like it was never reciprocated. It’s very hard to get close to her.”

Yolanda sent out a tweet in response to Kyle’s words. “I am blessed with authentic [women] in my life that are close to me and have my back 24/7 #Trust #Loyalty #Friends,” she wrote.

Kyle was happy to report that things are better with her sister Kim Richards. Kyle said Kim is “happy and doing well and strong” and that she “would love” for Kim to return to RHOBH full-time next season. “I honestly think the show is even better with her on it,” Kyle said. “My daughters, she’s their favorite Housewife! She says the funniest stuff.”

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Kim says the funniest stuff??????????????? What part of her and Kim crying all of the time together the most humorous?

Yeah, what La-la land is Kyle living in.

Oh come on, nasty drunks are the funniest thing going. Remember when KK hid the town drunks crutches and then hurled vile insults at her. That kind of comedy show never gets old

AND PS….. Ho? Get a good bra. You can afford it. Your boobs shouldn’t be hanging down to your elbows.

Yes. I am surprised, after the perfectly dressed and coifed lady that we always saw has changed to someone who wears clothing that are simply the most unflattering things she could wear. Is it possible her illness did that to her? I am serious. That sweat suit she wore to the jewel suite was embarrassing. All the ladies were done up in really nice cocktail dresses, and she is in a sweat suit? She still has money, she still has stylists, right? I understand it must be odd to have your double G’s taken down to a simple C cup,… Read more »

I think you’re absolutely right, 3 D’s.

I LOVED it when after BG had her little whine, when YoYo was saying she thought it was fair and Kyle started in about how it’s always mean or whatever, and YoYo uses her usual “I was just answering the Q” as she says every time she hasn’t has enough speaking time to get in something about how sick she has been, and Kyle said “yeah, and I am giving my opinion which is the other thing we are here to do” That was the first time anyone had had the guts to shut YoHo up.

So let’s see if I have this right. Kyle mocked and laughed at Yolanda’s photos but Yolanda was supposed to just forget all that and “reciprocate” Kyle’s efforts to get close?

Maybe Yolanda should reciprocate by mocking the headlines of Kim’s many arrests and public drunkenness.

Kyle is the most self-serving, back-patting phoney on the RHOBH.

Yolanda wouldn’t mock Kim as they’re friends. You’re right about Kyle, though.

I think from Yolanda’s tweet, she doesn’t consider Kyle a true friend. And she’s right.

Kyle did pretend to be her friend after that horrific Lyme disease event in NYC. My favourite shot was of poor Anwar wishing the floor would open up beneath his feet

all I can say is…huh???? Kyle’s mood/opinions changes like West TX winds.

No matter what anyone does for Yolanda will never be enough. As long as Kim, Brandi & Erika bow down & adore her, she’s happy. It’s all about her, always has been, always will be only about her. No wonder 2 husbands ran for their lives. She is a self absorbed, pompous, self pitying, selfish, lying hypocrite. Kyle went out of her way for Yo in NY, but was it appreciated? not for a second, it was her due. I firmly believe Yo created her illness & I don’t believe her for a split second. She is sick, yes, in… Read more »

ITA! It is always about Yo & her world.

Thank you Starr. She smirked the entire reunion. Nobody is good enough for her except her two drunken friends who kiss her ass. Doesn’t she have NORMAL female friends? No, she doesn’t because NORMAL women wouldn’t want to deal with this mess. Kyle doesn’t need her as a friend and it’s obviously Ho doesn’t want her friendship. I wouldn’t bother with Ho on any level. She’s absolutely butt-crazy. Those stupid tests? Energy testing? I went to get a massage from this guy once in Newport Beach and he did that test on me and I laughed the whole time. What… Read more »

I have honestly never heard a drunk person say something funny. And I have some experience in this opinion being that I dealt 21 for 13 years. Sober players often made me laugh, which we were supposed to try NOT to do, honest. But, that was one rule I never followed. I guess other drunks think what they are ALL saying is hilarious. Now, Kim she is rather kooky at times. But certainly not enough to make a show or a season from it.

Agree with you 100%!

Faux-Yo wanted to paint all the ladies as nasty witches because they wouldn’t come over and nurse her and empty her bed pans put some desitin on her diaper rash I can still smell that robe Get over your nasty self and try doing something for somebody else other than yourself

Good one Naynay. Wishful thinking that she’d go out of her way for anyone else but herself. The closet full of meds, travelling the world, no make-up, sick selfies, happy selfies, upset that anyone would dare question her death bed pity performance tells the whole story. David lived with her, witnessed first hand her self absorbancy & the first opening, got as far away as he could from this faker.

OMG, that effing closet of meds and bottles and potions. Another example of her being “very intelligent.” When you don’t believe in anything, you’ll fall for everything. Guess she never learned that one.

Good observation, GIGI….let’s not forget how she was so quick to remble off the correct pronounciations of her diagnosis, but ner could get the Munchhausen pronounciations correct–like it was too hard for her. Yo is the one calculating.

By the way….I haven’t read a single report of the disabilitycondition of Anwar or his sis with their Lyme condition….how sick are they again?

GOOD POINT, wow, O.R.E. I had not thought of that! Wonderful. Not that I really needed another reason to dislike her, but that was brilliant. BTW, nice to see you. Hadn’t seen you in a while.

I know I keep replying to you GIGICAT, but you keep saying thought provoking stuff! I hadn’t heard that saying in years. Any doctor, any herbalist who truly cared for his patient, would have never allowed her to ingest all of that. Remember the first tenant of medicine “FIRST, DO NO HARM” If I really think about it, it frightens me, maybe because I am just smart, or maybe because my Dad was an Herbalist and my Mom was a Respiratory Therapist and later did Medical Transcribing that I know for a fact the body’s organs have a really hard… Read more »
I was also surprised, GIGICAT, that YoYo believed Rinna’s side of the story. So, if she os going with that theory, Lisa called Rinna every time she said some nasty comment about her. I am not, never have been a fan of Yolanda. I am speaking about Rinna here, who professes to be Yo’s friend. She brought Yolanda and her illenss up at every sit down she had the entire season. She said she was scared shitless of Yo because she is more manipulative than anyone, dod Lisa prompt her there too? She said Yo used her illness to decide… Read more »

After watching behind the scenes the other night has anybody else thought it odd that YO/EJ DF/TG were friends for ten years but TJ had NEVER met Gigi the golden child? Even EJ acted like she’d never met her. Very strange. Also EJ said, in the past, she had never watched RHOBH. If I had a friend on a reality show I would definitely tune in to see what it was about. Something smells fishy in Denmark.

You said it skeptic they were obviously not close friends at all probably just familiar with each other

Yes, very good point. Two sided also. When they were at the park, Erika, Yo and Eileen, Erika said “Lisa likes being thought of as Bobby Fisher.” Now either that story got back to her enough that she would actually mention it casually at a picnic (I think not ) or she has the first season of BH. Yo wasn’t even on then so it is a quagmire of lies and foolery.

Good pick up on the Bobby Fisher comment. Hmmmm, how did EJ come to voice that opinion. She isn’t bright enough to come up with it on her own.

♥︎ Once in a while I pick these things up, usually it’s someone else. But when I heard that, I knew. That was many seasons ago Kyle said that. And the thing about BG doing her “dirty work” What work is she speaking of? Do you know? If she did say anything to make Lisa look better it was because she was in love with Lisa, and wanted to be her only friend, like a lover-daughter. I do recall a couple scenes that were certainly set up, like the food tasting at SUR where BG outed the Adrienne secret. No… Read more »

ITA! Yo & Erika are complete liars.

Great call, 3Ds. ITA.


I caught that one too. Found it very odd indeed. I do believe this was a cooked up/paid for “friendship” as Yoyo had no one left on the show. I was surprised there wasn’t a story or questioning of that. I believe that is why EJ went after her. She was Yoyo’s pawn.

Something about Ho has smelled fishy from her first season. That whole fake “HELLO MY LOVE.” Can you imagine sing-songing that to your husband every time you see him? If someone sang that out to me everytime I saw them, I’d hit them over the head.

My husband would think I had spent money on something if I said that to him! Xxoo

Oh that’s hilarious, I just saw this, we won’t tell, how many times have you started the evening with that?

If YoYo can’t have a tiny amount of humor, and even say that the one photo from the toaster was funny, then I wouldn’t need her for a friend. Geeze, for years it’s all about illness, one funny thing happens and she gets all bent out of shape. YoYo listens to no one but herself, and every paragraph starts with “sick” That’s why she’s still “sick”

The poptart in the toaster picture made me laugh out loud.

Made me laugh too. She should have laughed with them. I’m tired of Yo and Kim. LR, ED and EJ/G can go with them. I’m on the fence with Kyle. I once liked her now she’s different. She wants to be the popular girl.

With Kyle the “thirst is real”.

So true, Skeptic. I’m seeing it. xoxo

It would have made her much easier to like if she had just laughed with them. Come on! She looked funny in that foil thing. She never gives anyone a break, she can say nasty things to everyone, listens to no one, and people are supposed to “have her back” 24/7 for 4 effing years. I mean, I have a friend, who I love dearly, who would have laughed with me, I know it as sure as I am standing here. She probably would have posted it herself with a caption “Look how funny I look zipped in this spaceship”

Can yo just go far far away? She’s seriously the worst.

Seriously! 🙂 Really the worst. I would get sick just listening to her sick talk all day every day.

Smelly Robe Faux-YO IS more vicious then anyone

ITA! I can’t stand Yo. She is definately vicious & manipulative.

I was replying to Jakes comment but it seems to have disappeared

I had enough of Jake and emailed the Admins about him adding C to Lisa’s initials rather than P. Also about how he consistently and rudely insulted many of us posters. Hopefully Brandi/Jake has been shown the door. This is a great blog and we all respect each other. We may not agree, or agree to disagree but we are not rude to each other or use the hateful ‘c’ word.

Thx. Skeptic. I report that moron all the time. I reported one last week, can’t remember his/her name. They removed the post.

Good work skeptic!!!!!

Sadly, I believe ‘he’ will be back under another name. Even if he is, his hatred of Lisa will give him away.

Haha. Yes , maybe Mason.

Please no more Yo stories. Yo must go. Kyle…I tolerate. She is better when not with Kim in my opinion. She is a people pleaser a lot of the time and likes to be hanging out with the popular person or group. Yolanda just wants attention all the time and she will do anything to get it and guilt everyone else for not being there for her when she really is not there for anyone else, except maybe her own children.

Truth, Real Sandy! Yolanda is a taker, pure and simple.

She took my energy! Watching YO is exhausting!

I agree. Yolanda is exhausting to watch. She is irritating.

She’s like those scabs you get on your knee after falling.


I got tired of Yo’s ‘journey’ I understand she is ill but, Lord I think we had it rammed down our throats enough. She paints herself as this decent , sincere friend..!!!! Remember the dinner party she gave with the name tags on the table that only applied to her ‘dream team’ ? Who does that? False,false false… Eilean is manipulating Lisa Rinna to do all her dirty work. LR too stupid to see it..

On another note, would one of Yolanda’s “authentic woman” introduce this woman to a support bra.

Needed the laugh. Thanks Skeptic. Your comment is true.

LOL. Yo hangs low? 😮

Perfect RSandy!! Two good laughs in a row! Thank you. Much needed, much appreciated. xoxo

😉 XO

Do they wobble to and fro

Can you tie dem in a know, can you tie dem in a bow lmao

know not know sigh

Autocorrect be gone!!!!! KNOT not know. K N O T

Thanks Skeptic. I just looked at all the lyrics for Do Your Ears Hang Low and replaced ears with boobs and laughed hysterically thanks to you!

I know that was meant for Skeptic, I laughed loudly. You ladies have something going there! Thank you RSandy for the link, and thank you both for the laughs. I had a really bad day yesterday.Laughter IS the best medicine!

Hi Joanna. I am sorry you had a tough day yesterday. Yes, laughter is the best medicine. I agree. I hope you have a better today and tomorrow. 😉 xoxo

Can she tie them in a knot, can she tie them in a bow?

Oops, replied last night and again this morning. Sheesh.

3D’s, thanks. I ordered the espresso maker that same night. I’ve never ordered anything from them before. I like everything they had! My EM should be here Monday. I’ll let you know, for sure. Thank you again! xoxo

Yay, I hope you enjoy the espresso as much as me. ‼️

Sheesh, if I could find an article with Kathryn’s name I would put this there. My favorite line of hers “I can keep a secret, but if you don’t want it repeated, don’t say it.” Wow. Yeah, sure as hell don’t say it to her.

I completely agree. The most honorable quality is loyalty. Something Kathryn doesn’t have.

I think it was sad at 26:00 in part 3 reunion that Yo couldn’t even laugh at how funny she did look with her head popping out of the spaceship looking selfie toaster. Seriously she couldn’t even laugh and say yeah that was funny? Wow. Living with her must have been a laugh a minute. As I now look back over the seasons she had zero sense of humor. Hey, Suze, if I send you a selfie looking like that or some other such ridiculous looking Quackery, you not only have permission to crack up, you have permission to send… Read more »

You know me so well, I would have a laugh but then so would you! Xoxox


I would like a copy of that! I would laugh with you both! That was funny! Love you ladies! I would like to do that…Thanks for the visual. XOXOXO❤❤❤

If I ever zip myself in a foil toaster for any reason, health or recreation, I promise I will post it here for us all to crack up. We’ll show that sourpuss what real ladies do. I was just listening to the end of part 3 reunion while I color and draw, and I realized how many times Eileen had to speak for Rinna. There were many times throughout the season and the reunion Eileen had to prompt Rinna and REMIND her how angry she is at Lisa. When Eileen was stating “Lisa R. is not a liar” did everyone… Read more »