Kyle Richards Says Carlton Gebbia Might Like Her If She Was An Animal


Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle says the only way she thinks Carlton Gebbia would like her is if she was an animal. Kyle explains she has tried to be nice and reach out to Carlton, but she came on the show not wanting to like her. Kyle also talks about the division of the women in Palm Springs and defends Joyce Giraud.

Kyle writes, “This week we all headed to Palm Springs, which is known as the place to relax. However, “relaxed” is not the word I would use to describe how we were feeling on this getaway.

I’ll start out with shopping with Carlton. When she told me I had done something she didn’t like, I thought, “Oh, no. What did I do?” But by the time she got to the second thing and then the third, I thought, “You must be kidding me!”

The faces she was making when the girl Wendy in the store was trying to be nice and compliment me were flat out mean. Then, at the end, Wendy called my name right BEFORE Carlton started to speak so I had just stepped away and didn’t hear her. Again with the faces. Carlton is always speaking about how she cares about nature and animals. I guess I’d have to be an animal in order for her to be nice to me.

I have never met someone like Carlton that was so quick to judge and easy to anger. I had heard the Mexican expression, “looking for tits on an ant” from my father-in-law, Eduardo, years ago. I had never used the expression until I met Carlton. She just wants so badly to dislike me. In watching the show, I feel foolish for even making an effort with her.

In spite of things being uncomfortable lately, I was determined to try and have fun on our getaway. Palm Springs is beautiful and Kim, Joyce, and I had fun driving down. We laughed, danced, and sang the whole way.

As soon as the others arrived, we quickly changed and went to the pool. From here on, I am actually speechless watching. At the time, I remember how much anxiety I had been having when we were all together. Seeing it brings back all those feelings.

The women chastising Joyce for not getting in the pool was completely absurd.

Why would women at this age care who wants to swim or not? I stayed quiet for a bit, but finally had to say that we are too old for peer pressure. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t leave Joyce alone. Carlton was, of course, quick to scold me that I shouldn’t say peer pressure. I wasn’t quite sure WHAT to call it. It was disgusting. That’s what I was REALLY thinking.

Yolanda kept saying that she should lead her party and get in the pool. . . Then she said in her interview that she thought Joyce was worried about getting her hair wet or having her makeup run. It seems to me that’s exactly what Yolanda wanted.

When Brandi said to Joyce, “You can’t swim? Oh, you’re a black person?” my mouth dropped. Why does she say these things? I do not believe Brandi is a racist. I do think that was a really insensitive thing to say though. She was trying to get a rise out of Joyce by calling her in the wrong name over and over. The other women seemed to find humor in it, which fueled it even more.

Not quite sure what to make out of Brandi and Carlton’s makeout session.

The dinner started out OK, but didn’t take long to turn into a disaster. You could cut the tension with a knife. There are so many strange dynamics happening here I don’t know where to begin. I will say that it was very obvious these four were a team and that they had no desire to have a fun getaway. There was an agenda there.

I felt like “Brandi, Lisa, Yolanda and Carlton” versus “Kim, Kyle, and Joyce.” Lisa trying to reprimand Joyce for telling Brandi she was bullied in school made no sense. Joyce didn’t say she was bullied by THEM. She said she was bullied in school. Lisa wanted to distance herself from Brandi’s behavior, but continued to encourage her by laughing. Lisa was clearly agitated with us and wanted to dismiss everything we were saying.

When I shook my head at the behavior I was witnessing, Yolanda and Carlton were quick to jump on me. I didn’t want to fuel the fire by getting into my issues with Yolanda. This was not the time or the place. This was a conversation to have one-on-one. I’m sure Yolanda wanted to bring it up then, so she would have the back up from her “team.”

Of course when Joyce wanted to chime in, Yolanda snapped at her. Saying “Joyce sweetheart, don’t get involved” was beyond rude. Joyce was our host. How Yolanda can sit there and say she’s a “girl’s girl” is ridiculous with the way she is treating some of the girls here. Yolanda thinks she is better than everyone and likes to speak to everyone in a condescending tone. I felt bad for Joyce and could see this night was only getting worse. .”

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7 Replies to “Kyle Richards Says Carlton Gebbia Might Like Her If She Was An Animal”

  1. Kyle, Yolanda was right. You were being rude (as usual) by interrupting. Yolanda is a lady of style and grace. You could learn a thing or two from her. She is a lady of style and grace. Hate to see her dragged down by the likes of you. You’re a Hilton, right? Wasn’t it Conrad Hilton who beat the crap out of Liz Taylor? Or maybe it was Nicky Hilton. Not sure. My point is that is your lineage.

    1. Ummmm, really? No she isn’t a Hilton, her sister is married to a Hilton. And what does that have to do with interrupting? Lets see, domestic violence, interrupting…….. Not really a good comparison. And, as far as I can see, they all interrupt each other and all have their own moments of not so classy, lady like behavior, Yolanda included.

  2. I agree with Kyle 100%. Lisa, bat head Brandi, witchy Charlton and miss holier than thou Yolanda really wanted to ruin this trip and they did.

    1. Aunt Bee, you hit the nail on the head, the mean spirted girls acted vile the minute they walked to the pool area. Brandi is a racist for saying that comment and Lisa, Carlton and Yolanda for laughing and cosigning the behavior. The bullies are in my S–t list.

      Bullies they are!

  3. Carlton is a Hater , Brandi is funny but her insecurity & bitterness is getting old , Yolanda … Have a Seat , & Lisa , they will soon Turn on you haha.

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