Kyle Richards On RHOBH Season 4, She’s Friendly With Brandi Glanville


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is speaking out about the new season and her tumultuous friendship with Brandi Glanville. Kyle hinted to Global News that her relationship with Brandi improved while filming season 4. “We’re very different but we’ve got to know each other better,” Kyle said. “We are getting along better at this moment — today.” Adding she remains guarded when it comes to Brandi, “She’s a loose cannon. She can hit below the belt [and] that’s what kind of makes you scared of her.”

Kyle admits she was naive about being in the spotlight and negative attention from the media and shares she turned to her niece Paris Hilton for advice. “I would see the lies that people make up and the stories and the tabloids and I would think, that’s crazy. I can’t believe they say these things,” Kyle said. “But she actually, being so young, really did take it in stride. She’s like, ‘we know who we are and you have to not think about it.’”

But Kyle admits being part of The Real Housewives franchise can be challenging. “It’s very anxiety-provoking,” she said. “I have had many sleepless nights and many tears doing this show.”

“There are a lot of changes in the dynamics with the women,” Kyle said of the new season. “And you’ll see people getting closer, people not being friends anymore. A lot of that going on this season.”

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  1. What is happening to Kyle’s upper lip? Every time a new close-up comes out her lip looks like it has disappeared more. Did she have more plastic surgery on her face, again? Not that there’s anything wrong with having it as long as the end result is to improve the appearance and not look like the National Poster Child for Faces-Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. If you have a “top-rated” surgeon then you won’t end up like Kyle here. It’s so typical, the obsession with trying one more time under the knife. The only problem is these women all end up having that same looking plastic surgery face. The eyes, the cheeks, the mouth and lips. The face lift, the eyebrow lift. Am I getting closer Kyle? Where are you up it now. Just stop! There’s no turning back your face or the clock. Why hasn’t Kyle had the fat from her “love handle” or her “tummy tuck” surgeries added to her lips. Next thing you know her lips are going to affect her speech. If they haven’t already. She will be speaking with more frequent “m” sounds. You know like the older, older ladies that have no teeth, it makes their lip curl inside. Great slogan… ” Kyle won’t give you any lip, she’s already lost one.” Or “has anyone seen Kyle’s lip?” I really wish these women would just stop with all these procedures. What kind of message are they sending their kids especially Kyle. “Not happy with your looks? Don’t worry the doctor will fix you!” What a shame….

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