Kyle Richards Reveals Why She Returned To RHOBH!

Kyle Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards recently sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment and discussed how her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump is going, and why she keeps returning to the show, despite all the drama. Kyle says she has a lot of fun filming RHOBH, and reveals despite the Season 3 Reunion, her relationship with Lisa is “not too bad.”

When asked how things with Lisa Vanderpump were going Kyle said, “Surprisingly, not too bad considering that the reunion was terrible, and they all kind of attacked me, went after me. Even though I tried to stay out of the problems this season, but I tend to get over things quickly. I have an amazing husband, and I have four amazing kids, so I don’t want those things to get to me too much. At the time, I do, but then I get over it.”

Kyle adds that despite the drama and tears, shooting RHOBH is a lot of fun! “Why do we keep coming back? People are like, “God, you guys have so many problems,” but also, we have a lot of fun. Shooting the show is actually a lot of fun. I love the crew. I love my producers. They become like family to you, and we have a lot of fun times. We travel. We have so much fun together, but then you’ll have that one moment that’s bad, and you’ll see that, for sure. So I love filming the show. I just don’t like watching it. I wish we could just film it and like put it on the shelf.”

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  1. Oh please Kyle likes seeing her self on tv and she likes the money..I wonder who pays for all the trips the RHO any goes on.

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