Kyle Richards Reveals Season 3 White Party Details!

Most of us remember how Kyle Richards’ White Party went last year on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle had to tell her good friend, Taylor Armstrong that she and her husband weren’t allowed in the party due to Russell’s threats of litigation on the other Housewives. So will Kyle continue her annual party on Season 3 of RHOBH? Wetpaint Entertainment asked Kyle if her famous White Party would be included on the new season and she revealed, “What in the world? When will I learn my lesson? Last year, I was like ‘I’m never doing this again,’ but this year, I was like ‘We really have done it for so many years, even before I did the show, that I can’t break tradition.’”

So we can expect to see another White Party on the upcoming season, and Kyle is giving viewers some hints. When asked how the party went, Kyle says, “Lo and behold, you just have to wait and tune in to see what happens on that night. It’s not good.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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