Kyle Richards Reveals Off-Camera Feud With Lisa Vanderpump!

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is opening up about her strained friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. In her Bravo Blog Kyle reveals that Lisa was angry at her after the Season 2 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion because she did not defend Lisa for allegations Adrienne Maloof made. Kyle reveals that something happened off camera between she and Lisa that caused friction in their relationship before the Reunion taping! Read more below.

Kyle writes, “Our trip to Paris was really fun. Such a beautiful city. Everyone was having a great time and getting along for the most part.

I knew my sister was not herself, but didn’t know exactly what it was. I asked her a number of times, but she kept saying she was extremely tired. We were all really tired from jet lag, but I knew something was wrong. I know my sister so well and could tell this was not alcohol.

She had expressed to me that she felt sick and was abnormally tired. I was worried and not sure what to think. We later figured out what was wrong.

My favorite part of the trip was the Love Lock bridge with Mauricio. It was so romantic and I was impressed that he actually brought a lock with him to do that! Kim laughed at me later that I actually thought my kids may be able to find our lock if we put it in a “good location” Wishful thinking I guess!

As you have seen, my relationship with Lisa has been strained at times. It’s been one year since the Reunion, where she was upset that I didn’t defend her with Adrienne. Our relationship was in a bad place at the time of the Reunion. Something had happened between Lisa and I off-camera that changed our relationship. I didn’t want to explain that to everyone because I knew it would make things worse. There are two sides to every story. I just didn’t tell mine.

We did make up, but it seemed like it was always one step forward, two steps back. I was really feeling that in Paris, so that is why I said something on the Eiffel Tower. If I didn’t care about Lisa, I would let it go. But I do care about her and feel that after one year, it’s time to move forward.

Life is too short.

I will never look at the Eiffel Tower the same after that day. I will always think about our conversation up there and the fact that Lisa kissed me on the lips!”

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8 Replies to “Kyle Richards Reveals Off-Camera Feud With Lisa Vanderpump!”

  1. Gheez Kyle – grow the f up already. Your such a jealous biotch. You copy off Lisa – trying to have her butt, mirrored bedroom furniture – too bad your entire bodymakeover on the outside wasn’t focused on the inside. You and Morris will never be the buds of Lisa and Ken the way you wish – you & your NOT hot husband are a sleezy joke who embrace people with real estate to sale, then toss them aside. Oh and you have NO style….your clothes at your opening of your silly store-JOKE. Take your sick sister snd leave the reality show business. It is not working for you. And it is obvious you are pushing Porsha to be a child star….don’t ruin her too. Go party with loser Paris and get out of our faces.

  2. I like Kyle and think she and Lisa need to move forward as well.
    She shouldn’t be jealous of Brandi and Lisa’s friendship…or Brandi period because there is nothing, and I mean nothing to be jealous about. But I like the way Kyle and Brandi interact now, they’re are cool with each other and it looks nice.

  3. I feel like whatever issues that Kyle had with Lisa, it would’ve served her well to openly discuss them at the time and hash them out. It always seemed to me that Lisa was oblivious as to why Kyle said the things that she said at the reunion. I remember Kyle in one episode saying she wanted to move forward and not wanting to bring stuff up that was already in the past – what she did never sounded like moving forward, it sounded like stuffing hurt down.

  4. So know Kyle brings something up,but, wont tell us what it is. And then she says, “there is two sides to every story, But I didn’t tell mine” WTF is that. Lisa never said anything other than Kyle not sticking up for her at the reunion. And I love the way that blew up in Adriennes face. She went and called everyone before the reunion to say,”were going after Lisa” and she did! But noone else did and now look at where she is?!! Getting divorced and thrown off the show! Hahahaaa Goodbye Adrienne and I hope Kyles next

  5. I think Kyle and Mauricio are importers trying to keep up with the likes of people like Lisa after all the vanderpumps threw him a bone when they let them list their estate, that’s probably how he leased the Maserati and how they opened the store. There’s no way marisa is giving them any money from the sale of her in laws estate she looks so desperate for camera time and she’s really irrelevant on the show. Lets boycott bravo to get these clowns off the show

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