Kyle Richards Reveals She And Mauricio Hired Lawyer To Sue Over Cheating Scandal, Explains Why She Didn’t Defend Women Over Bully Comment


Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss bully gate and the allegations that Mauricio cheated on her. Kyle dishes on the timeline of events that happened and why she didn’t defend Lisa, Yolanda or Brandi against the bully comment. Kyle also reveals she and Mauricio hired a lawyer to sue after the story came out and explains how they were advised to handle the situation.

Kyle writes, “This week Mauricio and I have dinner with Joyce and Michael. We really like them both and have fun together. Michael and Mauricio are both golf fanatics so they instantly had that in common.

Hearing “news” about my family on TV or on the Internet is not new to me. Often, I will see or hear things and have to call my family and say “What is going on? is this true!?!” Most of the time I know right away that it’s another BS story.

However, this is the first time I have been in this position personally. I too have been guilty at times of thinking that there had to be some sort of truth behind these stories. I think it was reading about Jennifer Aniston that made me realize that a lot of these stories are literally invented. How many times have we read about and even SEEN pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s “baby bump”? She has to be on her 14th child by now!

When I walked into the circus school, the last thing I wanted to do was be around most of the women to be honest. I was still upset from lunch at Carlton’s, and did not feel like “bonding” with them. But my sister made this plan, and she had good intentions. I was happy when I saw Kim, Joyce, and actually Carlton, too. I was still completely unaware that Carlton disliked me so much — and she was being pretty nice to my face.

When we first sat down, Kim was explaining why she invited everyone and why it was important to her. From the minute I walked in, I could feel the negative energy coming from the other sofa. So when Yolanda cut Kim off and was basically saying “Enough already. Let’s get stared,” I felt defensive. I felt like she was being disrespectful, considering Kim invited everyone and was excited to share this day.

We all moved on from that, but there was a very strange vibe in the room. Kim had pulled me aside and told me that Brandi thought I had called her a bully. UGH. WHY am I all of a sudden on the defensive when I hadn’t done anything?!? Beyond frustrating. Here I didn’t even want to be there to begin with because of the way the women acted at Carlton’s, and now Brandi is pissed off at ME? I decided to go up and say something because it was either that or leave. I didn’t want to do that to Kim since she had been talking about this day for a while.

After the lunch at Carlton’s that you saw last week, a story came out on the Internet. SOMEONE leaked what happened that day and talked about what Brandi, Yolanda, and Lisa had said and how upset I was. Most of the information was incorrect, as usual, but they were right about me being upset. The word bully was never mentioned in the article but that was the paparazzi’s (that Brandi ran into) interpretation of it.

Later things got more awkward when we all went for lunch after. The bully comment came up again. Again, I am having defend myself against something I didn’t do. There clearly is not a lot of trust right now on ANYONE’S part.

Brandi and Lisa were clearly upset about the article and I was as well! The LAST thing I wanted to do was draw MORE attention to the lies in the tabloids, which is EXACTLY why I was so upset after leaving Carlton’s lunch.

When Lisa suggested I tweet something in defense of them I really was shocked. When the tabloids first came out Mauricio and I hired a lawyer to sue. We soon learned that it was not that simple. We were also advised to not give it any attention. That is what the magazines want.

It was extremely frustrating because we WANTED to come out and say something! So when Lisa was upset that I hadn’t made a “statement” or tweeted in defense of their behavior at Carlton’s lunch, all I could think was “Are you kidding me?!?” I haven’t even come out and defended the lies about my own family, but they wanted me to defend their bringing up the tabloids at Carlton’s?

A few months before Carlton’s lunch, Brandi had warned me this particular “magazine” was going to go after us. Once the lies were printed I didn’t hear from any of the girls. The first time was when Lisa mentioned it was at my house when Mauricio and Portia were in the kitchen. The second time was at Carlton’s.

After the story came out about Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda at Carlton’s lunch, Lisa went on a red carpet and made a comment saying she didn’t believe any of the lies and they were BS. If that comment had stood on it’s own, I would have been so grateful and happy to have that kind of support. Unfortunately, it came only AFTER the women had brought it up and the story had grown. It also wasn’t lost on me that nobody bothered to say that BEFORE their character had been attacked and that they had in fact contributed to the story growing.

So much happens this season and so many of the relationships change between the women. It is very hard to watch at times. Some things I wish I had seen more clearly at the time, other things I wish I hadn’t. Ignorance, really can be bliss at times. .”

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  • angelia

    It doesn’t feel so good being talked about or made fun of does it? But you and your strange sister don’t like it now do you?

  • zoeysmom

    Did Kyle not learn anything from Adrienne. Since there is no lawsuit her sentence should read we consulted with an attorney about the possibility of a lawsuit.

    Lisa is confounding on one hand she tells Kyle to stay mum and ignore the tabloid story, then she and Brandi regularly bring it up, and then when her name comes up in a negative light she wants Kyle to dare I say-defend her. IIRC the story was essentially that Kyle wanted to leave the show because Lisa and Brandi said there was some truth to the rumors. To me that is pretty much what they did, so why should Kyle be forced to tweet a lie? If she tweeted anything it should have been that she wasn’t leaving the show.

  • DebBrenn

    The story didn’t grow from either filming, because the filming doesn’t air until much later. It would have been more natural if Kyle didn’t believe the rumors if she’d have laughed about it instead of looking so afraid. The reason they were told by an attorney to ignore it rather than to sue is that there are REAL women (plural) with REAL names that have made the allegations, not anonymous sources. It certainly doesn’t look like it was made up by the tabloids. Anybody remember Clinton’s denials and how that blew up (no pun intended) in his face?

    • angelia

      Men or tend to cheat when they think they’re lives can’t get any better and then watch it all fall apart! I don’t know what someone would see in him anyway he looks like his Mother!

    • Fahlina_G

      THANK YOU! I am glad somebody else realizes that YES, they COULD have sued. Very easily. Unless, there was SOME very good reason why they shouldn’t. As in “Your entire lives will be under a microscope so if there is something you don’t want to know or want other people to know, let it go away! And I think both off them know deep down that the TRUTH would bring a lot of embarrassment and shame to their family and themselves.

    • Fahlina_G

      From a legal standpoint, tabloids know EXACTLY what they can and what they cannot print. If not, they would be in court defending lawsuit every single day.

  • YesItsMe

    Lisa and Brandi and Yolanda will get there’s in spade. Yolanda of all people should stay quite when it comes to rumors or stupid gossip about failed marriages/unfaithfulness. Brandi should also be more considerate about that too, after all, she’s going through something like that or went through something like that already to know it doesn’t feel good to talked about in that light. Lisa will also get hers too. We’ll soon find out that Lisa is left with no cast friends. Kyle should have had just ignored the gossip, if it’s true, then it’s still Kyle and Mauricio’s business and not Lisa or Brandi and Yolanda’s business- Kyle has been nasty in the past to these women, true, but enough is enough already. Messing with people’s marriages is the lowest of the lowest. I hope Kyle stays away from Lisa/Brandi, permanently!

  • Fahlina_G

    Please just do us viewers a favor and LEAVE THE SHOW already!!!! (And take your awful, tweaked out sister with you!!!!)

    • angelia


  • Molly

    Please, these ladies need to grow up. Yolonda’s true colors are coming out, I think Yo is really trailor park. She is friends of Brandi, and Ms. Glanville is white trash! And Yo, don’t be so proud of being Ms. Foster, he was married to Linda Thompson, and she is a hill billy, so don’t feel so superior.

  • Fahlina_G

    I think their attorney told them: “If you guys sue, be prepared to have EVERYTHING YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW about each other come out in a very public and very embarrassing light”. The tabloids aren’t stupid. They have legal advisors that tell them exactly what they CAN and what they cannot print about people, especially when walking a very fine line such as this! If not they would find themselves in court every single day. Kyle just how stupid do you think people ARE? If nothing were amiss, you would have sued. Plain and simple.

  • Zoe

    The whole family is trashy sex tapes drunks drug abuse fighting mental health problems yes i do belive cheating would be next vile vile pepole

  • This is one of the many times it shows Kyle defending Kim. I know this is an old page, but still in the headlines sometimes, so anonymous, when you follow me around, I already know I have posted on an old page. Carlto never gave Kyle a chance, and BG likes to inflict pain.