Kyle Richards Resents Being Brought Into Calabasas/Bankruptcy Drama, Explains Kim’s Anger Towards Lisa


Kyle Richards is discussing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion in her Bravo Blog this week. Kyle discusses Carlton’s anger towards her and explains why she believe Kim had held in so much anger towards Lisa. Kyle also shares that she doesn’t appreciate Brandi bringing her into her drama with Lisa regarding the Calabasas/bankruptcy comment.

Kyle writes, “For last week’s Reunion I didn’t write a blog because I feel that the Reunion IS where we explain everything.

It’s also not to easy go back (almost a year now) and keep rehashing these issues while trying to move forward. However, a lot of you asked me to, so I’m going to address a couple of things from last week before I move on to this week. . .

During last week’s Reunion, Brandi said that she heard that Lisa and Ken filed for bankruptcy and had lived in Calabasas — then blamed me for telling her. I was taken aback because A: I never heard or said Lisa and Ken filed for bankruptcy. If I HAD said that I wouldn’t have had a problem saying “Yes, I said that. That’s what I heard.” Finances have nothing to do with our issues with one another and are very personal. However, if I had said that — I would have admitted it. B) The “Calabasas” story came from a speech that Ken gave at the party when Lisa and Ken renewed their vows. It was a heartfelt speech that addressed their life and journey together, including some highs and lows. Perhaps that’s where this story came from. I didn’t appreciate Brandi trying to pull me into her issues with Lisa.

I still don’t get Carlton’s obsession with the term “labeling,” especially when that is all she has done to me without ever getting to know who I truly am. She calls me a bigot when that is exactly what she has shown herself to be.

I was genuinely trying to get to know her. I only asked about her religion the first time at her home for lunch, and about her tattoos once in Palm Springs and again when she said she had gotten the now infamous tattoo. I never asked again. In the previews you see me saying “I said it in my blog AND I said it just now,” which is about being sorry that I said Carlton was anti-Semitic but that wasn’t in the Reunion (In case you noticed and were confused).

I was frustrated with Lisa regarding Carlton because she supported me regarding the argument we had at Ken and Mauricio’s birthday dinner. But after Puerto Rico, she changed her tune RE: Carlton and me. For me, I will defend what’s right — not who I am speaking with at the time or who I think will back me.

I tried with Carlton and never tried to hurt or offend her. After months of Carlton attacking me in her interviews, the media, and Twitter I was done — as you could clearly see at the Reunion. We were never friends, so there is no love lost there.

It seems Kim and Lisa have both been harboring feelings in regarding one another. I think Kim has kept a lot in regarding Lisa, and she is finally speaking up.

Kim has always felt dismissed by Lisa and was made to feel like she wasn’t important enough. When Kim addressed Lisa regarding not going to Kimberly’s graduation, she denied being in town. She even went as far as to say that our hairdresser, who saw her at SUR, was hallucinating. If she had just said “I came back early and was exhausted and had to go to SUR,” or even “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t in the mood to go,” then it would have been over.

While I do think Kim took it as being dismissed again, it was made worse by Lisa not being honest about it. In one breath she tells Kim “your hairdresser is hallucinating.” Then the next minute she admits to Brandi, “I’ve just been busted by Kim.” It’s moments like these that cause lack of trust.

It was very emotional for all of us watching Kim and Yolanda take their kids off to college. It seems through all of the fighting and disagreements, it’s good to know that there is a mutual bond between us: motherhood. Alexia will be leaving this August for college, and the thought of dropping her off leaves a lump in my throat. I dread not waking up to her smile everyday.”

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17 Replies to “Kyle Richards Resents Being Brought Into Calabasas/Bankruptcy Drama, Explains Kim’s Anger Towards Lisa”

  1. Kyle set the tone from the beginning to have her sister treated dismissively. Kyle acted like Kim was tagging along and unwanted. Remember the famous dinner from hell when Kyle told Kim to ride home alone? Also, didn’t Kyle throw it in Lisa’s face that Brandi was the “truth cannon”? I guess she tells the truth about everybody…. except when it comes to Kyle gossiping about Lisa.

    1. Kyle is Kim’s sister and that is completely different than the way Lisa has treated Kim. Kyle is not to blame for Lisa’s behavior.

      1. So, Nicole, because Kyle is Kim’s sister it was okay that she always took her friends’ side over her sister? It was cool that she sucked up to all the girls, but was completely dismissive of the sister she brought on the show? Where do you think the rest of them learned to ignore her? Taylor absolutely attacked Kim more than once without cause and Kyle took her side over Kim’s without even listening to what happened. So, it was out of sisterly love that she outed Kim as an alcoholic? That was no intervention from concern, that was one woman attacking another with the lowest blow she could think of at the time. Yes, Kyle attacked Lisa for her alcoholism, but NOBODY has attacked her for her sobriety. Part of her ten steps is supposed to be taking personal responsibility and apologizing to all the people she’s let down in the past. It doesn’t mean her alcoholism gives her a free pass for letting people down continually while holding someone else responsible for showing up at a party they’d already declined. It’s ludicrous for her to have a home-free card because she was continually s**tfaced, but she’s going to school someone else for not showing up once, like she did ALL the time.

        1. Um…it’s 12 steps and the step you are talking about is step(s) 8 and 9. The steps are worked in order, in conjunction with a sponsor. I don’t know what happened in Kim & Kyle’s lives, other than what we saw on television. What I do know is that people that have been alcoholics for a very long time, have usually wreaked a whole lot of havoc in people lives, usually their families. Alcoholics in advance stages of the disease, lie ALL THE TIME. Kim has been an alcoholic for a very long time, you have no clue what she may have done to her family, the drama she may have caused or the lies she might have told. Everyone has a breaking point, Kyle had hers when the cameras were rolling. Kyle defended Kim when they first met Brandy and she called her an addict. They were both very angry and very verbal. You seem to get some sort of “pay-off” for being so angry at Kyle, someone you don’t even know. Don’t jundge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes……

          1. Maybe it would be less ironic, Patricia Powell, if you hadn’t put those two sentences so close together: The one not just judging what I wrote, but what you’ve decided was my big problem, and the one about how I shouldn’t judge someone until I’ve walked a mile in their shoes. I wear a size 8 and have plenty for you to choose from. Better late than never. Come on over.

  2. I am just very curious why when Brandi makes up a lie and tries to pull you in, it is ok, and you are telling us so we do not believe you had anything to do with the Calabasas/bankruptcy comment, and you are defending yourself, and obviously it is NOT true, BUT, when she tells you about Lisa and the magazines, she is telling the truth?????????????????? Couldn’t it be she is just stirring the pot, trying to turn everyone against Lisa????????????????? Yes she does wrong, no one is perfect, but, you are defending yourself, but, when Lisa defends herself it is a lie and Brandi has the truth??????????????? sounds like double standard in my book?????????????????????????

  3. Dear Kyle….. we all remember your behavior towards your sister in previous seasons…. get real.. Also – Carlton is not worth your trouble… ignore her… she is a insecure nasty lady.

  4. Kyle, u have ALWAYS been a really good who is that little boy who cried wolf. pa lease we see right through u.
    i hope Bravo fires you

    and as for your store and hideous style, get a real stylist bc you suck at putting two socks together, let alone an outfit

  5. I like Kim and I agree that Lisa often treats her dismissively. In fact, Lisa does that to everyone.

    But Kyle hasn’t always been kind to Kim, either. Having said that, though, there is often a strange dynamic between sisters. No excuse for being unkind, but there is a lot of history here.

    As far as Carlton is concerned, I have to agree that she has tried to find fault with Kyle from the very beginning. I hope we’ve seen the last of her after the last part of the reunion.

  6. Kyle–you of all people should know when your sister Kim is on something….get real–why was Kim pulling her panties off and get mad at Lisa for closing the door so others won’t see? Example of Kim not being totally “sober”?

    1. Why don’t people get this?? Kim and Kyle were talking, Kyle was upset, they were in a private room with a bathroom having a chat, and Kim had to have a quick pee. With sisters and close friends that is NOT big deal and there’s no need to shut a door in someones face when they’re part of a conversation! Lisa was definitely being rude because she thinks she just can, and anyone who thinks the door needed to be shut .. well you’re a bit of a prude

  7. Well Kyle, I don’t like you and I think you are pathetic. I agree with the majority of the bloggers considering your sense of style which is none and if you are concerned about Maurecio you should stay home and take care of your man.
    For god’s sake let it go about the graduation -Lisa rsvp’d, sent a gift from Tiffany’s. That is all she is required to do. Kim is trying to make this so important and it isn’t. Let it go¡!!!!!!!!!!!! You both are sounding like fools -where were the other members of your family ? You and Kim need to leave because obviously the stress is getting to you both- go home -pick lemons with Yolo -brush your hair-learn a joke there that should occupy you for at least 9 months then it’s the holidays’

  8. These comments are terrible. When people attack Kim’s sobriety- shame on you! Kyle is allowed to have anger towards her sister, not Lisa! Lisa doesn’t matter in the big picture of Kim’s life. I was proud of Kim for actually sticking up to Lisa and not being afraid of her.

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