Kyle Richards Releases Text Messages, Proves She Reached Out To Lisa Vanderpump After Puerto Rico


Kyle Richards took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to Lisa Vanderpump’s blog, where Vanderpump claimed she hadn’t heard from any of the women after leaving Puerto Rico. Discussing the claims she planted the tabloids about Mauricio in Brandi’s luggage, Lisa wrote, “I was deeply hurt and had not heard from any of them, which was fascinating by virtue of the fact that this was just an accusation, hurled by someone who had a penchant for vindictive, defamatory statements.”

But Kyle AND Yolanda both claim they texted Lisa and tried reaching out to her several times after the dinner. Kyle shared screenshots of the text messages and tweeted, “You said you ‘had not heard from any of them’ after PR… but you heard from me [three times].”


The first text sent from Richards on August 1st, reads: “Are you ok? I HAD to ask that question. I did not want you attacked but needed to hear the truth. You would need to hear that too. I care about you and want to have your friendship back. Honestly, XXOO.” Kyle sent two more texts the following morning, including one saying, “I hope you are ok.”

After Kyle posted the text messages on Twitter, Lisa explained why she didn’t respond. “I turned my phone off and hid. I knew producers would try to find me!” Lisa wrote. Kyle replied, “If so, when you turned back on, you saw that I was trying to reach you. Multiple times. Just clarifying.”

After fans on Twitter commented that they would never release “private” text messages, Lisa said, “No I haven’t …but maybe I should…actually thinking about. No I won’t stoop.”

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  • only1me

    kyle gets me sick,why couldn’t she confront lisa, in room,instead of at dinner. i don’t blame lisa for walking out, i would have poured glass of wine on her head,then left. kim should be ashamed of the way she talked to ken too,both of them have to go,they really think they are stars of show,when ziggy really is.seems like when teresa had her table flipping, rest of housewives are trying to out do that one. no more fun dinners,when you go on vacation together.

  • Aunt Bee

    Kyle, Lisa answered your questions over and over. To keep asking was ridiculous . You two need a one on one with no person or camera around. After reading Alex McCords blog (a former RHONY) I know these things are orchestrated by Bravo. Get with Lisa and leave Bravo out of it.

  • Cin

    Again…… a true friend would not reach out viz text, twitter, etc…. A drive to Lisa’s house would prove that you actually meant to reach out… Are you also one of Yolanda’s puppets? Just wondering.

    • ceebee

      People reach out all the time via text and twitter nowadays. Nothing unusual.

      • only1me

        kyle and kim are really losing it,if they thought lisa would answer them. kim called ken,old man, well she should look in mirror, she doesn’t look like a spring chick anymore.when i go in someones home,i don’t look around to see what magazines or rag papers are lying around, so doubt if lisa ever noticed them either, if they were ever there in first place.

  • ceebee

    I’m on Kyle’s team here. Though I believe that Lisa certainly has the right not to respond to the messages, she shouldn’t be whining and saying that no one reached out to her when that was obviously not true.

  • Aunt Bee

    I am on Kyle and Lisa’s team. The other team is Brandi and Yolanda and they are the the sneaky backstabbing team. Even Mohamed was upset with Yo.

  • Wow– kyle does not even have an ounce of shame—that’s not reaching out to Lisa—that’s called more BS, I would not respond to that—Lisa AND Ken both answered you’re question over and over in PR and yet you still have a stick stuck up your you know what. Admit that you jumped on brandi’s “attack Lisa bandwagon” because you are lame and you were looking for something – anything to go after Lisa—you and lemonhead both look like rabid foaming at the mouth animals. Note to kyle—Grow up already and get help for the mental deluded sister of yours…
    Being “jealous” of Lisa is not a good look for you………..

    • Chainey

      I agree Twitter is not reaching out. Twitter is putting on a public display. Twitter is making sure you have lots of witnesses to your so called “niceness”. Very obvious… Kyle is master chess player. Don’t even get me started on Yolanda.

      • ceebee

        The screen shot shown here is not a Tweet on Twitter. It’s a text message–meaning that it’s not on public display. Many people text today, people of all ages and backgrounds.

  • brandi, yolanda, kim & kyle all have children— wonder if they are proud of the example they are setting for their children (they appear to be shameless & delusional)….They are like 2 year olds—screaming that they are always “right”. They never learned to communicate like adults with common courtesy or common sense ?? Nor have they learned that sometimes they are wrong ??? These twits need to grow up and quit embarrassing themselves and their families..
    And what do these women (and I use that term loosely) add to society ??? yep, nothing except “buy my stuff greed”…..

  • How anyone can call the majority of these society broads “ladies” is beyond me.

  • I come from the Midwest and am middle class but none of my group of ladies acts like these “ladies”. They have no manners and no class. How were they brought up? I am team Lisa.