Kyle Richards Reacts To Lisa Vanderpump’s Remarks About Using People For Mauricio’s Business


Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle writes that she understands why Carlton was offended when Kyle left during the middle of her story. But Kyle says the remarks Lisa Vanderpump made about her were not founded and mean. Read Kyle’s reaction below.

Kyle writes, “In watching the part where Carlton was talking about the cat and the bird and I cut her off , I can see where she felt offended. I was listening to her story and then realized “Oh, no! I forgot to offer them a drink. What a bad hostess!” I had too many things on my mind at the moment. I honestly didn’t realize I had done that. My bad. I had to laugh though at Carlton saying she didn’t care how bored I was that  it was “bloody rude” and then practically snoring through Joyce’s story of how she met her husband and saying in her interview that she wondered “when this story was going to end.” Carlton seems to have a different set of rules for herself.

Joyce, Sharon, and I all had fun that day. Carlton clearly did not and she seems to be either angry, sad, or both. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Watching Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda at Lisa’s lunch really stung. (No pun intended.) I have made a ridiculous amount of attempts to repair my relationship with Lisa — and she continues to bash me. When I think about the fact that this STILL stems from her thinking I didn’t support her with Adrienne, it’s absolutely crazy to me! THAT is what our argument was. We are grown women. How long is this going on now? She always claims not to hold a grudge, so why the meanness?

Lisa pretending to feel sorry for me because I don’t have support from my “friends” is a joke. First of all, Lisa does not feel sorry for me at all, and secondly, the majority of my FRIENDS are not in this “group” of women. I have many amazing girlfriends who love and support me that are not in this “circle.”

Then Lisa makes another attempt to make me look like someone that I am not, saying that if Yolanda wants to be my friend to put her house on the market and we’ll get real chummy. I NEVER befriended Lisa. I met Lisa through Mauricio because he was ALREADY their real estate agent. Mauricio is the number one real estate broker in California and number three in the United States — NOT from selling Lisa’s home and certainly not from any help of mine. I don’t know 95 percent of my husband’s clients. Also, I have never refrained from being honest about my issues with Lisa or Camille (BOTH who were my husbands clients PRIOR to me meeting them) in spite of them working with my husband at the time. THAT certainly can’t be good for business and it didn’t stop me from saying how I felt.

Lisa calling Faye “Faye Rancid” was pathetic — a woman in her 50s reduced to what sounded like an elementary school bully.

Yolanda is clearly still upset about the Reunion and that I called her a liar. Yes, I did call her a liar. But only AFTER she said I lied, which I did not. SO, we are both in the same boat. I am looking forward to moving past that. I never had any issues with Yolanda before the Reunion and can’t help but feel she was influenced by others that day.

Lisa’s faint on DWTS. . . I’m not too sure what to say about this. . .First of all, we knew she was OK because that show is previously recorded and aired later. But, my first thought was that she was tired and didn’t want to continue on DWTS anymore. OR she thought she was going to be eliminated so she might as well feign illness.”

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  • linda in spring

    Lisa likes playing the big mama role with her jabs played off as dry wit. Her spinoff reality show hightlights just how invasive into others relationships she get involed in her driends and staff and their personal relationships with each other. I would not like my sons ir daughter to work for someone like that. It should be work related issues only. To me she cimes across as grandma or Auntie B.

  • DebBrenn

    It seems there’s another person who “has a different set of rules for herself.” Kyle sucks up to Lisa to her face, but unfailingly says nasty things in her interviews and to everyone else. Kyle just doesn’t understand being genuine. Lisa lets Kyle know to her face that she no longer trusts her motivations, and wisely so. It was especially mean spirited, potentially slanderous, and IMO ignorant for the two sisters to accuse Lisa on camera of faking a faint to get out of a commitment to DWTS. Clearly, having been a kid actor does not inform one on what a real faint looks like. I have fainted a few times over the years from low blood pressure, and it feels just like Lisa’s looked. You have several seconds, at least, where your vision tunnels, you’re still aware, then you lose hearing equilibrium and senses. Once you are laying flat the blood can return to your head mostly from gravity, and you regain your senses.

  • deonn

    wow kyle lol you and your sister who IM CONFUSEDDD WHY IS STILL ON THE SHOW can take a hike tbh well u can stay

  • Fahlina_G

    This faux, never will be b!tch again. Does she not know when to take a HINT? (And take a long walk off a short pier?) GO AWAY! Every time I have to fast forward through your scenes it’s WORK! TV is supposed to be FUN!

  • Ewing Best

    Is there no film of Yolanda’s supposed comment about Lisa that would clear this matter up? Oh wait, that might actually clear up the drama we are to like.