Kyle Richards Reacts to Ken Todd Assault Allegations

On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna shared with the women that Ken Todd had been making headlines for allegedly assaulting a woman that worked for a dog rescue company the couple was potentially going to support.

Previous reports about the incident claim Ken allegedly threw a female executive for the company Spot On against a wall and yelled, “Do you know who I am? I will ruin your life!”

During the episode, Kyle told Rinna, “Ken would never lay his hand on a woman ever!”

During her appearance on WWHL this week, Kyle Richards reacted to the allegation. Kyle said Lisa Rinna was just “stirring up sh*t” with her comments. “I like Lisa Rinna a lot, but there’s things like that where I just don’t really know why she does that stuff,” she shared.

Kyle admitted she was also very taken back by Rinna’s reactions from watching seasons one and two of RHOBH.

“I was actually very taken aback,” Kyle said. “I was really shocked, and she really went after Lisa Vanderpump. And I was shocked and I felt extremely defensive of Lisa Vanderpump, and I was like, ‘What the hell is Lisa Rinna doing right now?'”

Lisa Vanderpump also reacted to Rinna’s shade in the video below:


26 Replies to “Kyle Richards Reacts to Ken Todd Assault Allegations”

  1. I don’t believe for one moment that LR is doing this on her own. I believe production is behind a lot of it. I’m sure Rinna is told to drop these bombs. As for her take on seasons one and two? It’s all there on film, Kyle.

    She should be worried about her own behaviour and realize what a “sniper from the side” LVP really is.

    1. You took the words right outta my keyboard! Rinna is Rinna but I don’t think her and LVP have ever been friends and with friends like LVP who needs enemies?! I personally feel the reason the two don’t get along is they are too much alike – both a little bit sneaky and gossip hounds. The only thing LVP has going for her is her work with animals and LGBT community.

  2. Lisa Rinna is pure & utter gutter trash—from the start. She’s in the same category of Brandi Granville far as I’m concerned.
    She hates LVP & Ken & has to dagger them both. She has not forgotten what Ken referred her to when she was constantly battering his wife.
    LVP is & always will be star of the show & Rinna cant accept that. She is foul.

  3. Rinna is the worst. She should have stuck with soaps. Soaps thrive on lots of drama, gossip, backstabbing, etc. Rinna does too. She is no one’s friend.
    Even if there was an accusation against someone you know, do you have to put it on screen and from your big mouth?! If anyone was a true friend, you would not be the one talking about them. You would try to hide the bad press about your friends, I would hope. I think you would hope for the same in return.
    The news, most likely false accusations against an innocent man (I don’t know the specifics but Ken would never) is out there, but it did not have to be made bigger out of the huge mouth of Rinna.

    1. So true. When she said “well, I’m talking about it” it reminded me of what happened when Kimmy talked about HER husband. Ken would never touch a woman accept Lisa. Whatever BS some nobody wanting some of their money thought they could get anyone to believe anything negative about Ken were so wrong. Reputation counts, and he has a stellar rep. Even when Yolanda tried to say he pushed her when he barely touched her arm after she butt into Ken’s and Mauricio’s conversation 3 times. Shame on them, and shame on Rinna.

  4. Didn’t Rinna say on the first or second episode in one of her talking heads that she learned her lesson from last season and was going to be so good this season? That didn’t last for very long.

  5. I was just going to mention the Yolanda-grabbing incident. You go for the toe? I’d go for something a little higher.

    Funny, LVP likes to drop bombs (“Oh? Is that when the affair started?”) but don’t anyone air her dirty laundry. I like how she told Camille re her boyfriend, “I’m not going to interrogate him.” Really? Anyone who can’t see LVP’s shenanigans isn’t paying attention.

  6. How someone who was on Melrose Place and is married to Harry Hamlin can have such an utterly boring personal life has been bizarre to me from the start. Her daughters modeling is literally the first thing in her life that has been of note at all on the show, and considering that has already been done by YoLemons, it comes off about as interesting as when they tried to make a segment out of Eileen changing her dining room curtains. That is why we only ever talk about Rinna when she is trashing someone. That’s what she does for a storyline. It is what she has done from the beginning.

    1. She’s on the show to earn her paycheck by creating drama and get her daughters some publicity. I don’t really see what’s wrong with that – drama is why we watch these shows

  7. Todd is an angry ass who is rude and obviously has anger issues since this isn’t the first claim of him being aggressive. Remember him making mean statements about her not wearing make up when she was ill? Jack ass…
    I have no clue why people are so enamored with the Todds…Ken is a grumpy old man and LVP is a judging shit stirrer. We can all see through her passive aggressive “But darling act”…

  8. I don’t know why it so far fetched that Ken would assault someone. I seem to remember two (female) restaurant critics posting a very interesting expose’ on SUR when it first opened. They claimed Ken wondered around the place like a zombie with (a stuffed) Giggy in his arms. He approached their table (having no idea who they were) and just brazenly proceeded to stroke one of their faces. #creepyOldFck

    1. I remember reading that as well. Also, I think Ken’s demeanor has changed. He just seems a bit “off” to me. He does seem angrier and more detached and just not interested. This story does not seem so farfetched to me. I don’t like him (or LVP) for that matter, or any of them for that matter also!!! I have not one favorite!!! None, I tell ya!

  9. It’s a fact that it’s in the public domain. I don’t see what this has to do with Lisa Rinna. Ken is being sued for allegedly assaulting someone – these guys do not get to hide their dirt. That’s the price of being in reality TV. If nothing else the VPs now have an opportunity to air their side of the story.

  10. I couldn’t hang with any of them. I’m a girl’s girl (hate that term), but it is what it is. All they do is hate on each other. Not my cup of tea.

  11. Ken Todd has a nasty temper and can be aggressive, probably because he a short rather boring little man. His wife is equally spiteful at times, she expects everyone to faun over her, brags about her achievements all the time and actually dyes her dogs coats. What the hell does she do that for, pink dogs – ugh and could be deemed cruel. She being the woman complaining about animal cruelty and yet she treats her. Dogs like dolls rather than little animals. She and little Ken are both quite pathetic and full of themselves. Their daughter’s wedding was absolutely OTT and adusolay of their wealth and they used that idiot Kevin, so fake and really dopey. His ideas are equally awful, nothing understated just bad taste. These two people are an embarrassment to the UK and thank goodness they rarely, if ever, return. Anyone who behaves like they do with their pretentions and open displays of wealth – so excessive, ostentatious, unnecessary and tasteless!

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