Kyle Richards Reacts to Home Burglary

RHOBH star Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s new home was broken into in late December while the family was vacationing in Aspen, Colorado. “Everything” had been taken, including jewelry, watches, handbags, luggage, and even her passport Kyle shares.

In a new interview, Kyle is sharing that the items aren’t what she cares about, it’s what they mean to her family.

“We first heard about the burglary when we were in Aspen and we were completely shocked. And it was just devastating. I’m very grateful that we’re all OK,” Kyle told The Daily Dish. “I keep telling myself, these are just things, they are. But it still really hurts a lot. My mom [Kathleen Richards] left me things she had collected her whole life, passed those onto me, and I wanted to pass those things on to my four daughters. And every time I buy something or I’ve been given something, I think, ‘Well, these are gonna be for my daughters one day.’ Really, every gift I’ve ever been given, everything my mother left me, everything that I worked my butt off to buy for myself, all of it has been taken.”

“We were in Aspen and everyone said, ‘OK, let’s skip skiing today, and we’re gonna go shopping.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t really want to do that right now.’ After you’ve had so much taken from you, I find myself not wanting to buy anything else right now,” Kyle shared. “I’m looking at things differently in this moment. I don’t know how I’m gonna feel in six months or a year. I really don’t know. But the thought of going out and spending a lot of money on a handbag or something like that now just is something that’s not appealing to me because now I have this negative connotation with it. So I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m gonna do moving forward.”

Richards also explained why the family decided to stay on vacation instead of returning to California. “The last place I wanted to be was home at that moment. So I decided to stay in Aspen with my family and try to focus on the fact that we have each other and we’re happy and healthy and enjoy our vacation together because there was nothing I could do at home in L.A. The detectives had handled everything. And everything was gone,” she said. “So I think that in moving forward, I don’t know if I’ll be sharing on social media like I do now, ‘Oh, I’m going here, I’m going there.’ It changes how you think about everything.”

Kyle compared the situation to Kim Kardashian’s 2017 Paris robbery. Kyle said she is trying to be “a little bit more cautious these days” about what she shares on social media. Kyle is also following Kim’s lead in another way after it was recently reported that she won’t be keeping “expensive possessions like jewelry” at her new home in Hidden Hills. “Like Kim Kardashian, she said her home was gonna be a jewelry-free zone. I am, too. I had a few things I was actually wearing at the time. They’re in the bank. I have no desire to put them on,” Kyle said. “I went and borrowed these [earrings] from XIV Karats in Beverly Hills. I walked in. They’re like, ‘Kyle, do you need anything to borrow?’ I’m like, ‘Please, I’ll take anything.’ So, for now, I’m good with that.”

“We actually have an incredible security system in our house. It was just not active at the moment because we’re under construction. We have a state-of-the-art alarm system, an amazing camera system going on,” she added. “I have five dogs, who were not home at the time. And now we actually have two armed guards on the property, even though there’s nothing to steal, but it’s just for peace of mind.”

“It was a terrible, terrible, terrible feeling,” Kyle said of the experience. “And it’s been a rough time for my family, but we’re OK, we’re happy and we’re healthy, but it’s been very sad, really sad.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. I’m sure losing her mothers heirlooms is the worst part of this for her. Hopefully the thieves are idiots and try to pawn them and that can be one way to locate them. Really hope this person/people are found and brought to justice.

    1. I was just listening to Daily Dish on iTunes while shopping this morning and Kyle’s was the latest interview on the show, that poor girl! They really cleaned her OUT. Stole her clothing too. But she sounded most emotional about her mother’s jewelry, and was sad that she really was building a collection to pass down to her four daughters and hopefully their children. I’ve always watched Kyle’s way of accessorizing herself through the seasons and her choices are often deceptively simple, but she has impeccable (and very expensive) taste; even the thinnest, seemingly most minimal touches on her wrists were designer pieces worth thousands. To me this looks like a crime that went beyond a “take the opportunity” robbery; Kyle was marked.

  2. I assume they’ve already verified the whereabouts of Paige Sanderson (the disgruntled former stylist) and I still wouldn’t even rule out Kim’s involvement either.

      1. We watched sticky fingers point her bony finger at Kyle and scream “you stole my goddamned house” … so it’s not that far fetched to me.

        1. she did keep bringing up the house issue.but she is sober now and that was her power juice to say and do whatever she wanted.

  3. So happy they were away & even the dogs werent there, Thank God.
    It’s the invasion of privacy & the loss of sentimental things that hurts the most. BUT, the important thing is that all are safe.

  4. Even now she’s putting out information. “Two armed guards”? Why say that. If anything, I’d be saying it’s all been replaced and I shopped like a mad fool. Try to entice the $%^#ers back and nail them. People who are broken into often get broken into again a short time later. The thieves know the homeowners have replaced everything and they’re going back for brand new stuff.

    I don’t have their kind of money but what I have is in a safe that can’t be removed. Sheesh!

    Oh, I’d also be looking at the construction crew.

  5. I don’t understand why these rich people don’t put their valuables in a big vault. I feel sorry for them losing family things that were passed down.

    1. Wow, I just read that and was looking for someplace on here to post or read about it. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to post or read recent news here. I feel so horrible for the family. I pray they find peace. I do believe the family had a strong bond. I really liked Bobby. Very classy guy. Stay strong Jill.

  6. hey Rain how are u ?I can not get on the other site so I am bummed out,Norton security has blocked it due to the ads having malware I sent them a message .do u think I handled it right ?

  7. No work for me today so I’m fine. Just a bit worried about Bear driving home this afternoon. It will get bad as the day goes on. We don’t know how to drive in this crap around here

    1. Oh that’s definitely a concern … is it going to be a lot of snow or just a dusting? I hope eveybody drives slow and takes it easy ❤️❤️ Wow the climate is changing everywhere

            1. WI has had a mild winter as of yet sorry not bragging just surprised we got about 6 inches snow and now it is below zero.. and warm up tomorrow. So Prayers for you

  8. Thanks !!! prob is I am compleyely blocked out to where I cant even do that lo I never thought of other avenues brain fog as of late. Appreciate the idea..

  9. It is totally heartbreaking when things get stole. U just can not trust that someone isn’t gonna want your valuables when you are doing well in life.
    I hope she can recover some of the real sentimental things at least.

  10. Not so much . Looking at all much tiny clothes that no longer fit my ass. Now I want a cupcake. Roads aren’t even frozen yet but already a ton of wrecks in h town

            1. I bet! You’re in Texas!
              Ours are so so. One used to be good, but it is a chain and it is as good as they try to be..when they try. The last time I ate there, my food smelled of lighter fluid, so I never ate it..and I hate to send food back. I did that once and was sick as a dog after eating what was most likely contaminated food…yup!

  11. Hey Rain!

    Nice to see you!

    I have no more comments about Kyle and her robbery. I already said it before.
    Just saying Hi to you!!!

    HI to everyone else too!


      1. Good Morning Daisy sweetness.
        I am well today. How are you?
        Diswasher still is not repaired…awaiting part and repairman Friday.
        Snow is on the way, but this should be very little, unless they are wrong again!

        All is well here. I hope you are doing great!

        1. Hi lovely. I’m so sorry about your dishwasher. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Our really expensive tv went out a few days ago, only had it for a couple of years. They don’t make things to last anymore. We are also having a snow/ ice storm. Yep in Texas

          1. Well, they don’t make anything to last. Of that I am sure. My last dishwasher was replaced at 10 years. This one is 9… I have a service contract on it and my ovens that I pay monthly on, or I would have gotten a new one, even though it looks brand new on the outside and has been fine until the leaks started.
            The problem is that only idiot are repairmen any more. The best ones (like doctors IMO) are the oldest ones who are near retirement. They just look at some book, order parts and then “repair” even if it is not fixed. Then they leave as soon as the parts are installed without even checking the diswasher. The first repairman came several times and did not repair it. He ignored what I said and even said he did not see it leaking from underneath.
            They finally sent the white haired man. He had been here before twice, for my refrigerator and oven and was the only one to actually fix them, like a detective. He talks to himself the entire time he works too, but he seems to be the best one. I am praying he will repair it. He is to pull the DW out and on its side for this repair, unlike the other guy who just took off a door panel and put a new one in with a new vent?
            That was long!
            Sorry I went off topic so much. It just seems we are a throwaway society, and even my own sister said, just get a new one! Then again she is a multimillionaire…for real. She never repairs anything. Then she tells me of an old DW she had (in her basement kitchen) that was over 30 years old and finally replaced. They just don’t make them like that any more. I had that with my old Maytag washer and dryer…lasted forever and looked brand new.

            1. We tend to replace vs repair only because in my experience the repairs cost almost as much as to repair. Thankfully we still have the old tv from 10 plus years ago. It’s the one with the light bulbs. So we purchased a new bulb and so far working perfectly. I just miss having ultra high def

              1. I agree about the price of repairs. If I did not have this service contract that I pay for monthly, I would not have had the man to repair it, and I would have most likely ordered a new one. It is not worth paying hundreds for repairs.
                My sister does that with appliances that are only 5 years old. The lifespan of dishwashers today is maybe 10 years, so I would have purchased new by now. She never considers a repair.
                My built in Mongram refrigerator is almost 20 years old. I heard they can last up to 25 or so; this model, anyway. I won’t be buying another one like it since they are around 10,000 new today…and when I bought it, it was in the new house I purchased and part of the mortgage…. It also was probably less than a quarter of that cost back then. I don’t remember.
                It is still a throwaway society. The things that end up in landfills is way too much when a lot of it is unnecessary. Landfills are forever. The planet is only so big.
                It is a shame that the labor costs are as high as they are for repairs, and a lot of that is because we don’t have so many qualified repair persons out there too.
                I have not seen the labor charges, but only the parts costs and the plan I pay for is well worth it, considering how many times my oven had issues and how expensive the parts and labor are. Also with wall ovens, I would have to replace both for it to match. *I would never build a house like this again. I would put in a commercial style range with 6 burners if I was in that predicament back then again…which I won’t be, since I want to downsize. I do love a nice gas range.

              2. Oh, I had a TV that had an astronomically expensive lightbulb to replace that kept dying frequently. It turns out it was a bad design. We had to call the store since we had insurance on it (worthless). They said we could only get 400.00 for the TV which was only 2 years old and we purchased a matching stand which was now useless. We ended up buying a plasma TV and adding some money to it, since 400 was not nearly enough, but the plasma coast less than the others. The original TV was about 3 times that cost or so…
                Thankfully the company that sold it to us went out of business after that. They were terrible. The TV had the best picture, but that particular technology had issues. I forget the name of it. My son the engineer had recommended it for the picture, but it was faulty.
                I have bad luck. We still have the plasma that weighs a ton on the wall and gives off a lot of heat, using lots of electricity. I saw a very nice TV at Costco I like but I am waiting for it to go down in price. For now, this one works great, anyway.

                1. Thankfully the bulb was only around 100.00. So much cheaper than a tv. I will never buy another LG product again, ever. Nothing but bad luck with them

                  1. They don’t have the best reputation either.
                    If it wasn’t for the unique size of the cut outs for my ovens, I never would have gotten another GE either.

          2. I know Texas is a huge state, but are you supposed to get snow there?

            Here in NJ we have crazy weather. It was below freezing every day for over 2 weeks and even minus 0. Then it was in the 50s on the weekend. Now it has been in the 20s and 30s with snow on the way after 18 inches of it not so long ago and still some of that is on the ground.
            Texas should be warm!

            1. This is a crazy winter for everyone. Nope, normally it doesn’t snow here. It only snowed 5 times in 30 years. This winter it has snowed 3 times

              1. Yes, this is an extremely cold winter here. My heating (gas) bill was astronomical.
                This polar freeze is unreal. I never remembered these cold temperatures like we have been having and for such long streaks of cold weather.
                I noticed that some of my evergreens have dropped tons of needles and I think my crape myrtle is dead…hard to tell yet, but something does not look right. We are supposedly in a zone 7 for planting here, but polar temps are not the norm, and the plants may not survive. We will find out in the spring for sure.
                We have had several hurricanes in the last few years and one was a superstorm, Superstorm Sandy. In all of my years, most of them living near the Jersey shore, I have never seen the hurricanes and the terrible destruction of the Superstorm ever. I also never remember so many Nor’easters either. One Nor’easter came days after the superstorm in October and brought super cold weather, snow and intense winds and more destruction…and we hear of so many storms. It was never like it has been these last 7 years or so. It only gets worse.

                1. Hi cutie, the hubby got snowed out so is home. I’ll reply to you when I get him settled in, just didn’t want to leave you hanging. Have a great day, stay warm

  12. Hotsie totsie, thanks! Wow! Now I feel hot..though it is still in the 20s here I think?!
    You are the Number 1 San Francisco hottie!!!! (Sizzle sounds)

    Love ya Rain!

  13. Yes, you should! They just don’t have anything in small containers!
    Just kidding!
    I go to BJ’s and Costco. I stopped this week from buying a cake or pie. I really love the Tres Leches cake at die for. I cut it in small slices, but still it is so fattening and YUMMY.
    Now I have the natural cookies…from BJs, the crunchy kind that have no preservatives. I limit myself. (But we still have some leftover candy from Christmas that are just Hershey miniatures with tiny Reese’s pieces. I am not a bit chocolate fan, but I love Reese’s. It’s the pb combo that is so nice. I try to eat just one…at a time. Really, I am good about them.
    I bought a Challah last time though. I am not Jewish, but I craved it, since I had a Jewish friend who used to bake them and give me one at times. I ate most of that loaf with some help. (The other one is in the freezer!) You have to buy 2 at BJs!

  14. Those munchies can do it!
    I am not a big red meat eater, but some times I crave a Burger King cheese. I just love them. I only eat one (they are huge) with some onion rings…love those too and crave them…and some fries. (I split the fries and rings). I won’t count those calories or I will faint.

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