Kyle Richards Opens Up About How Things Have Changed With Her Sisters

During this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw Kyle Richards get very upset when she shared the news she had possibly sold two other TV shows. During a lunch with Dorit Kemsley, Kyle broke down in tears because she felt she could not share her successes with her sisters.

Kyle is opening up more about her feelings in a new blog post.

“I share with Erika about my other shows that are in development. What I mean when I say that I don’t want to get myself in “trouble” with my sisters is there was some confusion with American Woman as to exactly what the show is going to be. I only share stories from my perspective. I would never take it upon myself to share someone else’s stories. And I have a lot of respect for my mother and her memory. While my mom was flawed—as we all are—she loved her children more than anything in the world. And that is very apparent in American Woman. But since there was concern on Kathy’s part about the project, I feel nervous to share future projects, even though they don’t have anything to do with my sisters. Kim has actually been very supportive of everything I am doing, and her support means a lot to me.”

Kyle continued, “When I tell Dorit about my other shows in development, I found myself surprisingly emotional. Yes, I am an emotional person, but my reaction surprised even me. The night before is when I had heard about the the other projects. It’s always in those moments I really miss my mom. My dad too, of course, but my mom was my biggest cheerleader. I would give anything to be able to call her and share this exciting news. My husband is always supportive and excited about my projects, and I feel very fortunate to have him cheer me on and encourage me.”

“I, like many people, have had bumps in the road when it comes to family. Family dynamics are complicated and weigh heavily on me. The more I care about someone, the more it hurts. I look forward to the day when things are less complicated. Family is the most important thing to me.”

Richards also clarified her comments in the episode during an appearance on WWHL. “Less than being a rift, it was more like I just didn’t feel I could reach out in that moment [that] there was something to share because there’s been some tension and awkwardness. And it’s hard when you don’t have your parents. You really lean on your siblings,” she explained to Andy Cohen. “So in that moment, and Dorit just caught me in that moment where it came out, and I really wish it didn’t, but it did.”

What are your thoughts about Kyle’s relationship with Kim and Kathy?