Kyle Richards Opens Up About How Things Have Changed With Her Sisters

During this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw Kyle Richards get very upset when she shared the news she had possibly sold two other TV shows. During a lunch with Dorit Kemsley, Kyle broke down in tears because she felt she could not share her successes with her sisters.

Kyle is opening up more about her feelings in a new blog post.

“I share with Erika about my other shows that are in development. What I mean when I say that I don’t want to get myself in “trouble” with my sisters is there was some confusion with American Woman as to exactly what the show is going to be. I only share stories from my perspective. I would never take it upon myself to share someone else’s stories. And I have a lot of respect for my mother and her memory. While my mom was flawed—as we all are—she loved her children more than anything in the world. And that is very apparent in American Woman. But since there was concern on Kathy’s part about the project, I feel nervous to share future projects, even though they don’t have anything to do with my sisters. Kim has actually been very supportive of everything I am doing, and her support means a lot to me.”

Kyle continued, “When I tell Dorit about my other shows in development, I found myself surprisingly emotional. Yes, I am an emotional person, but my reaction surprised even me. The night before is when I had heard about the the other projects. It’s always in those moments I really miss my mom. My dad too, of course, but my mom was my biggest cheerleader. I would give anything to be able to call her and share this exciting news. My husband is always supportive and excited about my projects, and I feel very fortunate to have him cheer me on and encourage me.”

“I, like many people, have had bumps in the road when it comes to family. Family dynamics are complicated and weigh heavily on me. The more I care about someone, the more it hurts. I look forward to the day when things are less complicated. Family is the most important thing to me.”

Richards also clarified her comments in the episode during an appearance on WWHL. “Less than being a rift, it was more like I just didn’t feel I could reach out in that moment [that] there was something to share because there’s been some tension and awkwardness. And it’s hard when you don’t have your parents. You really lean on your siblings,” she explained to Andy Cohen. “So in that moment, and Dorit just caught me in that moment where it came out, and I really wish it didn’t, but it did.”

What are your thoughts about Kyle’s relationship with Kim and Kathy?


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  1. Sometimes you make choices in life. Do you choose your own self and nuclear family over your extended family? Do you ditch the ones who helped make you a success, if it is so, such as siblings and in-laws, so you can pursue your own dreams and never look back? Do you write stories about family, but not include them in that at all, but then surprise them with your sudden TV drama about your family?
    I don’t know all of the specifics, but Mauricio left Hilton, and they were not happy. Did he take clients with him? Was there a problem when how it happened? I don’t know.
    Kyle chose to do what she wanted as she wanted as did Mauricio. They are very wealthy now, but at what cost? I don’t know the specifics as I have written, but I don’t think the family was happy about either of them with these pursuits, and we are not privy to all of it, unless someone here knows more. I don’t believe they were envious, maybe a bit yes, but I don’t think that is the real reason her family is now not backing her with this or cheering her on.

    1. I think the main hang up was Mauricio leaving Hilton Hyland to break out on his own. I recall Kyle and and her oldest daughter being invited to Nicky’s wedding, but Mauricio and the daughters she has with him were not included. That tells me the main beef is between Rick and Mauricio.

        1. No, I don’t think so anyway. I think Kyle’s oldest daughter was to be a bridesmaid and Porsha was a flower girl but they were the only ones invited. Then they decided to invite Kyle because Porsha was so young and needed her there. It was odd anyway. I would not attend any function that excluded my husband and kids due to some family feud.

    2. There is definitely some history there. So Kim is being supportive? Well then, I guess it’s just Kathy who has a problem. This is why you NEVER go into business with family. I hardly think the Hiltons are jealous of the Umanskys. Maybe they’re upset that someone is capitalizing on their family without their input. Who knows. Kyle certainly doesn’t sit on the fence when things involve her. I find her quite hypocritical. Let’s see what happens when Paris gets married.

    3. You’re right Sandy.❤️ Kyle is a climber to a large extent so she knew what she was doing and how it might affect her relationships, very competitive family overall in my mind.

      1. I’m amazed that Kyle still tries to paint their mother as a saint. From what I’ve read she was a boozing, gold-digging stage mom who pimped out her kids and forced them to marry rich men. I’m willing to bet that their mother played one off against the other all their lives. They all need therapy, IMO.

          1. She brags about driving a car at 13. She was picking her mother up from bars. Kyle would lose her mind if one of her kids did something like that. Kim was forced to “perform” for the men her mother brought home. Do you think it’s possible that Kim was used for other reasons? They were also forced to marry rich. I dislike selective amnesia when it comes to people who have died. I think Kyle is in denial about a lot more than Kim’s addictions.

        1. Kyle was the youngest so her perspective may be very different than that of her sisters and certain different than that of an outsider. I know my brother and I have very different takes on our childhood and who our parents were.

          1. Yes, I agree. My oldest sister and I (the baby) have totally different perspectives of our childhood. She’s 12 years my elder, so of course we would. I think people overlook their parents mistakes because it’s the healthy thing to do. We all make mistakes, and their Mom wanted them to be stars. I don’t think she forced them. It seems Kim is the one who has the worst symptoms from what being a child star at that age meant back then. I always wondered, too, what kind of treatment Kim got during her childhood “Disney Kid” stardom. I’ve heard horror stories. The kid who played Dennis the Menace was just one.

  2. I respect what Kyle has done in regards to having a beautiful family and lifestyle but she just seems so manipulative, conniving and hypocrital. Every time she attempts to cast either of her sisters in a negative light, I only see how underhanded she is. If she’s going to talk about the conflict with her sister in public then she should talk about ALL of it. Not just the part that makes her look like the poor little victim to her big mean sister. Grow up, Kyle.

  3. I definitely feel that when family brings you on board, you work for them for years then break away there’s going to be some hurt. When M left and started his agency, he became Rick’s equal and competitor. So there’s that. Then you have an already delicate situation with Kyle and sister Kathy regarding Kim with her alcoholism and the friction that arose between the three. That probably never healed fully between K & K. So now you have a little sister in a higher income bracket who stands on her own two feet with her own businesses, doesn’t need big sister for a thing other than her love and unfortunately it appears Kathy controls only through emotional blackmail. I think Kathy Hilton doesn’t truly have Kyles best interest at heart and is more than likely punishing Kyle for her (and Mauricio’s) new found success. Money and fame….they’re not all it’s cracked up to be.

  4. I believe it is a “typical family situation” Different dynamics, different personalities, different people. How can you possibly name the thousands of family dynamics that are possible. Some get along well and others have a ton of skeletons to live with. No judgement here.

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