Kyle Richards Opens Up About Her Friendship With Erika Girardi

RHOBH star Kyle Richards is opening up about her friendship with her co-star Erika Girardi and how they have connected on a deeper level.

“From the moment Erika joined the show, I immediately liked her. We both had in common that we had our kids really young, and we just sort of started bonding over being young moms. I just liked her,” Kyle tells The Daily Dish. “Now that she’s been on the show, it’s her second season, we’ve gotten closer and closer and I’m really enjoying my time with her.”

Kyle explains that their trip to Greece really helped them bond. “We had so much fun, we really did,” Kyle said. “Each trip and each time with any of the Housewives when we travel, people get closer and you learn a lot about people, and I think you could see that we enjoy each other’s company.”

“Erika lets down her guard more with me, I think, just because we hit it off right away. I think coming into the Housewives, a lot of women have a lot of distrust. I don’t know why,” Kyle said with a laugh. “Lisa Vanderpump and I have been there for seven years, and I see the newbies come in. I feel bad for them. I think, ‘God, it must be kind of weird to step into this arena and some people have never even been in front of a camera before,’ so it can be scary. So it takes a little while to get close to people, but I think Erika and I just kind of clicked right away.”

Kyle also teased Erika’s emotional moment in an upcoming episode that has viewers curious. “Each season you get to know each Housewife more and more, I think, and with Erika, she let her guard down a little bit more towards the end of the season,” Kyle said. “So I think the audience will see another side of her, and she’s gonna open up.”

“I was so taken aback. I even said to her the next day, it’s like another voice came out of her. All of a sudden, she got so emotional and so upset,” Kyle explained. “But you have to tune in and see why.”

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  • Cin

    Love Erika!!! Kyle looks great!!

  • Rain

    Erika and Kyle connected right away and shot a lot of scenes together in her first season. Bravo edited them out because they were pushing the narrative of Erika is Yos ally and Kyle and LVP on the other camp. Again , this editing is just nonsense. It’s not ‘real’
    I started really liking Kyle last season, when Kim exited. I don’t hate Kim , just wish her well AWAY from the show. Kyle has defiantly grown on me and my 3 fav HWs ever now are Shannon, Erika and Kyle. I only watch OC (no more) and BH so can’t comment on other cities

  • barbara

    Erika is my favorite, hands down. But if Kyle and Erika start getting to close, I’ll bet LV will do something to cause trouble between the two. LV is a true manipulator but I don’t think she stands a chance with Erika. I think I hope LV does try to start some crap, cause that will be a supreme knock out punch from Erika!

    • I’ve wondered myself about that. I think that Lisa will keep whatever she might have tried to plan a few season ago to herself. She sees Kyle as a little different now that her and Mo have become so successful. Though I don’t see any difference in the way Kyle and Mauricio are toward their friends. They always hosted parties and had get-togethers for their friends, only difference now is that the parties are more elaborate and sumptuous. Kyle treats her friends as she always has, being honest and assertive. I believe Lisa sees her as a stronger ally with money for some reason, so therefore as a stronger possible opponent. I honestly believe she cares a lot about and loves Kyle, and I see that Kyle returns the feelings. All that aside, I personally don’t see Lisa taking the chance of losing Kyle’s friendship again. They were friends for 4 years before the show, and I sincerely hope they remain so after the show is no more.

      • barbara

        I have done a complete 360 when it comes to LV. I don’t trust her and if not for Ken and their animal causes (which I support) I could care less if she is on the show or not. I do think you make an interesting point about money and Kyle. I had never looked at their relationship in terms of money. But that does sound like LV. None the less, I think Erika could be a real threat to LV if she does get to close to Kyle. Time will tell. 🙂