Kyle Richards Opens Up About Having Fibromyalgia

We thought we knew everything about Kyle Richards, but the RHOBH star is opening up about her struggle with Fibromyalgia and the chronic pain that comes with it.

Kyle revealed that she started getting this pain when her mother died. “My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, but as my mom was sick and taking care of her I started feeling really sick myself. I went to a lot of different doctors and they would say, ‘Oh, you’re just depressed because your mom died.’ And I was like, ‘I’m just not buying that it’s only I’m depressed. Why am I having all these crazy symptoms?'” Kyle said in an interview on The Healer. “Then I was talking with someone and she said, ‘You have fibromyalgia. Everything you just said is fibromyalgia.’ So I went to this doctor who specializes in it, and he asked me a lot of questions. All of a sudden I felt like I had an answer and I felt better because it caused so much anxiety.”

Charlie Goldsmith started to use energy to help heal Kyle in the episode, she said that she felt a “warm, tingling sensation going through the area that bothers me most,” which is her neck and shoulders.

Kyle was hopeful this would help her pain. “That would be amazing to think, you know, that I could just be free of these symptoms and my husband [Mauricio Umansky] would never have to hear about it again,” Kyle said.

See what Kyle’s been doing since the last season of RHOBH:

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32 Replies to “Kyle Richards Opens Up About Having Fibromyalgia”

    1. So true, if you are not visibly struggling they can’t relate. I have sciatica and it’s all I can do sometimes to get out of bed let alone be active. The pain is so real, I never NOT hurt, I just measure it in degrees. Kyle isn’t my fave but I do wish her well with this.

      1. I hear you so well. You live in constant pain & it is measured in degrees. So well put. That’s my world too. I wish you all the best & I hope Kyle finds a way to cope.

          1. Thanks so much Kt, I really appreciate it so much. We try to do the very best with what we have to work with.
            I pray you always good health yourself.

      2. I have had problems with sciatica and one thing that has helped relieve it is to stand with one foot on a chair. Then lean forward as far as you feel you can and still be stable. You’ll feel a stretch. It might not seem like it’s going to help but after a few days you may notice relief.

        1. Thank you so much Dorinda, I’m going to try that. I’m also planning to start practicing yoga, I’ve had that recommended to me by several fellow sufferers. I wish you so much comfort and relief, take care xoxoxoxo

      3. I wish you the best as well. I have chronic pain but Dr’s can’t find what it is. (my lower back) It makes me feel like I am losing my mind…..but when I can’t get out of bed without a struggle every morning, I say “THEY are the ones who are nuts.” 🙂

        1. Thank you so much, that’s how my pain first manifested as well, you should see if sciatica is a factor. I wish you success in finding a diagnosis and the best days ever!!!

    2. You’re so right kt. It doesn’t make me feel happy at all to see another diagnosed with this crazy needling illness but I feel less alone the more high profile people speak out about it. It’s a drag it really is and it’s real believe me all of it.

      1. Oh, Sugar Mama…I know it’s real! I’ve see patients daily with chronic pain and we feel helpless because there isn’t much to do. One patient with have, has a chronic pain issue so harsh 1 in 5 commit suicide and yet there are people in the ED who treat him as if he’s drug seeking. No, he just wants even 30 minutes worth of relief.
        I hope you are able to have much needed relief!!

  1. Ahhhhh, there she is: Ms. Symptom Chart, trying to cash in on pity points, once again!! KyleECoyote already claimed she had Fibromyalgia years ago. She also “suffered from ‘dry eyes'” – when she wanted to be the spokes person for an eye drop company. Another product push was special pills to promote thicker hair. And she is the poster child for NeuroticsRUs, whenever her daughters want to go away to college. Her “depression” & “anxiety” were supposedly attributed to her mother’s death, which Kryle keeps using as her excuse for every malady she encounters. Let’s not forget her fear of flying which she required hypnosis. She screamed while flying, when being filmed. Yet, when she traveled extensively with maRITZio on various trips, not a peep – because those trips weren’t on camera.

  2. I don’t want to deal with another health crisis on these shows. Everybody’s got to have something to promote. I’m sorry for everyone on here who are dealing with health issues, but I’m pretty sure you’re not out and about complaining to try and gain sympathy. That’s the difference between a normal person and a HW. They crave the attention and sympathy.

  3. I don’t see her trying to cash in on pity points…as far as I can remember I don’t think she has mentioned the pain on the show and if she has it has been quick as I am pretty sure lots on here would remember if she was continuously talking about being in pain on the show.

  4. If any of the readers on here have fibro, please look into Wahl’s Protocol. It’s strictly diet and can be done in conjunction with your traditional medical treatments.

    That is my PSA for today!

    1. I am an auto-immune disease sufferer. Thanks for the info. I just ordered the book. Just want to throw in that I have never had a day good enough that I can do the splits or a cartwheel.

  5. I have a very close family member who suffers from this horrible disease . It has taken over her whole life . She has good days but , many more not so good days . It really is a misunderstood and over looked condition . Prayers for everyone afflicted with this

  6. Just wanted to add that although I have fibro, I really don’t want the show to focus on anymore illness. I watch these shows to escape!

    1. Hi there, Minx!!! It’s nice to *see* you. I miss posting there, too 🙁 I’m sorry you have Fibromyalgia. It’s a horrible disease. I’m not sure I believe that Kryle has it, btw. Claiming to have it, and actually having it, aren’t the same thing. At no time on the show, did Kryle complain of intense pain that left her unable to mug for cameras, do her helicopter twirls & splits. She probably wants attention, sympathy & a disease endorsement.

      1. I agree with you about Kryle; if she had it, there would be more talk about it and how she copes with it. As I watch for entertainment, I’m relieved that we, the audience, are not subjected to any YoYo-type nonsense. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  7. So Kyle attacked Yolanda for having a “weird disease” while all the while she had a “weird disease” herself? That is the height of hypocrisy. For the record I have compassion for people who suffer with both terrible conditions but surprised at Kyle in light of this.

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