Kyle Richards Opening Her Store In New York City


Kyle Richards has opened up a boutique in Beverly Hills and even a pop-up shop in the Hamptons, and now she is confirming that she’s opening up another location for her boutique, Kyle by Alene Too, in Manhattan.

“I am opening my fifth clothing store Kyle by Alene Too in New York City actually this coming up week,” she shared with The Daily Dish about the December 5th opening. “I’m having like a little party there in New York City and it’s really exciting. When we opened the store in Beverly Hills, I never imagined it would grow to be five stores, so it’s kind of crazy.”

“I love fashion. And I have four daughters, so it’s just fun. It’s actually an escape for me when I’m shooting the Housewives and go to the store, it’s just like playing dress up and fun for me,” she said. “I love it and my kids love it. My kids, they don’t care that I’m on the Housewives. They are excited and proud I produced a show, but their biggest excitement is over the store. They’re like, ‘you can never close the store.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh! These girls.'”

“People always ask me about the name of my store,” she said last December. “I did a book signing at a store in Boca called Alene Too and I fell in love with the store. It’s everything that I love, and I thought I would love to have a store like that in L.A. So when we partnered, they wanted to keep the store’s original name in L.A. because they have a very strong fan base of their own. So we combined the names.”

Photo Credit: Bravo