Kyle Richards NOT Leaving RHOBH, Stunned By Rick Hilton’s Comments


As we previously reported, Kyle Richards’ brother-in-law Rick Hilton told the paps that she had given her notice to Bravo and quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but according to a new report, this is absolutely false and just another part of their on-going family feud.

“Kyle was absolutely stunned,” an insider said when saw the video of Rick. “There has been so much family drama between Kyle and her sister Kathy Hilton, Rick’s wife, ever since Nicky‘s wedding last summer. Kathy was furious that Kyle was blabbing about the wedding drama on camera.”

When Kathy and Kyle saw each other at Kris Jenner’s Christmas party, reconciliation seemed possible. “Kyle told Kathy she had asked Bravo to cut any further mention of the wedding from RHOBH, but there was never any talk about quitting the show.”

So why did Rick say anything? “Kyle thinks Rick is trying to publicly pressure her into leaving RHOBH,” the source told RadarOnline. “That if she refuses to do so, it will make her look bad.”

The insider added, “These family issues won’t take Kyle off the show. She loves being on it, especially without her other sister Kim.”

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41 Replies to “Kyle Richards NOT Leaving RHOBH, Stunned By Rick Hilton’s Comments”

  1. Kyle gets so much hate, I happen to think of her as a staple of this show. She is very pretty, grew up in Beverly Hills, and appears to be a well-grounded mother. I don’t want her off RHOBH it wouldn’t be the same.

    1. ISME I totally agree. There is no way Kyle would leave. Her BIL has just made himself look even more ridiculous by saying that! (If that is possible!)

    2. I love Kyle, she is my favorite housewife of all. And as far as Kathy and her other bitch of a sister, well, the stuff with Kim needs no explanation, but now that I have read a little of the book and heard what all the hotel and Hilton employees and hangers on have to say about the Hilton’s as parents during the time Kathy’s kids were young, I can see why Kyle is close to her nieces and nephews and not the siblings. She has a completely different style of raising her children, or should I say she actually is raising them. I wouldn’t give a damn about what any of them wanted.

  2. I don’t believe for a second Kyle would be upset Bravo is airing the family drama. If Kyle didn’t want Bravo to air it she wouldn’t have talked about it in front of the cameras. Just more of Kyle being a fame whore.

  3. I don’t believe nothing that comes from Kyle’s mouth she’s doing anything and everything to stay in her eyes the good sister she walk over her dead mom to stay on this show I have never cared for the whining I’m taking care of my sister Kim I I love my family. My husband don’t go out on me Kyle no she’s. Not going anywhere

  4. Rick Hilton was probably half listening when his wife told him that Kyle said she was going to ask the producers to cut any family business from the shows, and thought she said that Kyle was going to cut herself from the show. After all, why would he want to stir up more public drama when public drama is what Kathy’s so mad about in the first place? Bet he heard about that when he got home, heh.

  5. I think it’s hilarious Rick messed with Kyle, it gives her a taste of her own medicine constantly talking about her family on the show.
    Though I really doubt anyone believed she would quit the show, that is absolutely something she will not do, that’s clear.

    1. No Way she will never Quit shes gonna beat Vicky G’s time – plus I will always say MONEY talks its a paycheck. Probably Greasy Mauricio loves shes off her Azz and helping – plus I would say he loves him some camera time- I think if Kyle had a Blonde Wig on she would look just like Kim and I Think that bothers the hell outta her—

    1. Usually anon is beneath my notice, and I normally skip the post, but since I know who you are… the Hiltons don’t have the power to make her do anything. Saying things that are considered rude things about the cast is a totally different arena than constantly saying vulgar things. Just vulgarity at it’s best. What a great thing to be known for, really foul, vulgar comments.
      I am going to say this one more time to you, SW. I wanted to say it before the new year but was too busy. I, in the past, have said thank you to you, have said I was sorry to you, when I was wrong have said that to you, never one time did you acknowledge it. You just pounced on something else I said then. There is a huge difference between making fun of housewives and directing your crude commentary TOWARD a poster. You find ONE post where I am the one who spoke first toward a poster. I have certainly spoken back when someone says dirty nasty things to me personally. Like delusional, telling me and others we have no life because we are reading and commenting on the same exact blog they are on, calling me names. I think once I said I thought a comment was delusional, and it was a typo I meant to say the housewife was. I corrected my mistake and apologized to the poster. I started reading my post before posting after that. The times I have acknowledged my mistake, whether a mistake in my tone or my comment it is completely ignored, because that would let a person off the hook.
      Now I no longer worry about it with you, SW, especially because I can go back to Spring, since you have decided to mention me by name several times, SW, and I could copy and paste it to this day and no one would know because it says the same exact thing. NO one will ever forget that Kyle called Kim an alcoholic, because you remind us every few days. You post on every Kyle page and say nasty hateful things but you find it cruel when I speak my opinion about 3 housewives. I can go back to the last entire 3 weeks and not find any comment from you, SW, that isn’t nasty and derogatory. I go back and read mine when someone tells me that and try to see where I used that tone or whatever. Maybe you should try it.
      I actually had a private joke with a person from another place about something Tom Sandoval said on a reunion about something off color, and we had likened it to spelling in an effort to keep it private and you jumped on that and have followed me around and pointed out every misspelling since that day. I am introspective when someone says something directly to me, it is human nature, in my heart, to take it to heart. Most of the time I disregard it now, because they are either wrong or I don’t give a shit.
      I genuinely tried for the entire time since I started posting here to get along with you, to no avail. It is not possible to get along with you. And BTW, others don’t necessarily agree with ME, they agree with what I SAY. Just like I agree with what THEY SAY SOMETIMES.
      So If it is possible for you to have it, Happy New Year SidewinderVx.

      1. 3ds if you think I’m posting on anon you are incorrect, I have no problem saying stuff your face.
        Just cuz someone else doesn’t like Kyle doesn’t mean it’s me, go look at social media and polls of housewives, Kyle isn’t wildly popular.

        I find it hard to believe you are introspective about comments said to you and go back and reread what you wrote, have you seen the increasing number of people calling you out for your hypocritical comments? If it was just me it would be one thing, but it’s a few people now.

        I tend to skip your comments now, as I find them too hypocritical, it’s very frustrating to read. I only saw this cuz you specially told me to look at it.

        Making fun of a housewife is fine, being crude and gross about a housewife shouldn’t be fine. There’s no reason for it, sorry if I hold myself to a higher standard than you, I just don’t see the reason for making fun of a housewife in such a stupid way.
        I don’t call out everyone that says crude things about a housewife, but I did call you out a few time and that was for a specific reason. You’re hypocritical.

        I don’t find pointing out someones double standards crude, if you want to see an example of being crude to another commenters, I’d take a look at your replies to peoples opinions you don’t like, it’s usually just “Pppppfffftttttt”. Rude, dismissive and crude.

        When people make fun of Teresa you suddenly become very preachy. telling people to donate their time spent hating on teresa to charity – you seem to forget that you spend so much of your time hating on Brandi and Kim.

        Yes I’ve called you out on misspelling housewives name (but definitely not every time you do it, I don’t have that kind of time) but again thats because when someone calls Kyle “Vyle Kyle” you’re denouncing it as childish, again forgetting that you constantly belittle housewives by their name.

        The reason I keep mentioning Kyle outing Kim is because it’s still relevant. Every few weeks there’s another “Why doesn’t my family like me?” story about Kyle, and the answer stays the same, and Kims not on the show anymore and she is still Kyles storyline.
        But again this is another of your hypocritical comments, as you have said the same thing about Brandi and Kim in every Brandi and Kim news story.

        And the reason I say you have a little circle of friends that agree with YOU rather than agree with what you are saying, is I know for a fact they don’t agree with how you are saying it. They call out other people for how they say things, and they don’t agree with or do the belittling name calling, but they don’t call you out when you do it.
        That’s fine, they are your friends. It just creates a group mentality when they aren’t commenting when you “pppffffffttttt” or name call, but they jump on someone else when they do it. Other people are clearly starting to see that too.

        I’ve no idea why none of these rules you expect commenters to follow apply to you, but if they did I would not have been commenting to you as much to point out the hypocrisies, it’s the only reason why we go back and forth when I can have disagreements with other commenters no problem.

        Sorry this is so long, hopefully it can be the last of it, Cuz I personally don’t care, I don’t try and engage your opinion comments any more, the only times i’ve engaged you was when you’ve clearly read my opinion then posts “some people here say/think…” and then basically write a reply to me.
        You clearly enjoy the fight, I do to but with less hypocrisy, since you keep replying to me or re-commenting on something you’ve already commented on when someone doesn’t reply to get a reaction or go back to months old threads to talk about me.

        I’m flattered I’m the Brandi to your RHOBH, since I’m all you can talk about even when I’m not around, but much like the show you need to get a new storyline and move on cuz it’s boring.

        1. No, I didn’t think you were anon. I knew, the rest I didn’t read, I said everything I had to say and reading you is just more of what you have already told me always. Happy 2016, SidewinderVX

        2. As you have mentioned her friends, I’m just going to comment, 3D you will always be my friend but do we agree 100% of course not! No two people do! There has been a huge change in the way you comment since you first started, I know I wasn’t around but you asked me to go and read back your old comments. You were really angry at the world at that time but have changed so so much since then. When people have called you out for using the word ‘whore’ which I don’t like you stopped, yesterday while I was looking for a comment I had supposedly made I saw many people using the word whore about Brandi, no one called them out, That is since I first started in the summer. Are you opinionated yes of course you are, I love that about you.
          SW, 3D was trying to make things right and explain where she was coming from, maybe the wording re anon, (I know that not what she meant. we know who anon is) could have been different. You aren’t innocent in all this, you followed her to an old comment last week, why? You say you ignore her but you don’t, to be honest it’s getting tiresome reading all of this crap! Sorry but is. You are just as bad about calling housewives out with ‘disgusting’ etc etc so please for the sake of the rest of us give us a break!
          Neither one of you is innocent over this JUST TOTALLY IGNORE EACH OTHER!

            1. Sorry, I said all above but I knew where you were coming from and it hasn’t worked at least you tried, maybe the wording re anon was cocked but that was it. Love you xoxo

          1. I agree. I’d already been ignoring a lot her her comments, Look at the volume of comments 3ds has, and how few I reply to. I already explained why I have replied to her in particular making fun of housewives name and not others and when 3ds keeps baiting I have replied, but it’s been ages since I engaged her in a actual point, other then to point out being hypocritical, the only point I replied to in a long time was about Yolanda and Ken, before that it was ages.
            I have said housewives comments and actions were disgusting, or vile, I didn’t say the person was. Big difference between that and calling a housewife a sexist term like slut or whore.

            1. I know when you are in your 20’s (not age bashing) a week seems like a long time. I do not know why it seems hypocritical to say what I think, all housewives are people, some I like some I don’t. The Tre thing was an effing year of people saying thousands of times over and over and over felon felon thief just nonstop. I do actually think about what others say, just not you anymore. If you really don’t think it is nasty what you say, then go on with your bad self SW. When I say “people” that’s because I only use the reply button when I think someone wants to hear my reply. It isn’t directed to you and it isn’t said with spite, altho I know you want to believe it is. Many others on all kinds of pages agree with what you say, and believe it or not I do not always remember who said it. You replied to every post I made for like 3 days with preachy stuff yourself, but you don’t realize you only preach about BG. You NEVER miss a chance to say something nasty about Kyle, never. You have been coming after me since the day I started on here. Pffft, is exactly what I meant. Beneath notice. But you just keep on while telling me I keep on. I tried to ignore you, I tried to reply and make my point and back off points I was wrong about, I tried to engage you in a friendly way, I tried all kinds of things with you, but you see nothing but what you want to see SW. Good, ignore me and I will do you the same favor. I meant it when I said I hope you can have a good 2016.

  6. What always makes me laugh is so many people have an opinion of Kathy who they DON’T know. It’s only opinions of her from stupid tabloid articles. We also only hear Kyles side of the story so obviously that’s the accurate portrayal of the situation. Which is completely laughable. I’m not saying Kathy is nice heck she may be mean and nasty. However I can promise you Kyle is not innocent in the family drama.

    1. What I have seen first-hand from Kathy (and there has been enough) is that she’s a pushy bitch that does poke a hole in either sister’s balloon when she gets the chance. None of the three girls have an abundance of character, but they were raised by someone with none.

      1. Did you see any of the reality show she did? Someone sent me a link a long time ago, what a joke this woman is. Then the mother was even worse!!

    1. not so. i think she is the best on the show. she sure can take the verbal abuse and let it slide off her back. She is the strongest character on the show.

  7. I wouldn’t call myself a Kyle fan (or foe) but for sure Rick Hilton’s statement rang false. I mean, the woman has a contract, end of story.

  8. Kyle and Lisa make the BH show IMO. She is a HOUSEWIFE. She now owns a very successful business and does a lot of charity work. Her oldest Daughter graduated from college with honors and is doing well in her profession. Alexia is in college and from what the facebook pages show is also doing well in her studies. All of the girls are lovely like their Mom. Portia maybe had a hiccup when she was 6 like most children. Since they aren’t tiny adults we can hardly expect them to get thru childhood without pushing the boundaries. Sophia is a sweet girl and growing up a little lady just like the rest of Kyle’s children. It says a lot about a woman when her kids are well adjusted, polite, charming girls. Especially when Kyle’s own Mom didn’t teach mothering to them. Both other sisters went the way of Big Kathy the way it looks. It is so much easier to let kids do what they want and let others do the taking care of them. Kyle chose to do it herself and with wonderful results. She also has a kind, handsome husband, perfect housewife material.

  9. Kyle may be a good mom in many ways; we all parent differently and especially her oldest daughter seems very well grounded. But one scene bothered me, when she took the girls to get their ears pierced. To much drama, too many tears! And little Portia, what a great actress! It looked to me like Kyle was proud and even encouraged it and that really bothers me. Not healthy. JMO!

    1. Yeah Portia looked coached to me, especially since she go one ear done in season 4 and basically didn’t care. The whole scene was just a reenactment of the scene from season 4, same people and all.

  10. Hahaha. My oldest two Daughters had the piercing without a word or a tear. My youngest!!! Wow, she saw me jump a little and every time the guy came close to her with the tool, she just couldn’t do it. Later she became the bravest of my kids where her friends, sisters or I was concerned. Wow! She used to be ferocious in her defense of her friends and anyone who she felt needed it. She loved animals more than any person, tho. Do you all remember “Dances with Wolves?” Kevin Costner got the shit beat out of him in that one scene in the wagon, she just sat quietly, then the wolf came around the bend and that guy with the rifle winged him, OMGod, she screamed so loud!! I remember with joy and laughter.

  11. Booo, oh- was so hoping it were true, vyle/byle back-fat back stabber, splits mcgee, 2-faced mean girl needs to go… She is so horrible and mean to her sisters and her alleged friend (Lisa Vanderpump), byle still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Lisa V., became the (star) of the show, and back-fat is just another cast member with no storyline except her drunk sister….Would not even miss that twit….

  12. Can someone tell me what Kyle brings to the table? Washed up has been with a rich husband and girls that freak out just by getting their ears pierced.. Which is totally uncalled for. Entirely way too sheltered if they freak out the way they did. I was embarrassed for them just watching it.. If that were my kids I would have said man up your not a baby and if you act that way then you don’t need your ears pierced bottom line.

    1. I would like to know what you want her to “bring”. I don’t think the way a little girl on camera acts while having her ears pierced is portraying anything bothersome about Kyle’s parenting, sheesh. Big deal. Sometimes we coddle our children, again, no big deal.

  13. I just watched a small portion of the esisode I DVRd once again… This this the lowest of the low. Even worse than Yo letting her kids aware of her will. Kyle should toughen up her girls… So so pathetic. Bad parenting is the bottom line. Behavior at that age is not socially acceptable. It’s borderline disgusting. Shame on Both parents for letting that that happen especially on tv.

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