Kyle Richards’ New Home Robbed; $1 Million Worth Of Jewelry Stolen

RHOBH star Kyle Richards has moved into a new home and while she was out-of-town, her Encino home was robbed on December 28, 2017.

While Kyle and her family were in Aspen, the suspect or suspects broke in through a window and took nearly $1 million in jewelry, including $150,000 in watches owned by Mauricio. Kyle’s jewelry was allegedly in a lock box, but it’s unclear if they were able to break into it. The burglary was discovered by the housekeeper, TMZ reports.

The security system was not activated when the suspects attempted to rob the home. However, a closet sensor was triggered by the suspects at around 1:15am. The home does have surveillance cameras which may help authorities identify the suspects.

Mauricio has reacted to the event by sharing a note on Instagram. “2017 Memories #family Nothing replaces Family. They can steal your belongings but they can’t steal your memories or your love.”

At this time the suspects are still unidentified.

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Kyle Richards’ New Home Robbed; $1 Million Worth Of Jewelry Stolen”

  1. I wish all thieves would have their arms fall off. My daughter got hit by porch pirates right before Christmas. Three packages gone in one day.

  2. No one deserves to be robbed. Unfortunate that showing what you have on tv makes you a huge target. Also, telling everyone on tv/social media that your house will be empty for an extended period of time…perhaps they will want to keep those plans private in the future and/or get a housesitter.

    1. Stop flaunting your wealth on TV, don’t broadcast when you’re going to be away, and when you are away set your alarm system.

  3. Why let the world know the house is empty. Unfortunately the thieves had all the time to do what they did. I hope they catch & jail them. The invasion of your home is the worst feeling ever.

  4. I’d feel so violated. Sound like the thieves knew exactly where to look. If I had Kyle’s money I’d be in a gated community all. day. long.

  5. People with old money and class rarely show off their wealth, they don’t walk around telling how many Birkin bags they have or how much was thin ring or their shoes. They enjoy their wealth in a circumspect way, neither do they walk around covered with diamonds nor any of the crap the women on the show do. Real aristocrats believe that money, titles and even university diplomas are like dentures or wigs, you know they are there but you rarely talk about it

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