Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Purchase Stunning New Home in Encino

RHOBH star Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky have purchased a new home… and it’s not in Beverly Hills.

That’s right, the couple just purchased an estate for $8.25 million in Encino, California.

According to Trulia, the 10,600-square-foot Colonial property, originally built in 1882 in downtown Los Angeles and moved to Encino by freight in the 1920s, was once the home of Smokey Robinson.

Kyle’s new place has seven-bedrooms, eight-bath and is a gated mansion that sits behind manicured hedges and a fountain. The home can be entered through a black-and-white tiled foyer, and hardwood floors cover the living room, where you will see the first of eight fireplaces. The home boasts a gray-colored kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a large center island opens into a large dining and family room that sits next to a larger formal dining room.

The backyard of the property has a new swimming pool, gazebo, creek, and 1600-square-foot guest house decorate the sprawling lawns. Kyle and her family can have movie nights in the home theater—which has a projected screen and a full wall of built-in shelving. In the master suite they are able to relax on the attached 800-square-foot balcony before bed.

Check out these photos of Kyle’s new house:

Photo Credit: Bravo/Trulia


30 Replies to “Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Purchase Stunning New Home in Encino”

  1. Happy for them. Love the outside of the house & the gazebo & landscape. Other than that, the inside would be a nightmare to manage.

    1. The outside is really lovely but the decor was nicer in her old house. I’m with you Starr about the upkeep. I’m so over being tied to cleaning, fixing, maintaining etc that comes with big houses (not that I ever owned one that big). And yes, she’s not doing it herself but it still takes work to keep it going effortlessly. I’m in the process of sizing down myself and it’s still not where I want to be but it’s a good start.

  2. Encino? WTH would anyone want to live in Encino?
    It is a lovely house but the surrounding area is iffy. It, is in the Valley with horrendous traffic and terrible heat.

    1. Oh yes, the heat in the valley. I have heard about it before. Maybe they like it hot?
      Traffic is the pits though. You really know Cali. It is way bigger than their other place, anyway. Mauricio is a real estate mogul, so he must know that it is a good investment.

  3. OK, I’m from SoCal and I have no idea why on earth they would move to the valley. It’s hotter, traffic to get back to the areas where they usually hang out, and it doesn’t have the prestige of BH, Bel Air, Brentwood, etc. Weird, but I’d take that house if they wanted to give it to me….

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing!
      I lived in Sherman Oaks for two months (when I was in Graduate School) that was all I could take. I detest the Valley, period.
      The weather is hotter than hell, it is a traffic nightmare and Ventura Blvd was just getting horribly seedy..

        1. Seriously, this looks like the Hartman’s old property. One of my College Friend’s Family lived in the same neighborhood and I passed by the ‘Hartman House’ at least 4 times a week for two years.
          (I, forget who owned it prior to the Hartman’s.)
          I don’t believe the Richards are moving to the ‘Valley’.. This is either fake news or it is an investment property.
          Mauricio’s business is too far away and it doesn’t look great when a Major Power Realtor moves away from BH’s into a less desirable area.
          I can’t see Mauricio, commuting to his office everyday. Also, It is too far away from Kyle’s Shop.
          I am, not believing this.

          1. Maybe there is a reason. I am thinking that if Mauricio moves in with his family, it will look like the neighborhood is great…great enough for him to move there from the best neighborhood around. Then, he will put it on the market in a year or so and sell it much more easily, saying, I lived here and loved it. In the meantime, they live in a massive place that would be twice as much in BH, maybe? They will flip it. If anyone asks why they moved, he will say, I am a realtor, and that is what I do. I move a lot. Whatever. I am surprised it is Encino too.

          2. I just viewed a pic of the Hartman house and a house number on the street said 5065…though it looked like it was on the corner. I saw on a MDLLA episode how they changed the address to the other street…so it sounded nicer…in a house situated on a corner lot…but I don’t think it is the same house…It looked more like a ranch.

            1. I stand corrected!
              I looked up Phil Hartman’s House & it is the Ranch on the corner. I don’t know why I confused the two.
              There is a Georgian Colonial on the block, ( not Robinson’s House which was moved from Hancock Park) but it was lovely, (no fountain).
              I don’t know why I confused the two.

  4. I’m obsessed with Kyle so I had to think about this before I commented. I literally woke up thinking about it. First, the exterior is completely Kyle. She loves this 1950s California shuddered crosshatch window thing. I do too. Second, ENCINO?? Does this not feel like a step down? Why?? Is she trying to distance herself from the BH set? Who could blame her. Fake fake fake and I’m sure Mauricio receives advances from thirsty girls constantly. I wouldn’t want to hang out with any of them either. Does Kim live in the guest house LOL?

    It looks like the house in Father of the bride. But that’s in Pasadena.

  5. I believe you. If you read that last link I posted, someone just flipped the former Smokey Robinson estate and sold it to Mauricio for a whole lot more, after renovations, of course.
    Maybe Encino is very “up and coming” as they say?

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