Kyle Richards: Mauricio Did NOT Tell Me To Keep My Distance From My Sister Kim


According to a new report, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio wants her to “keep her distance” from her sister Kim after Kim’s pit bull attacked the couple’s daughter Alexia.

A source claimed Mauricio is “disgusted with Kim’s antics and how ungrateful he thinks she has been towards Kyle. For years before RHOBH, the couple helped financially support Kim. From paying for car repairs to tuition bills, Kyle always gave money whenever she asked. This was before Mauricio became wildly successful. At the beginning, times were lean. Any extra money Kyle and Mauricio had went to Kim.”

“Mauricio never wants to see Kim ever again. She has caused nothing but sadness and grief to Kyle,” RadarOnline reported.

I personally reached out to Kyle Richards and she confirmed to me that this report is NOT TRUE!

“My husband would never say that. This is not true at all,” Kyle exclusively tells us.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • yes she did

    I can believe they helped her.

    • Aleggra

      Kyle talks too much.

      • Jo

        exactly. you help your sister, you shut up about it, why keep talking about her financial problems? We know, Kyle, you’re rich, we know, down girl. She’s pathetic.

        • Confused5

          I don’t like Kyle but perhaps Kim should be a bit more gratefull! She is such a bitch, just like her new friend Brandy!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Kyle would never admit if her husband said that about Kim. She doesn’t want his reputation tarnished. I bet her whole family tells Kyle to stay away from PSYCHO KIM.

        • Kyle hasn’t talked about the financial help since the one comment in season 1 in the limo. A lot of other people talk about it, though. She shouldn’t HELP her sister. I am so sick of this whole “get HELP, she needs HELP” There is HELP around every corner in BH. Her sister is cruel, hurtful and disgusting. Kyle has been taking the horrible way Kim treats her for years and continuing with the first week of filming 3rd. season as soon as she got out of rehab when she got HELP. God, she need to look inward to see the fetid puke in there. But she won’t because she is a sociopath. It wasn’t Kyle’s fault then and she needs to walk away now. Whether she drinks or drugs has nothing to do with the fact that she just isn’t a nice person. THAT MIGHT BE THE REASON she is a drunk, not the other way around. At season 5 reunion Kim reminded me of “The Exorcist” I know Kyle wants us to be kind, but Kim is as far from kind as is possible.

        • Blow Jo. Go hang with people like you. Be sure you have never in your life done something one of them morally objects to, though.

  • Aleggra

    Kyle talks too much. Most of it untrue.

    • Sue

      Are you Brandi posting under the name Aleggra?? HAHA! #loser

  • iamuksam

    Even if this was true, would it matter, I think he would have a valid point. If Kim was my sister I’d want to keep my distance ! (In fact I have a sister who has ‘issues’ so I do keep my distance, afterall you can’t help someone who won’t help themselves!)

  • brightbright

    Mauricio should have a problem with Kim. The way she treats his wife. I know my husband would.

    • funkypink2014

      Thank you! I know my husband would too and wouldn’t care who knew it or not.
      Kim is a big girl, she can seek help and for once take responsibility for all her short comings and phu ck ups. All these ppl saying Kyle this, Kyle that are Projecting! Stop hating!
      Kyle rocks! Kim can kick rocks.

  • Confused5

    Whether it’s true or not Kim and Kyle have a toxic relationship, it’s none of Brandi’s business to get between them. It’s between Kyle and Mauricio whether they help or not and no o e else’s.

  • Confused5

    Sorry one not o e!!

  • funkypink2014

    I don’t blame Mauricio not one bit if he did tell Kyle to stay away from Kim. Don’t blame him not one bit!

  • jen

    Who could blame him? Kim has shown no remorse for her dog attacking an innocent child, her niece, her own flesh & blood. What is WRONG with her????????????????

    • funkypink2014

      Jen, I agree with you!!! How crazy is this situation?!? I feel for Kyle and daughter!!!

    • Karen

      ITA Jen!

  • starr sabga

    Someone is lying & I feel as usual, Kyle is covering up the truth as she always feels she has to stand by her sick, demented. mean spirited, spoilt brat of a sister. If Mauricio were my husband, he would definitely tell me to keep my distance for my sanity as Kim could drive a person insane, especially a sister. Kyle needs to get a grip, understand there’s nothing left that she could do & she is not being disloyal to this freak of nature that has made her life as well as her family’s lives a living hell. Especially as Kim is so unappreciative & blames Kyle for everything. Kim has her own kids, all grown, let them show that loyalty & support to their mother. Not Kyle’s job.

  • Aunt Bee

    I agree with all the above except poor Aleggra.

  • kt

    I thought this was the family that doesn’t discuss family business/secrets….I think someone missed the memo!

  • Lisa

    I believe Kyle but remember her daughter almost lost her hand. This proves Kim is a dangerous oerson

  • Judyk

    You should stay away from Kim! I’m so sick of her. I know record HWOBH to fast forward when Kim is on. Why does Kim wait for parties to confront everybody! Can’t stand her!

  • LiarKyle

    Kyle is a liar and selfish. I dont believe for a second that she has helped Kim financially. Actually both Kathy and Kim have kept their distances from hollywood Kyle. Kim and Kathy have been seen together many of times and celebrated the holiday together with their respective family and Kyle was not even invited.

    • Really? So, you are privy to private invitations in the family. Boy, you go to a lot of trouble to sound like you know some tidbit of info. Maybe you should get into the business of following people around with a hidden camera to put even more of a spotlight on their private life.

      • Aunt Bee

        If by the “holidays” she means Christmas and Easter of course Kim and Kathy, who are Christian, would not invite Kyle who converted to Judaism. Some Kyle haters just don’t make sense.

        • Oh! Aunt Bee, thank you for reminding me. I am going to try to be more kind like you are. You get your point across really strongly but with kindness. Sometimes I don’t feel very kind.

  • Karen

    WAIT A MINUTE- Radar Onlone is notorious for putting out false stories and THIS article is a direct quote right from Kyle refuting it as a LIE, but half the folks above choose to believe the lie and rag on Kyle for talking too much. SMH…

    • Karen

      PS- good reporting Nikki

      • Aunt Bee

        I agree Karen. Thanks to Nikki for administering this site and doing such an incredible job.

  • Aunt Bee

    I totally sympathize with Kyle. As I stated before I have lived my whole life with alcoholic family members and I know how Kyle feels. It’s easy for others to judge Kyle but you haven’t walked in her shoes. It would be great if Kyle could walk away but it is very hard to leave an ill family member behind with no remorse. Yes I too am tired of this story line and it is up to Bravo to remove this situation from a program that used to be enjoyable to watch.

    • Confused5

      Totally agree!

      • Aunt Bee

        Thank you

  • Amber

    Right on Aunt Bee. I couldn’t agree more. Kim needs to be shown the door and led into a padded cell for awhile. She is deeply disturbed and not a very nice person shall we say. Enough of her poison. My heart breaks for Kyle who clearly loved her sister inspite of her unloveableness.

  • Amber

    I meant to say loves.

  • Amanda

    I wonder who sold ROLies such bullshit. Does it start with the letter “B”?