Kyle Richards: Mauricio Did NOT Tell Me To Keep My Distance From My Sister Kim


According to a new report, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio wants her to “keep her distance” from her sister Kim after Kim’s pit bull attacked the couple’s daughter Alexia.

A source claimed Mauricio is “disgusted with Kim’s antics and how ungrateful he thinks she has been towards Kyle. For years before RHOBH, the couple helped financially support Kim. From paying for car repairs to tuition bills, Kyle always gave money whenever she asked. This was before Mauricio became wildly successful. At the beginning, times were lean. Any extra money Kyle and Mauricio had went to Kim.”

“Mauricio never wants to see Kim ever again. She has caused nothing but sadness and grief to Kyle,” RadarOnline reported.

I personally reached out to Kyle Richards and she confirmed to me that this report is NOT TRUE!

“My husband would never say that. This is not true at all,” Kyle exclusively tells us.

Photo Credit: Bravo