Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump’s Intense Fight That Didn’t Make It To Air!

Kyle Mauricio

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have had a lot of animosity in their friendship on Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while the Season is coming to end this clip shows a heated fight between Lisa and Kyle at the Reunion that didn’t air! Andy starts by reading a comment from a viewer: “Kyle sat on the fence during all the drama but it always seemed like your friend Faye had plenty to say – is Faye on your payroll — is she a friend, or some one who invoices you?”

“She is not on my payroll – oh, well, she designed my home, but no, she is not on my payroll….” Kyle says, and before she can finish, Lisa jumps in, “Oh come on! She works for you!”

Lisa rips into Kyle, telling her she uses Faye as her mouthpiece against Brandi Glanville. “[She’s] so desperate for camera time, that she will go after anything just to make her big mark!” Lisa alleges.

“May God strike me dead if I am lying,” Kyle angrily replies, “I did NOT EVER ask Faye to to say one thing to Brandi!” Kyle continues, “I NEVER in my life needed a mouth piece and I certainly don’t need one now!”

Yolanda notes that Kyle is guilty by association because she is best friends with Faye.

Watch the video of Kyle and Lisa’s intense fight below!

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9 Replies to “Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump’s Intense Fight That Didn’t Make It To Air!”

  1. Bravo should have aired this confrontation.

    Viewers have Kyle to thank for inviting her best friend to join the show. Since then, Faye has elicited nothing but negative reaction from viewers for her verbal attacks against Brandi. Kyle has refused to rein in her friend. Faye uses information she learns directly from her friend Kyle to attack Brandi, and then Kyle sits back, watches the fireworks and she’s entertained by it all.

    She has also facilitated Faye’s attendance to one particular event where Lisa Vanderpump made it known that Faye was not invited to her party, Then, both Faye and Kyle took to twitter to counter Lisa’s claims that Faye crashed her party.

    In this clip that occurred at the reunion, watch Kyle’s lips curl in a smile over Faye telling Brandi that no matter how many Chanel’s she borrows (incidentally, Brandi has stated that she owns several Chanel handbags), she will never be a lady. Kyle’s reaction is the only explanation viewers need as to whether or not Faye is her mouthpiece. Faye is akin to Adrienne’s chef who trashed both Lisa and Brandi in tabloids.

    The level of dishonesty exhibited by Kyle and crew (Adrienne, Camille, and Kim) repulses me. These women are only interested in creating false narratives on the show and that’s why a large segment of viewers no longer support them.

  2. If Faye was not her close friend than tell me why when Kyle cut the ribbon on the opening of her store why was it Faye standing next to her and it was Faye she turned to and kissed? ???? Not her sister, or Lisa it’s bc Kyle wanted to stand back and smile and say ” I am not in that and have nothing to say, I want no part of it” next you see her and Adrienne talking about it and how Faye said what Kyle wanted…

  3. Kyle is the Grand Master when it comes to “deflection”. She is so accustomed to immedialty pointing the finger/drama (deflection) onto someone or somewhere else. This part of Kyle’s personality comes naturally for her due to the fact of who she is, where and how she was raised. Deflection is taught at an early age. ex. “I didn’t do it, she did it because, etc, etc, etc….. I wonder if it was instilled from her parents or those who cared for her as a young one. It’s all part of deceit, lying, exaggerating the truth.
    After watching the Reunion I thought Kyle has got to have a “mean” headache, not from the time spent filming but from the amount of time she spent rolling her eyes! Liar, liar, pants on fire! It’s just such a fitting statement for Kyle. Bravo needs a T-shit just for Kyle…..ASK ME I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING!

  4. I don’t believe Kyle told Faye to act as she did, but I do think that Kyle, knowing Faye’s attack dog personality, told her things to get her worked up and then sat back to enjoy the show. She eggs people on and then throws her hands up in the air, saying, “I can’t take sides!”

  5. Bravo, has obviously taken an interest in Faye, and her ability to stir it up on the show. As brash as Brandi, is Faye, is being crucified for protecting Adrienne Maloof. A should be able to fight her own battles however, the most obvious obstruction is Faye, she wants to be on the SHOW!. Everyone is vulgarly screaming for their 15 minutes!. Brandi, knows what she is doing she has a lot of practice. She has been talking about her ex husband who is just as disgusting as her. These women showcase their lives around young women, little children, and their longtime spouses in such an immoral way talking about casual sex because they are married too long and they think it is what others people think aka: Marissa . Bathroom escapades in a child’s bathroom gee how victorious is that . And brash slander of another woman’s family and how they came to be all for the sake of “reality” . It leaves nothing less a shallow impression of what these women think are “authentic”. Brandi, try and see if you would get away with that slander anywhere else . That type of “reality” is about a woman and her family fight fair dont go there. Because when it happens to you , you fall apart and cry and ask for everyone’s underlying sympathy. Lisa, I believe is authentic but has to have the cards stacked neatly in her favour( I used your European spelling) babe. But Lisa, is beautiful and impressive she is as sharp as a wit and knows it. Brandi, acts like a new untamed horse kicking her way into submission. I cant stand listening about her dumb ex spouse another idiot ruining innocent children’s lives. Mauricio and Kyle are a business its so obvious were they want to be in 10 years. Shall I say it FORBES. OK Kim, is probably the only one living reality. And I am rooting for you and praying she makes it to the home stretch I really believe she will. I think Adriene, should have fought the bullies and gotten right into it . But I respect her she did now want to bring her children in and when it comes to them all bets are off. Marissa, is a dumb chicken chirping for what reason ?. Is she gone yet ? . Faye, is mirroring Brandi and laughing all the way to the bank. Yolanda, she is on her high horse come on girls she married a millionaire and knows nothing but butter and milk oh and lemons . She made lemonade with her once about wrinkled pompous stallion of a man she calls “My love” . The shrill can be heard without the audio. I am being mean but she is just too “holier than thout” for my taste . In retrospect, I love the show for Kyle and her lovely family and Lisa for her outrageous home , fashion, jewlery, makeup , style , decorating. Come on lets mix it up with Faye and Brandi rooming together in OHI, I want to see the reality of survival of the fittest bitch in Beverly Hills; I have my money on Faye…LOLOL

  6. Wow ! Feeling like Kyle does that and acts like What ? Lol , she better watch he husband , cause I don’t belive 4 a sec. He soo looks like the type ! O.k. I said that ! Lol p.s. he is a cutie tho

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