Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Talk RHOBH Season 7


The cameras have been rolling for a couple of weeks for season seven of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and cast veterans Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards are talking about the changes of the show in a new interview.

“Each season, someone new seems to come in and shake things up a bit, so we do have a little shift this season and it’s interesting,” Kyle told E! News, adding that its too early to tell if the change is good yet. “Well, it’s new. You never know. In the beginning, it’s always great, and then later, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is a nightmare!'”

Although Bravo has yet to announce the new cast, we do know that Yolanda Hadid and Kathryn Edwards will not be returning. However, Kyle teases that we will probably be seeing her sister Kim Richards.

“I think she is [returning,]” she said. “I can’t confirm that, but I would like to see her back and I know a lot of people would.” Kyle added that appearing on the show helps Kim as she struggles with her sobriety. “It gives her purpose and accountability and somewhere to be every day,” she added. “I feel like it was a good thing for my sister.”

Season seven almost saw fan favorite Lisa Vanderpump walk away from the show, but after talks with high-ups, she is able to focus on her work with animal rights and her involvement in the LGBT community. “It’s OK, but there were wounds to heal,” Lisa said, speaking of season six.

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22 Replies to “Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Talk RHOBH Season 7”

  1. I haven’t worked out yet if I want to watch the new season. If Eileen had gone I would but I really don’t have time for her and her non story line! I expect I will unless it’s a bash Lisa season again!

      1. Yes but I really dislike Eileen, she treats it like one of her soaps, maybe next season if I watch she will get better. Not sure about Rinna! I will watch the first one Dorit is on but I’ll see after that. My patience is wearing thin with these I’m afraid. All I need is Ken xoxoxoxox

        1. I agree. I very much dislike sudsy and soapy. So much so that I will simply zip them as I always have when they are at home or together. I obviously can’t do that when they are with the rest of the cast. My favorite housewives have always been Kyle and Lisa, so at least they are back. But Kim, PLEEEEESSSSE NO, NO NO.

          1. Hello 3Ds, nice to see you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope all is well! I keep leaving you messages but I don’t knew if you even read them lol. I know we both don’t have alerts.
            I hope Kim realises this is NOT good for her sobriety !!

  2. I’m not sure I want to waste time one either. Soapy and Sudsy will continue to “OVERACT” even while going to the bathroom and Kim shouldn’t be anywhere near anyone. LVP needs her own show with Ken and all their animals. That I could watch.

  3. I am excited to see how the new gal Dorit stands behind LVP. I hope she is more of a “have LVP’s back kind of friend” then Kyle is to LVP. I also want to see Eileen and Rinna “Soapy and Sudsey” grovel at LVP’s feet for forgiveness. I hope LVP makes them work really hard for that forgiveness too!

      1. H Krista, I rarely disagree with you but in my opinion, for what it’s worth, these two are as bad as each other and both do it! I guess trying to keep their place on the show! Xoxox

  4. I think this will be the only HW I will continue to watch and when done , that’s it!
    I agree about Eileen but that’s what PVR’s are for.
    I’m glad LVP is back and hopefully her and Kyle stir up a bit of fun.

  5. Eileen should go. All she brought to the show was whining nonstop about how someone dared mentioned the affair that she actually HAD. Gee, you’d think she was the wife and mother, not the homewrecker. Ick.

    Also, Erika Nicole Smith, ugh. So, she dumped her kid and ran off to be a cocktail waitress (more likely sex worker) until she could snag a rich old toad. Now he pays for people with real talent to make her silly writhing around and amateur singing look passable. Being married for fifteen years to her antique ATM has not increased her class. She should get her GED.

    Kim is a sad case but really never was very interesting. If they’re going to bring anyone back, Brandi is much more fun.

    Love LVP. Kyle’s okay. Not sure about Rinna.

  6. The show CLEARLY does not help Kim Richards in her struggle at all if seasons 1-5 are any indication. I know she needs money, but this is so unhealthy for her, and Bravo should stop taking advantage of her.

    1. Addicts can be VERY persuasive, and even with her history, I have seen addicts tell a story of being clean that made the audience cry. I don’t ever want to see Kimmy again either, and I hope, hope, hope she isn’t on the show. She is a cruel, deceitful, back stabbing bitch. Nothing to do with her addiction which only shows me every time she would rather be hi than anything else in the world, including being a Mom, a Sister or a Grandmother. I also hope dearly I am proven wrong.

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