Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump Reveal We Won’t See Kim Richards On RHOBH This Year

For the first time in 8 years, former RHOBH star Kim Richards will not be appearing on the show. Kim hasn’t been a full time Housewife since season 5, but she has appeared in numerous episodes and had plenty of feuds with the other ladies.

Kyle Richards opened up in a new interview about why we will not see Kim on the show this year.

“You know, she’s got a lot of stuff going on in her personal life,” Kyle said. “She, I think, didn’t want to do that – maybe it’s a little too intense, so she’s happy doing what she’s doing right now.”

Lisa Vanderpump even commented on Kim’s upcoming absence from the show.

“I think [it’s] a shame, really,” Lisa Vanderpump told ET. “Because, always the relationship, when it’s a family member, it really raises the stakes, because you’re so invested in that. And I like Kim – she stepped out at certain times, she’s needed to step out, and it was a shame she didn’t come back this year, because apparently, she’s doing, you know, quite well.”

“It is weird,” Kyle said of filming without Kim. “You know, we started it together and even though we fought, we’re sisters and I love her. There’s nothing like having your sister there with you, even if you’re fighting — that’s your blood, so it’s like, it was kind of weird at first.”

“There were times I really wanted her to be there this season, but she opted not to,” Kyle adds.

If there is a silver lining here for Kyle is that the two sisters can no longer fight in the public eye.

“That created so much anxiety for me,” she says. “Just a very difficult, emotional time and I just thought, ‘This is not what I thought the show was going to be.’ I thought it was gonna be all fun and games, I don’t want to do this, but you know, you find the good outweighs the bad, and a lot of good has come from doing the Housewives. I’m doing things that I would’ve never been given the opportunity if it wasn’t for the Housewives.”

Will you miss Kim? I have to say, her interviews always made me laugh.

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  1. The show has proven to be bad for Kim – I am glad she is smart enough to realize that and stay away. I wish her and her family well.

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