Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna Dish On Eden Sassoon


Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna are dishing on one of the additions to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eden Sassoon.

Kyle revealed that she hasn’t really clicked with Sassoon. “Eden has come onto the show as a ‘friend.’ I don’t know if I am allowed to say that, but I just did,” she told Access Hollywood. “Oh well. Time will tell. I don’t think I’m her favorite person to be honest.”

Lisa Rinna was hesitant to reveal too much. “You know, you’ll just have to watch the show,” she said. “That is all I’m gonna give you. I was a big fan of her dad’s.”

Rinna was also asked about the drama on the show. “I’m not sure. Do we have drama on our show?” she teased.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Kyle keeps looking more and more gorgeous ! Bitch! 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

    • Suze☕️

      Unlike Ronna who looks rougher each time I see a picture of her!

      • Suze☕️

        Or even Rinna!

    • I think it’s ’cause she is beautiful inside! 🙂 There will be lot’s of different opinions all season about that though. I don’t care, I am a fan, and I usually stay a fan. I try not to like a new person too much then have to eat my words. Like Dorinda. I don’t detest her, I simply see her as arrogant. I want her to stay on the show too, though. She is unique. I’ve always spoken for myself, so I believe it’s odd when others allow someone else to speak FOR them, and explain FOR them. I see that as a weakness in a person.

      • I was speaking of Kyle there, that her beauty comes from inside and keeps her looking pretty. And happiness has a way of keeping us lookin’ good.


    Must be tortured by Ruinna again? With that fake laugh? The attempt at self-deprecating humor? Saying her husband’s first and last name like she has Tourettes? This is another one that needs a whole new reboot and LVP and all her animals and Ken can have their own show.

    • texussgal

      Gigicat, I thought LVP & Ken do have their own show. At least, that is where I see most of their animals. As for that dog they treat as a child (had a brain fart, can’t think of his name!), I am so over him that I can’t stand it.
      As for Ruinna, she will DO ANYTHING for money. And, why she refers to her husband by his full name, I’ll never know. I mean, he isn’t her child, he is her husband. I called my children by their full names, but never my husband. I think it is kind of disrespectful. I think we all know she is married to “Harry Hamlin” and has been for 25 yrs., but Harry isn’t the least bit interested in being a part of the show, so for his sake, she could just refer to him as her “husband” and nothing more. Afterall, what has Harry Hamlin been in lately? I mean he has had his wonderful career and done some fine work, but there don’t seem to be many roles for men his age in Hollyweird anymore. He could be like Clint Eastwood and try his hand at producing and directing, I guess. Other than that, I hope they have invested well and again, Rinna will do anything for a buck. She has unashamedly said so on the show. Hope she has tried to repair her relationship with LVP. I’d hate to be on her bad side. As for Kyle….eh, she is okay I guess. I could take her or leave her. I just hope they keep her alcoholic, thief of a sister, Kim, off the show. She brings NOTHING to this party. It is, afterall, Beverly Hills. They don’t need her trashing up the show any more than she already has. Just saying…………

      PS: Remembered the dog’s name. It is Jiggy, right??

      • I haven’t seen her clothes, AAMOF I have never been on the shopping network. Amazon is enough for me, I get most of what I need there. Lot’s of things I can’t find anymore, like the deodorant I like. Anyway, not an add, sorry. I am a big Kyle fan, but have never liked Kimmy from the first show. I think aside from her wanting to be hi more than anything in the world, including being a Mom, she is simply cruel. Sober or drunk, she is the meanest person on the franchise IMO.
        I thought Rinna was ok at first, but she is awful. Ruining an entire season, almost, with one sentence that wasn’t even about her, then her and Eileen deciding what someone else’s friendship should be. She destroyed a beautiful trip to Dubai!! Maybe she has so much that nothing pleases or makes her happy now. Mayne having Harry Hamlin, who I do like, as a husband fills her up. She is another cruel person, I think. She thinks her feelings should all be spoken, no matter who they hurt. We all have feelings, some of them should be silent ones I believe. I am still astonished that a petty remark outweighed the most luxurious trip ever. Two nights in that suite would pay my house off. She actually makes me sick, I wish so so much she wasn’t on this year. She is ugly from the inside, it’s oozing out of her, the ugly. Anyway, we will have fun discussing this season. 🙂

    • Suze☕️

      Gigi, I wish they could get a show just on their family maybe touching on their business but not like VPR.

  • texussgal

    Oh, forgot one thing about Ruinna…………she does have her clothes line on QVC. I’ve seen it on occasion….it seems to be for people built like her and it is extremely expensive for what it is. She says she does all this hard work searching for just the right fabric, etc., but couldn’t prove it by what I’ve seen. Boy, am I ever a bitch today…not feeling too hot today. Sorry

  • Jack

    Honestly, Kyle goes so up and down because she seems to me, more than any other housewife, to be REAL. There have been seasons where even seeing Kyle made my blood run cold but other seasons where I loved her. I think thats part of being a real person and putting it all out there. Sometimes you make a good decision, sometimes you dont. Now, i know a lot of you love Vanderpump, but I want to see Kyle break away from her. I think she is toxic and unhealthy for Kyle’s wellbeing.

  • starr

    I really hope that season 7 will be a much more peaceful & happy one for all–housewives & the rest of us.

  • I hope it’s a better season than the last few seasons. Have different producers than last year. I would like for Lisa V P to shut them down when they start on her .